Mobile gaming Market is turning point: the third quarter of this year Q3 Android or Hyper-iOS

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& ">nbsp; Some of the games that are really suitable for Android and for Chinese players also play an important role in stimulating

August 6 News, has been hand-tour developers as the Holy Land of iOS and "profit-making yell" of Android, in the past few months there has been a dramatic change: iOS 8 consecutive months without increasing, senility, Android, as high-spirited teenager, five or six times times a year, and close to iOS at the end of June. Industry insiders estimate that the hand-market Android over iOS's inflection point, or will appear in the third quarter of this year-this is the trend of consumer trends, but also developers of street lights.

Android run: Revenue grows five or six times times in half a year

"This half year Android game revenue grew very fast, June was five or six times times higher than at the beginning of the year", when the network CEO Xiao Yongquan said that the early developers are still discussing how to make money, May or June, a group of games can achieve a monthly income of 35 million of the scale, which is inseparable with the rapid growth of the environment.

"Android's technology bar is getting lower--now the screen is 4 inches, before the most headaches of the adaptation problem is basically solved; In addition, Andro shipments, even if not the thousand-yuan machine and contract machine, the year also has the hope to 100 million, which provides the basis for the sustained growth of the market, Chenhao Zhi said.

The data also support this statement: a report by the Research institute Canalys the Andro in China in the second quarter of 2012, which accounted for 81% of the total number of smartphone shipments, including Samsung, ZTE, Lenovo and Huawei in the top four. Apple only ranked fifth in the second quarter, with shipments falling 37% per cent quarter-on-quarter.

"At the product level, some of the games that are really suitable for Android and for Chinese players have also played an important role in stimulating the game," Xiao Yongquan said, after many of the Android games were simply ported from iOS or foreign countries, with a greater gap between domestic players and Android users. In the second quarter of this year, the "Soul of War", "God will be legendary", "Jag handed down" and other special for the Chinese Android players developed to stimulate the rapid growth of the market.

But there are still a lot of problems that are constraining the development of Android: "such as the lack of convenient payment tools; The platform intermodal makes the same game users highly concentrated, easy to be washed, it is difficult to continue to provide new players." ”

iOS old? or by Android.

In stark contrast to the fast-track Android, domestic iOS growth has long stalled. Chenhao estimated that the Android market in June was also around 30 million yuan, roughly the same as iOS, surpassing iOS's inflection point or appearing in the third quarter of this year.

"Apple has been in the" invincible "state for two years, and will start to decline after September this year – still keeping its market capitalisation high, but its influence will fall. Chenhao summed up, Apple walked down the altar for several reasons: one, for the setting of black card, such as 1 minutes of continuous consumption of more than 100 yuan will freeze accounts, resulting in user fees barriers; second, product audit delay, harsh conditions, often have products inexplicably rejected; third, brush list problem.

"Last August to this June, the domestic iOS game market for 10 consecutive months to maintain the size of 30 million yuan/month," The result of the market without increment, is the new and old team for share, everyone's life is not good. "Overseas too, some of the North American market in the last year, some of the income has exceeded 4 million trillion dollars of developers, now only about 5 million U.S. dollars, the difference is that last year, more than 50% of the gross margin, this year 20% are not."

However, Chenhao also Tan Chen, want to form the game brand, "iOS is still the best platform."

Smart Hand Tour Market: Year or 1 billion scale

For the domestic intelligent Hand Travel market (in addition to Kjava and function machine Market), a number of industry insiders said this year will reach 10 to 1.5 billion yuan scale, but the market has also made some subtle changes.

Capital Cooling: "The financing environment has become more difficult, investors to the top of the developers demand is also very harsh, need to have income and even have the profits to dare to vote, last year completely did not find this phenomenon," Chenhao Zhi said.

High concentration of product types: more easily commercialized RPG and SLG become popular, there is a large user needs of casual games but few people do. "Operators need large user size, high user pay ratio, low ARPU leisure products, which is now very few people do"

Rising costs, fierce competition: marketing, development costs continue to increase, the cost of acquiring new users is also improving. "From the perspective of development, formerly a stand-alone game, mild networking, now needs to be heavily networked, coupled with salary increases, development costs surge", "some foreign products will be a large number of agents introduced into the country, so that the domestic competitive environment more brutal."

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