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In the Kangzhi mobile "New World", Chinese entrepreneurs and developers are trying to play a game with international Masters. Some of them will be given the opportunity to become a great enterprise in the new World of mobile interconnection, thus accomplishing the task of enterprise's rise.

Although the industry's expected judgments vary, but whether it is the successful developers of the old World transforming into new worlds, or the black horses that were born in the new world, it is almost unanimous that mobile application development is the only product that Chinese practitioners can go abroad to compete with foreigners in the pan-software sector.

The curtain of the new world is just pulling up. Since the popularity of intelligent terminals has not yet been completed, coupled with a variety of business conditions are not perfect, so in the new world of mobile Internet, whether the killer application developers, channel applications developers, or advertising service providers and other parties to the leading forces, they are in a stealth state. Many of these companies are exposed to the media's vision.

For months, this newspaper has conducted research and interviews with the seeds of potential future success, with a 0-distance exchange with most of the executives who are full of cutting-edge product ideas and business thinking.

We have chosen the most potential and influence of the 35 companies and their applications (Sina and Tencent, such as the application of traditional internet giants are not included) to render. In the great picture of the future of mobile Internet, these enterprises are likely to have their own brilliant position.

Game App Developer

1 morning Inflammation Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Triniti Interactive)

Date of establishment: early 2009

Killer apps: "Game Box"

Market layout: Sales in App Store overseas

Industry Status: A Dark Horse developer team based in the New world. Once 3 products have entered the top 10 of the App Store app list in North America, Game Box has put "Plant vs. Zombies" down the table. In the eyes of the industry, morning inflammation is also a very mysterious company, CEO Schwei Light to act extremely low-key. Morning inflammation of the website only English interface, and no contact address. According to its recruitment data, the goal is to "become the world's leading mobile applications and service providers" and to claim "we are in the forefront of the industry, with the world's most creative competitors, and strive to achieve a comprehensive victory." ”

2 Coconut Island Studio

Date of establishment: early 2010

Killer apps: "Finger Balance"

Market layout: Sales in App Store overseas

Industry Status: A Dark Horse developer team based in the New world. "Finger Balance" won the first place in the free game list two days after it was last August 5 in the North American app Store, while Christmas was the first place in the free total list. According to CEO Bao Wei to the Economist, the company last year income of about 300,000 U.S. dollars, this year will focus on research and development of another two killer applications.

3 Boulder Interaction (Wistone)

Date of establishment: End of 2006

Killer apps: World War II

Market layout: App Store overseas, App Store, China

Industry Status: Wu Gang is a veteran of the game industry, the famous game production company--one of the founders of digital Red. World War II is its most successful case of porting web version games to Internet mobile terminals, and also a success story for game Export--the first in China for ipad apps in the North American app store revenue list Top100. At the same time, "World War II" is a Chinese-made, one of the few social functions of the game.

4 Progressive Thought creation (ASTEPGAME)

Establishment Date: February 2010

Killer application: "Three Kingdoms Tower protection"

Market layout: App Store in Asian countries

Industry Status: November 2009, Tang Zhongning and colleagues Wang for a common ideal-"do excellent game", leaving Microsoft, start a business. "Three Kingdoms" first in 2010 at the end of the high quality games in the Japanese area shelves, quickly won the game class application ranked 1th, all the application class 4th good results. Then export, the same results. Among them, in mainland China, Vietnam, Malaysia region, successfully killed in the top 3 of the application list. Tang Zhongning to The Economist, the "three towers," the average monthly income of 200,000 yuan. July, "Three Kingdoms Tower prevention-Wei" become Tencent's first agent iOS game.

5 Aerial Network

Date of Establishment: iOS application development started in early 2010

Killer apps: Zombie crisis

Market layout: China App Store

Industry Status: Air network is the first listed SP company, Lei from Tom Airborne to the Air network, the latter is the first SP to the web game and mobile phone game to transform the SP one. The aerial network was developed from 2010 into iOS games. Although its time to enter the new world is not early, but rich game research and development and market resources, making it a smart phone game research and development can not ignore a force.

