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Q: The flow of mobile internet has increased over the year, what impact will this trend have on business?

A: Mobile Internet is not only a trend, mobile internet today is a reality. With the popularity of mobile internet, cloud computing, large data has become another mainstream, to replace the original ">it architecture of a new trend, accompanied by cloud storage." The popularity of this cloud computing is really important is the popularity of mobile internet, because people's office, People's reading becomes ubiquitous, people want its data through different devices, different platforms, in any place where there is a network can get, can read, can go to edit.

Another trend is that with the advent of mobile internet, nearly 50% VC ventures in the past few years have been in the midst of mobile internet-related businesses, such as millet.

The internet has become a reality, making it possible for all the big internet companies in the country to make mobile internet layouts that are not dominant on the PC Internet and can easily move the dominant position to the mobile Internet. On the contrary, the mobile Internet requires new thinking, a new kind of innovation, a new business model, and today we do not see the traditional PC Internet model being able to easily move to the mobile internet. So whether it's instant messaging, or in terms of search, electricity quotient, social aspect, browser, all the original PC Internet mainstream company, today is exploring into the mobile Internet entry point, today we talk about the success today may be micro-letter, the other is still in the middle of the process of discussion.

Q: In this trend, Jinshan as a veteran of the internet and software developers, how to embrace the mobile internet?

A: We think of the future of Jinshan, the future strategy for Jinshan, in fact, all around the mobile Internet, we see the future is all the applications will be through different devices, across different platforms, to the user's hands. More importantly, there is a very strong cloud behind it to drive all this, which is why today's Jinshan business, in addition to the traditional games, office, and our security services, a year ago also introduced a new business, Jin Shanyun. I believe that the future of all the users can accept the experience, can not be separated from the mobile Internet, can not be separated from the mobile internet strong cloud of this ability.

The game is Jinshan in the past 10 years in the middle of an important cash flow business, but we see a little, 2012 the whole game industry, the traditional PC games growth rate is single-digit, probably around 7%, more deadly is the whole online games player number of growth is slowing. How to further tap the potential of users in this business, in fact, the most important thing is how to transfer it to the mobile Internet.

In the mobile Internet, the market for each of us has put forward new challenges and new requirements, asking us to find their own entry point. This is why Jinshan in the traditional business to mobile Internet at the same time, to find a cloud storage point of entry, rather than the spread of a very wide. In the era of mobile internet, we need more focus, more extreme, which requires us to have the mentality of entrepreneurship, rapid adaptation of technology, business model and user needs change.

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