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China's leading local life consumption platform public comment today, because of the popularity of smartphones, mobile coupons continue to heat up, only the first half of this year, the public comments on mobile coupons will be a breakthrough in the number of visitors to tens of millions, At the same time with McDonald's electronic coupons on the public comments Android4.9 version of the client has been officially released this week, iPhone4.9 version of the client will also be landing Apple app Store. Consumers in 24 cities nationwide can comment on the use of McDonald's electronic coupons by the public. Public comment statistics show that in the first half of 2012, the public comments on the 24 cities in the country's mobile coupons browse volume and download volume will be more than 2011 Annual Mobile coupons Browse volume and download, the average user three times a coupon, will download a coupon. It is reported that the public comment on mobile phone coupons currently cover catering, beauty salons, wedding, parent-child, leisure and entertainment and other aspects of local life services. In all kinds of coupons, food and beverage coupons are one of the types of coupons that users love, and such as McDonald's national chain of fast food coupons because of the general applicability of the country, consumption frequency and convenience to become people's lives standing. and the public comment on the McDonald's coupon Android4.9 version of the client is also to meet the needs of more users anytime, anywhere local life consumption demand. It is reported that users in the open public comments on the latest version of the mobile phone client, not only to search from their recent McDonald's store information, but also in the merchant page at any time to download various types of coupons at any time to use. At present, McDonald's electronic coupons only support in the public comment on mobile client use, the public comments the PC side did not provide the service temporarily. The continued warming of mobile coupons to consumers is an important manifestation of some experience in the smartphone era that is superior to the PC side experience. In the traditional internet age, when users use coupons, they have to turn on their computers to search for coupons and then download and print them, or send them to their phones via text messages, and in the age of mobile interconnection, these previously complex consumer-life programs have been changed, Users according to their geographical location using the public comments mobile clients to find consumers instantly, anytime, anywhere on the phone to download coupons can be used immediately, greatly simplifying the user consumption process. Industry insiders believe that McDonald's and other national chain snack coupons nationwide have stores, users everywhere can use, people on the daily consumption of fast food is also compared to other types of food higher, so users of the chain of fast-food coupons demand A greater degree, higher, more general suitability. Therefore, the public comments on the 4.9 version of the mobile phone client will be more satisfied with people's local living consumption needs. In the 2012, smartphone users continued to grow in magnitude. According to the latest report of IDC, the Market Research institute, the 2012 domestic mobile phone market will be the total volume of more than 280 million, 2012 is becoming a turning point, expected in 2013 smartphone shipments will be more than the first functionPhone。 According to the Google China City smartphone users research report, smartphones are providing us with a wealth of everyday information and changing consumer behavior, with 93% of smartphone users looking for local information on their phones, 96% of mobile users taking action, and 41% of respondents searching for restaurants on their phones, Pub and bar information; At the same time, 57% of users look for local information at least once a week, and 21% of users look for local information every day. Mobile life will enter the mainstream of most people's lives, and mobile coupons and other local life services will become the main portal for users to move life. It is reported that up to the first quarter of 2012, the general public comments on the monthly comprehensive views (Web sites and mobile clients) over 800 million. Among them, from the public reviews the daily browsing volume of mobile terminals has exceeded the daily browsing volume from the PC side. Public comment The number of independent users for mobile clients exceeds 24 million. According to the public comments wireless product Department personage says, the public reviews the Mobile client coupon will also continue to cover more cities, more merchants, to provide users with beneficial local living consumption services.
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