Tools App Developer

1 Chengdu Fruit Products Technology

Establishment Date: October 2010

Killer application: Camera360

Market layout: The Android Market at home and abroad

Industry Status: Xu Xian developer identity is somewhat special, because he was not previously mobile internet industry or telecommunications industry practitioners, but in Chengdu, a digital imaging company, dedicated to studio, photography studio to provide image processing technology. Although not previously involved in mobile internet, but in the field of image processing 13 years of technical accumulation to make its blockbuster. Unlike Instagram, color and other photo-sharing applications, Camera360 is a High-tech application, is the only one in the world can handle 8 million pixel photos of the application, it provides nearly 30 kinds of shooting effects. According to Xu Xian, 1 out of every 5 Android users in China have Camera360 installed.

Camera360 is also one of the few applications in the world that was successfully ported to the iOS platform by the Android platform (contrary to most applications). June 22, Camera360 also landed in North America and China, the App Store, in 24 hours immediately boarded the photo application top. Xu Xian to The Economist, Camera360 's goal is to "upgrade mobile phones to SLR."

2 Push Chart

Establishment Date: March 2011

Killer apps: Push picture sharing

Market layout: iOS platform and Android platform

Industry Status: After the birth of Instagram and color, a number of applications for photo sharing were born in 2011 in China. Push Map is one of the most outstanding applications. 2011 New Year's Day began to develop, one months later on line. Blue Harbor Online founder CEO Wang Feng is his angel investor.

In the United States very popular color, the introduction of the so-called elastic Network (elastic receptacle) technology, based on the image of the location of the share automatically set up a dynamic in the surrounding area of the photo gallery, for this, the push map also integrates a "side" function, Can fully tap people in the mobile short stay in the area of sharing and dating opportunities.

3 Credit Line (Ruixin online)

Establishment Date: 2004

Killer application: King of the K-song

Profit Status: Unknown

Market layout: China App Store

Industry Status: Credit Suisse Online CEO Pudong Wan has served as Tom Online Vice president, is also an SP veteran. He has been focusing on the development of the Chinese digital music industry. Credit Suisse online in March 2010 the first iOS application "Chinese golden Melody", this February 11 shelves "King of Kings", its experience beyond the PC above such as cool, such as cool K song software, for Pudong Wan brought great success. The King of Kings was temporarily off the shelves in late June. Yuchun, its project manager, said in an interview with The Economist that the King of kings was about to be renamed "K-pop" and would acquire social functions such as making friends with the city. Credit Suisse also has its own Android App Store, which is intended to build a platform.

4 MA Cellular Travel Network

Date of establishment: early 2011

Killer apps: Travel translator

Market layout: Based on iOS and Android platform

Industry Status: The App Store has several very useful instant translation software located in the "Let your phone speak", and the travel translator, created by the Hornet's Nest travel team, is an excellent localized product in such software.

Travel Translator is an iOS and Android platform based language translation software, in many languages, in particular, including Chinese dialect travel terms of oral and text translation, and according to different scenarios for the classification, can be in the travel for users to speak. The function design of the travel translator is very human, through the title bar above the interface, the user can also view the domestic and foreign language packs separately, the user can download according to the need. Each big classification, there are some small categories, such as food plate, there is a little meal, beverages and other content, in general, more detailed classification, basic to meet the needs of users in the travel emergency. The hornet's nest of another mobile application product is a hornet's nest travel raiders.

5 Gourmet Talent

Establishment Date: November 2010

Killer apps: App with the same name

Market layout: Based on iOS and Android platform

Industry Status: Established at the end of last year, the food Tatsu people, business started in Hangzhou, is the innovation plant to cultivate the first LBS application team, and recently got Xiaoping and other people's angel investment, from the Innovation Factory "approach plan" in the smooth graduation. CEO Shenhai, formerly a network product manager for China Merchants Bank, said to the Economist that turning social influence into cash is a business model for gourmet people. Although the profit is still far from the day, but Shenhai to this newspaper that the food talent to accumulate user speed is very fast, this is the core of the company's current operations.

