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Represents the information development trend of "cloud computing" has now found in Zhanjiang fertile ground for development. Recently, the reporter learned that China Mobile Guangdong company Zhanjiang Branch (hereinafter referred to as Zhanjiang Mobile company) cloud platform construction has been effective, and by China Mobile Guangdong Company selected as the future services in 21 cities in the province of cloud computing and mobile Internet Development Support Center. In order to meet the development needs, the first phase of the expansion of the platform has been in place for more than 150 high-performance servers, upfront investment of more than 100 million. At the same time, mobile Enterprise cloud Platform in Zhanjiang to promote rapid, based on cloud computing technology, Enterprise OA has been used in more than 270 units, document exchange system access units reached more than 3,000, the deployment of intelligent administrative system has more than 150 units. Hong Kong City of Zhanjiang is a wave of cloud computing experience, "smart city" information construction fast forward.

to promote the transformation and upgrade of traditional industries by informatization, to change the mode of economic development and to build "intelligent City" is one of the goals of the rise of Zhanjiang in five years. Zhanjiang Mobile Company relies on strong information research and development strength and years of information business operation experience, and actively explore the cloud computing service model. From 2009 onwards, Zhanjiang Mobile company to use its own strength, the development of enterprises such as OA products, Zhanjiang enterprises and institutions to provide collaborative office services. 2010, on the basis of enterprise and Enterprise OA, and the introduction of cloud computing technology, will be enterprises and enterprises OA, conference pass, intelligent administrative system, such as a series of applications into the "Government-enterprise cloud Platform", through cloud computing technology to improve product performance and security, making Zhanjiang become an early use of cloud computing technology

Mobile Cloud Computing service is known as the "waterworks" model, the model relies on cloud computing platform, set the basic services, platform services, application services, maintenance services in one, to achieve "pipeline access, full service" of the centralized application output, user units do not need to build the computer room, since the purchase of equipment, self-research products, from the team, Only need to lease mobile space, products, through the special line, the Internet can access the cloud platform, easy to enjoy the services provided by the cloud platform. Based on cloud computing technology, Zhanjiang Mobile company Government Cloud platform, can provide customers with IaaS (cloud basic services), PAAS (Cloud Platform services), SAAS (Cloud software services) of the full range of information services to meet customer data storage, file management, electronic processes, intelligent administration, Collaborative office and other information needs. To provide security for customers, the platform has invested more than 10 million, the introduction of network firewall, IPS intrusion Prevention, Web firewall, Web tamper-proof, anti-virus Trojan hacker software, backup disaster, WSUS patch services and other security measures to create an impregnable cloud security protection system.

At present, Zhanjiang Mobile company and Enterprise cloud Platform for various applications in Zhanjiang accelerated promotion, user reflection, the use of mobile OA, Official document exchange system, such as cloud platform products, can effectively reduce paper ink consumption, saving office costs. and the official documents in the online rapid circulation, especially to the office location dispersed, a large number of units to bring great convenience. At the same time, the user through the mobile Terminal landing OA handheld Office, can browse anytime, anywhere, processing official documents, even if the business outside also can office, significantly improve the efficiency of enterprises and institutions.

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