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In today's information age, with the development of cloud computing, mobile, large data and other trends, with the help of new IT technology, enterprises not only optimize the efficiency, enhance the competitiveness, and it also gradually and the business development of enterprises closely combined. Enterprise in it deployment, has not only taken into account the IT technology itself for enterprise Development support, with the new technology is unfamiliar, the complexity of the potential risks are also being hit by a sudden, especially the information security incidents have been to the industry's security considerations to the new heights.

According to a recent global survey by Hewlett-Packard, 93% of China's business and technology executives surveyed said their companies ' security leaders had the same voice as other chief executives. Demand for security intelligence is also growing, with 85% per cent of respondents in China pointing out that they are exploring the use of security information and event Management (SIEM) measures, compared with 82% in the world. And in a wide range of security risks, mobile, cloud computing problems increasingly prominent. About Two-thirds of the respondents were concerned about the risk of loss of mobile data and theft. More than half of China's business and technology executives believe that the lack of awareness of the security needs of cloud services worries them.

At present, China's mobile internet users are close to 400 million, beyond the traditional PC Internet users become the main interface of the network. But the explosive growth of mobile terminals and applications has also been accompanied by the breeding of malware and viruses. From individual users to corporate users, they want to be able to adequately protect and manage these devices. The strong demand also makes the mobile security market is ushering in the rapid development period, in the competition pattern, the competition barrier is still not fully established, more and more manufacturers have locked their eyes on this big cake, active enclosure. At the 2012 China Internet Conference recently, MA announced a high-profile announcement that Tencent would set up a 1 billion-yuan security venture Fund and encourage more companies to join the mobile security industry. In addition, Qihoo 360, Jinshan, Symantec are eyeing.

On the other hand, cloud computing has swept through, but the complexity of cloud computing has made security the number one obstacle to real landing. Especially in the uncertainty of the cloud computing standard, how to balance the advantages of cloud computing and the security threat of cloud computing becomes the key problem when enterprises migrate to cloud environment.

Take the cloud computing data Center For example, all over the country are Dajian cloud data center. Data show that up to March 2012, the country has 13 provinces and autonomous regions have planned about 30 of the 100,000 servers above the scale of large-scale data center construction projects, the total project investment of 270 billion yuan. After completion, the number of servers can accommodate more than 10 million units, 5 times times the current data center total capacity. IDC forecasts that the market will continue to grow at double-digit rates from 2010 to 2015 and reach about $15.7 billion in 2015. But only on the network layer, enterprises have to face the challenge of high throughput and processing ability, and how to realize the isolation and access control of virtual security domain in the virtual environment.

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