6 Energy Day Sinks

Establishment Date: January 2009

Killer apps: Flight Butler

Market layout: Iphone,android and Symbian terminals.

Industry Status: Flight Butler is a real-time access to the national flight information mobile phone application software, the main functions include flight time, ticket prices, the remaining votes, models, flights and landing and other information inquiries, but also include terminal building and boarding gate navigation, air tickets and hotel reservations, weather forecasts, is the right-hand man to travel. Vitality of the day from the former positioning in the personal consumption information Service grade network, aviation Information Services, and Beijing, the vitality of the day of the combination of energy, has been obtained from the Sequoia capital of a round of financing. Xu Hongyun, marketing Director of Energy Day, said to the Economist, although the flight Butler has 3 million installed capacity, but the team has yet to think mature about the business model of the building, is still in the accumulation of user stage. He said that the flight steward will not go to the ticketing terminal mode, but in the one-stop travel service layout.

7 O'Clock Optical Network

Establishment Date: September 2004

Killer apps: National Film Show Time

Market layout: iOS and Android

Industry Status: The application relies on time network film screening and evaluation resources, to provide users with nationwide cinema screenings. The real-time search service of the information is a real-time query system with more domestic coverage and more timely and accurate information.

Innovative is that, combined with lbs function, users can choose a favorite movie theater, viewing the movie information. The LBS feature is that the software can recommend a nearby theater based on the location of the user. In addition, by binding the Mtime time network account, the user can write the film review, use the movie release reminder function, namely provides the small public social function.

Channel Platform class application, website

1000 ft. Infinity (1000Chi)

Date of establishment: early 2008

Channel level application: Thousands of feet download

Market layout: The Symbian platform is being transformed from the Android platform to the iOS platform, partnering with Samsung to provide App Store maintenance.

Industry Status: Thousands of feet download client is currently the most users of mobile Internet download tools, CEO Feng Wenjie is a founder of digital red. He wanted to build the Thunder on the mobile internet. In fact, the thousand-foot download and the thunder of the business model is very similar-based on the application of the delineation of users, and then set up a data platform and pour out traffic. Feng Wenjie to The Economist, the Thousand-foot unlimited monthly active users have 3 million, monthly income of about 2 million yuan.

2 Odd Tigers 360

Date of Establishment: App application launched in early 2010

Channel level application: 360 Mobile Guardian

Market layout: Support Symbian, Android, and iOS systems.

Industry Status: In the PC anti-virus software field Revolution 360, in the mobile antivirus field again later, not only the first in 2005 founded the Network Qin landed in the U.S. capital market, and the PC security strategy successfully transplanted to the mobile Internet, users continue to increase. 360 mobile phone defender built in 360 box is the key to the success of the Zhou 360 on the PC successfully copied to the phone. Considering the Zhou superb market strategic ability, as well as the help of the Dongfeng, 360 mobile phone guardian prospects.

3 Millet Technology

Establishment Date: April 2010

Channel level application: MIUI

Market layout: The Global Third-party Asian operating system for Android phones is available in English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and more than 10 countries.

Industry Status: MIUI is one of the main products of millet technology, has a very mature research and development system. Millet will release its own-brand mobile phone in early August. All the businesses that Lei invests in, including millet, are the layout of their mobile hardware for years. MIUI is a millet mobile phone own operating system, hot forum of hardcore fans are the first wave of important to buy users, while the rice chat for free communication with millet mobile phone to attract more users to buy mobile phones, charming browsers pinch the position of the browser, millet sharing is the software store, and the investment of the VANCL and other electric business enterprises not only gain valuable experience in the electrical business, but also for mobile phone logistics, channels and other offline resources to prepare.

