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"360 There is only one small team currently developing mobile browsers because the mobile Internet is different from the traditional Internet and mobile browsers no longer have a single entry point of interest, with 360 now focusing more on security, app stores and app development." Browse by PC The device built the "fence" quickly to 360 search share rushed to 10% of Zhou Hongyi in an earnings conference, said in an exchange with analysts. At this point, 360 browser penetration rate on the PC has reached 80%, but mobile only 4%.

However, Yu Youfu, chairman of UC Youv, seems more like a listed company in the face of investors after the "landscaping" response. "I also understand it is a listed company." Yu Yongfu believes that mobile browser is a good business, but not a good business.

In the CEO Peng Lin CEO seems, the future of mobile browsers or even "have the power to change the search pattern," but only the future.

Three echelon

"Now the field of mobile browser, is the first echelon seeking commercialization, the second echelon seeking large-scale, the third echelon seeking differentiation." Analysys International Guo Guo-kai said.

At present, UC browser and QQ browser are the first echelon, especially UC. The challenge is how to speed up the commercialization under the premise of maintaining and enhancing the user experience. Baidu browser, European friends browser, 360 browser composition The second echelon, the challenge is how to rapidly expand the size of the user, and then provide the user barriers to the next commercialization resources; Dolphin browser, browser every day, charming browser, mobile browser and so constitute the third echelon, they face The common problem is how to make a good segmentation in terms of functions and form a differentiated competitive market.

However, the current situation is that while the first and second echelons work hard, the third echelon has already started to "fall behind." The logic behind this phenomenon is: the browser is still a user-scale game, if the user does not go up the scale, the path can not be achieved by the flow of cash, but through the functional differentiation to obtain the user's "third echelon" Only in the auxiliary function to make a fuss about, these differences in the function of this is not the user's rigid demand, it is also difficult to drive the number of users.

For example, dolphin browser, at first hope in the browser shell, adding readers, microblogging and other social product features, but in a special reader APP and a variety of microblogging APP after the rise, the user of this The demand for functionality begins to diminish.

However, one or two echelons also have their own troubles. In addition to the "native APP streaming", there is competition from the search, after Baidu's mobile and mobile Internet inaction as a living space for mobile browser, most of the mobile browser rely on Baidu, Taobao diversion, when Baidu began to force the mobile search, leaving the browser seems to be smaller opportunities.

An industry source said that mobile browsers in the mobile Internet marketing costs soared, with an average increase of at least 20% to 30%.

Why mobile browser will be the search competition? The view that, in the current mobile APP era, the first user login browser is often the search for unknown needs; and purposeful needs, then used to To use the APP directly to meet.

And most mobile browsers, Baidu's mobile search is also in the form of APP, Baidu's mobile search APP also embeds the APP browser function. In the search, Baidu's brand in the user's mind more strongly, therefore, a large number of search, search as the main purpose of mobile browser users are directly transferred to Baidu's mobile search APP. And this plot, but also Baidu missed the acquisition of UC browser, eager to establish a new strategy.

APP operation

The browser itself is also an APP, but also a "shell", the key in the shell inside the "things" how to cash.

Although Zhou Hongyi said at the moment is not optimistic about the mobile browser, but this may only be based on the current 360 strategy of selective rhetoric. 360 investment in mobile browser is gradually increased. Zhou Hongyi told reporters at an informal event last year that he is still optimistic about mobile browsers because of the search.

On the PC side, the search is still the main browser channel. This is also the first 360 users rely on security circles, and then import users into the browser, and then force search to realize the causes.

In the mobile space, search for greater imagination. Because mobile devices can record location information, local life services with more market potential can also become advertisers for search.

Song Lin also said that browsers can interact with multiple forms of interactive search. In the future, voice search and location-based search may all be integrated into one search box, and browsers can even filter search content based on user habits.

In fact, the mobile browser is also an app. Through the legalization of the user relationship of the mobile phone address book, an ID system can be set up to present the search content in a personalized manner according to the behavior habits of users in the information collection in the browser station. This is an app play with user relationship. The difference is that, compared to the local APP, the browser is more versatile.

In addition to search, many browser manufacturers are also adding more "content" to the browser's "shell", such as: game application store, reading subscription services, video and so on. The logic is that long tail content can support larger user stickiness, stay time, and then through the user's attention to cash.

For example, QQ browser has formed a prototype of a browser application store, and through the "self-media" support, formed a reading subscription service to expand the long tail content.

In addition, the mobile browser is also "going out" in the form of an APP, trying to embed it with multiple mobile terminals to expand the user scale.

At present, one third of Opera's revenue comes from advertising revenue. The other third is divided into mobile terminal manufacturers rather than authorizations. Another third comes from relatively traditional B2B, TV, set-top box, car and other manufacturers . In China, apart from smart TV cooperation with Konka and TCL in the field of B2B, Oppen is more or less divided into posters with Internet companies, such as traffic sharing, promotion and application sharing, advertising revenue sharing and so on.

Last month, the sales volume of mobile phone channels in China last year was 30 million to 40 million mobile terminals, most of which were pre-installed with the Oppan browser. One-and-a-half days with the Tianyin cooperation, European friends increased ten-fold.

Bigger positive is the popularity of 4G network in the next two years. Rapid network response will bring about the rapid rise of Web-based applications. In addition, the universality and sharing of Web applications obviously have advantages over localized APPs, which can reduce developers' development costs. A developer told reporters that if you do not consider the adaptation of various terminals, development costs will be reduced by 30%.

Song Lin said that in the long run, the release of information is still the mainstream, the browser may change the shape, but based on the form of web-sharing and publishing or the direction of WebApp will be a great change.

However, the remaining doubts still exist. After WeChat possesses a large number of users and Internet long tail content, will its search be upgraded and optimized? Will its effect also replace a browser?

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