Mobile applications promote private cloud demand in enterprises

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Recently, the author interviewed a number of CIOs, when chatting to the cloud, they said, for cloud computing they do not have too much to consider, but for mobile applications are already in intensive deployment of the start. Enterprise mobile applications, often from the simple OA approval began, and now we have seen the development of BI and even CRM applications began to move.

We have always believed that cloud computing has promoted the development of mobile Internet, in fact, from the "> Enterprise application, the demand of mobile applications, just to promote the popularity of cloud computing, Especially private clouds.

In the past, a considerable number of enterprises to the enterprise application to mobile terminals. The combination of enterprise application and mobile terminal facilitates the enterprise's demand for private cloud. Security concerns are also raised when enterprises, especially large enterprises, push more data into the cloud to meet the needs of mobile applications. To address this concern, more and more companies will require a private cloud to be built to meet the needs of mobile office while also ensuring security.

In short, when mobile terminals and cloud computing have more integration, when the mobile office is not limited to OA system, the large enterprises more and more system mobility, will inevitably bring to the private cloud demand. Cloud computing, while promoting mobile Internet, is also affected by the popularity of mobile applications.

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