4 Go launcher Research and development team

Date of establishment: End of 2009

Channel level application: Go Launcher sub OS

Market layout: Android Phone

Industry Status: Desktop management software is the system layer and application layer of the link. Android Desktop management software is basically divided by Launcher Pro and ADW, the Go launcher, although the latter, but there are many commendable. Its smooth operation, joined the same platform and the application of rare Task Killer and fast removal program function, is a focus on memory and program management system-level software.

500 million Si Chuang (Estrongs Inc.)

Establishment Date: February 2009

Channel level application: ES file Browser, Task Manager, desktop manager, etc.

Market layout: Focus on Android platform, there is no other platform in the short term development plan

Industry Status: Yi si chuang Information Technology Co., Ltd., is by Tsinghua graduates Xiao Yu, Dengchang and other three people in February 2009 jointly founded. August 2009 ES File Browser 1.0 released. In 2010, Yi Chuang was awarded the most innovative potential award by China Mobile 2010 Wireless Application Innovation team. Dengchang to the Economist, ES File browser is currently mainly available on the Android harsh download, in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Chinese-language areas of Android harsh, its download in the total application of the top 10, the world's Android harsh in the top 20, Is the most downloaded Chinese file manager. Dengchang so evaluation of ES such channel platform class application prospects: Large companies do not see, small companies often do not have the technology. However, the ES team is also testing the water, not all of which have confidence in such applications, and another founder has been transferred to the Innovation Factory.

6 Pea Lab

Date of establishment: End of 2009

Distribution channels: PC-side pea-Pod phone elf

Market layout: Face to Android phone

Industry Status: Pea Lab is the first investment project announced by the innovation plant. Its main product-Pea Pod Phone wizard is the PC side of the Android application distribution channel. Pea Lab Team currently has 40 people, they are from Baidu, Google, Tencent, Microsoft and other companies of the young elite, the team is known for its high efficiency. When Jobs released icloud on WWDC, Pea Pods also released a cloud service called Pea pod alfha, which provides a better WiFi-enabled wireless sync for Android phones. Wang Junyu, founder of the Pea Lab, told The Economist that the installed capacity of the pea-pod mobile elf was millions, and that it had been working with Sharp, patriot and other terminal manufacturers.

7 Bo Far Wireless

Date of establishment: early 2010

Distribution channels: PC-side 91 mobile phone assistant, mobile phone end of the Android Market, as well as the portal form of the Android network, etc.

Market layout: 91 mobile phone assistants and 91 mobile entertainment portals, mainly for iOS users. The Android and Android markets are aimed at Android users

Industry Status: Early 2010, in the mobile internet layout of the earlier network Dragon, the 91 mobile phone assistant, 91 mobile phone software, such as the original 91 wireless business unit and focus on Android network merger, the formation called "Bo Far Wireless" new company. As soon as the new company was established, it immediately acquired a total of 8 million dollars of joint investment from IDG and Jingwei venture capital, and set up a developer fund Mfund. The new company by the Net Dragon CFO Hu Zemin as CEO.

In accordance with the delineation of mobile end-user number calculation, Bo Far Wireless is the largest app distribution channels in China. It now has three lines of business: The 91 mobile Entertainment portal and the Android network of the portal business, composed of PC clients and mobile phone clients (hundred treasure box) consisting of 91 mobile phone assistants;

Hu Zemin to The Economist, Bo far Wireless currently has about 200 employees, monthly "slightly profitable." The company intends to enter the capital market next year with the concept of "ios+android" carrier-level distribution channels. In addition to doing distribution channels, the network Dragon itself has developed panda reading, Panda Desktop, as well as a number of game applications.

8 Running Smart

Date of establishment: early 2009

Distribution Channels: "Portal + Community" form of the Jifeng network

Market layout: Provides hardware and software information services for Android systems.

Industry Status: "Portal + community" in the form of the Jifeng network in front of the Android Developers Forum and Android Chinese player Network, in October 2009, merged into a professional Androidin community, July 2010 Changed the domain name to The website provides users and developers with first-hand Android hardware, software, and technical information, and provides users with easy and convenient communication platforms. Currently has a registered member of more than 1 million people, daily average posting 100,000 stickers. is one of the most influential media in the Android terminal area.

9 Gathering of information technology

Establishment Date: January 2007

Distribution Channels: "Portal + community" form Wei Feng Network, some other independent research and development of the application

Market layout: Hardware and software Information services focused on iOS systems

Industry Status: January 10, 2007, the day Apple announced the iphone plan, Granville Front network has been born. It is currently the most professional user-oriented iOS media in China, and also for developers and mobile end users. And the poly-collar technology itself, and developed the We-llk, We-spot, Loo, Westocks and other games and tool class applications.

10 Ann Chi Network

Establishment Date: February 2010

Distribution Channels: Android Market (Gomarket)

Market layout: For domestic Android mobile phone users to provide free app download service.

Industry Status: Android Market is the Android network for the Chinese user's habits and preferences of the development of the Android software market. As of May 2011, the application quantity of "Android Market" has reached 10,000, and more than 200 applications are updated daily. These include Chinese applications developed by many domestic development teams. Its huge impact has led many people to mistakenly believe that it is the Android harsh China store. The Android Market 2.0 Official edition June 2011 releases.

11 Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Date of establishment: End of 2010

Distribution Channels: Iapp4me

Market layout: iOS Application Referral Service provider

The status of the industry: Iapp4me founder Chuang is a "recommended technology amateurs." In charge of the development of the iphone and ipad clients at the Grand Innovation Institute, there is a chance to turn this hobby into a job. Iapp4me's social interaction features are a major feature. At present, Iapp4me is still in beta stage. Chuang to this newspaper disclosed that the company has now obtained Jingwei Venture investment Angel, but its operation is still based on product development and the establishment of brand-oriented, although someone to hope to promote cooperation but have been rejected by him. His consideration is that, after a large number of users, precision marketing platform to build up later to consider income.


Establishment Date: March 2008

Media platform: Cocoachina developer Community

Market layout: Focus on iOS developers

Industry Status: With 91 Mobile Entertainment portal, Jifeng network Waifeng Network, Cocoachina does not have a portal form, but a pure community-style, and only for iOS developers. One of the founders of Chenhao is China's internet field of serial entrepreneurs, he has set up a translation network, love card Car network, flourishing collection network and Cocoachina community. Designed to provide the most valuable data analysis and development consulting services for iOS developers, Cocoachina is the most influential iOS developer community in Greater China.

Mobile AD service Provider

1 Outwit (Domob)

Ziyujie CEO of the former Baidu Senior technical director, has presided over the development of Phoenix Nest, stick, know and other core products, COO Zhang He has been an excited network president. In fact, the mobile Internet market has a number of companies located in the mobile advertising business, but the AU and they are significantly different, it is a technology-aware companies, especially Ziyujie search technology, so that the alliance directly into the smart phone ads targeted areas of precision. Other companies are also often in the role of WAP website Advertising agent transformation.

The alliance was established in September 2010 and the business began to be launched in early 2011. But it already has a Volkswagen car, ping An insurance, Sina, NetEase and other large customers. The business model of the AU is the Flow Exchange platform (app) and advertising precision. Zhang He to The Economist, said in the business model of the AU, there is no bad advertising, there is no bad media, and only with the media does not match the advertising and advertising and not with the media.

2 Force-Beauty Interaction (IMedia)

Founded in 2006, the force-US interaction is one of the largest advertisers in the old world of mobile Internet. Shuyi, its CEO, revealed to the Economist that the U.S.-China Interactive advertising sales last year were around 80 million yuan, and recently got the first round of financing from IDG. Although Shuyi admits like Limei, more similar to the traditional advertising companies mobile internet advertising companies, not technically with the alliance, the financing can only rely on income to set the weight, but in the market for many years the strength of the United States has its own advantages-that is, more customers, the implementation of high efficiency. Limei has more than 100 sales staff across the country and is able to quickly capture advertisers ' needs. In fact, Limei has been Sina, Tencent and other large websites, one of the largest advertising agents.

3 Power Day Wireless

Founded in 2007 in Shenzhen, Li-Day wireless, before entering the New World, is a technology-biased internet advertising companies. The vast number of its CEO Xu revealed to this newspaper, Force days wireless agent now includes 12580 fashion life, including many applications, Taobao, Motorola, Lenovo, Boloni and so are its major customers. Power Days Wireless 2010-year income of about 10 million yuan.

4 Ad Touch

The ad touch, headquartered in Shanghai, is one of the early advertisers to expand from Internet advertising to smart terminals. Its current and domestic largest app distribution channels-Bo far wireless platform to reach a comprehensive cooperation, and already have such as 350, h&m, such as the successful implantation of advertising cases.

5 Hdtmedia

As China's digital media advertising industry legend, interactive Qualcomm Group's main advertising platform, Hdtmedia has three major advertising system brand: Icast (Rich Media Network), Ifocus (online advertising network), Imocha (mobile Internet) and other technologies and services leading brands.

Among them, positioning mobile terminal advertising Imocha, by supporting a variety of operating systems, multiple clients, multiple representations and marketing strategies in the mobile media highly integrated.

Research and development training, outsourcing provider

1 Bo See Evans

The growing popularity of smartphones has also spawned the development of training and outsourcing research and development, the mobile Internet value of the depression. A variety of training institutions and university app research and development professionals like rain after the spring-like appearance. Among them, Bo see Evans is one of the largest training companies, its application research and development and training two lines of business. In 2010, Mr. Evans trained 500 research and development talents for companies including Tencent. And, Bo see himself is still the enterprise-oriented large-scale development studio. Its development covers almost all of the domestic banking and mobile phone client software, is Samsung Mobile Global 3 core developers one. At present, Bo see Evans in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu has a training base, Bo see Evans in the near future also received from the blue cursor and Shire and other institutions and individual investment.


In the App Store's best Apps video, which Mr. Jobs presented at the press conference last September, there were of colorful aquarium boxes that had been Apple's "employees ' favorite apps".

Like Bo Evans, the same two legs walk, not only for excellent profitable app development, but also for a large number of outsourced research and development, and many schools to establish training relations. Its latest customers include Skoda cars, Hainan Airlines and ICBC apps.

3 Xmobileapp

Xmobileapp can be regarded as a veteran of the New World. Its COO Zhangli in early 2009 published the first domestic book on App Store application development. After that, Xmobileapp's business has been positioned in iOS and Android platform application development to outsource research and development and to export lecturers to social training institutions. Millions of of its income last year.

4 Excellent poly Software

Excellent Poly is another excellent app outsourcing development group located in Chengdu, it is Lenovo, Samsung, Motorola and other terminal manufacturers perennial partners. We also participated in the development of Samsung's newest Bada system platform application. Its 2010-year income is millions of yuan. IMedia CEO Shuyi is a gifted angel investor.

Third-party UI design Company

UI design Intent, narrowly refers to the human-computer interface design, throughout the industrial industry. However, the advent of the app era has allowed this concept to be extended. An excellent app experience will inevitably include a temporary interaction between the user and the mobile terminal. Therefore, gaming companies such as Rovio, which emphasize the user experience, and many game-making companies that undertake business outsourcing, are also part of the UI design company. But third party design companies focused on mobile terminals are still rare. Here's a list of two professional mobile terminal UI design companies we've investigated as third parties.

1 EICo Design

The best mobile Terminal UI design company is not in suspense, the famous EICo design team, with its superb UI designing capabilities and the aesthetic perspective closest to Apple's industrial design concept, has served many industry customers from Taobao, Sina Weibo, HTC mobile phones to the prestige car and BMW.

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