Mobile Internet and 50 predictions in the age of large data

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First, the future of business

Prediction One: Data bus + plug-type business organization will become the normal business

Prophecy Two: The tribal union of the Enterprise breaks the traditional frontier

Prophecy Three: Cross-border and subversion become the norm, no more stable business

Prophecy Four: Protection of intellectual assets is broken, and innovation is the mainstream

Prophecy Five: Professional, personalized workshop will be revived again

Prophecy VI: High emphasis on design will be reflected in all aspects of the enterprise

Prophecy VII: ACME will become the culture of enterprise innovation

Prophecy VIII: Creative Heroes will no longer be given the impression of robber capitalists

Prophecy IX: In the role of large data, consumers become increasingly naked, consumer advocacy institutions strong rise

Prophecy Ten: The general experience of shops is far from enough, need to form like a theater and the height of the difference between the alienation

Prophecy 11: The CIO will become the chief Insight Officer in the core tier after the CEO

Prophecy 12: The contradiction between capital and entrepreneur intensifies, the enterprise's governance structure changes greatly

Second, the exploration of education

Prophecy 13: The understanding and application of the psychological world of children will revolutionize

Prophecy 14: Innovation intergenerational migration, young geeks constantly emerging

Prophecy 15: Experiential classroom will be learning to complete into a student-led learning

Prophecy 16: Public for the Internet "> Moral education and value-oriented education occupy an important position

Prophecy 17: Learning fragmentation has been universally accepted and supported

Prophecy 18: Further marketization of academia, further breaking of academic and commercial and public boundaries

Third, mass media upheaval

Prophecy 19: New media industry has fully occupied the mainstream of the media

Prophecy 20: In the mass Information age, the consumer's mind is highly influenced by fast professional solutions to readers

Prophecy 21: As the media daxing its way, to become the standard of social people

Prophecy 22: As the screen generation becomes the mainstream of society, accelerate the electronic, digital and instrumental of the whole world

Prophecy 23: The film and television industry will become a combination of capital and the Internet industry

Prophecy 24: Media industry has begun to be difficult to define as an independent industry

Prophecy 25: The mainstream discourse of the Times is fragmented and secular, and the great times no longer exist.

Prophecy 26: Society ensures the expression and spread of alternative information with some kind of tolerant mechanism

Prophecy 27: A large number of voluntary, public-interest media appear

The exploration of the family

Prophecy 28: The emergence of specialized family happiness hosting industry

Prophecy 29: The Simple life values of returning to the family daxing its way

Prophecy 30: A surge in the tourist population has brought car networking into social infrastructure

Prophecy 31: A new generation of old people who understand the internet, make the old life shape change greatly

Prophecy 32: The spread of electronic products has caused severe family communication problems, resulting in a surge in mental illness

Prophecy 33: Women's influence in the family and society has risen dramatically, opening her century

Prophecy 34: The mainstream values of young people change and do their own ideas to sink into a torrent

V. New Society

Prophecy 35: The social enterprise daxing its way, becomes the bridging public welfare and the commercial bridge

Prophecy 36: The sense of resistance to technological innovation intensifies the desire to pursue a spiritual awakening.

Prophecy 37: The health-seekers are beginning to become a large and influential group of people in the community.

Prophecy 38: The new blue-named class of knowledgeable and specialized appeared

Prophecy 39: People's high reliance on electronic, digital and social tools creates systematic risk accumulation

Prophecy 40: The idea of a similar Thoreau to the road, the value of further differentiation

Prophecy 41: The process of commercial transaction begins to turn into a business and a positive psychological process

Prophecy 42: Technological advances support a growing diversity of diverse exploration

Vi. the reconstruction of literature and art

Prophecy 43: The network began to become the mainstream channel of art communication

Prophecy 44: The rise of a large number of individual artists, personal curatorial began to appear on the scale

Prophecy 45: The rise of deep reading leads to the revival of literature

Prophecy 46: Oriental philosophy is more and more recognized, and is included in the political, commercial and educational fields

Prophecy 47: The creation and dissemination of music has begun to be fully interactive

Prophecy 48: A large number of digitized art heritage, driving the spread of artistic value

Prophecy 49: History is supported by large data and is accepted by contemporary people in a variety of artistic forms

Prophecy 50: gift-sharing, professional pluralism, self-empowerment, diverse exploration began to become the mainstream concept of contemporary people.

This micro-credit public account "Shen 2011", focusing on the mobile Internet business model innovation, traditional enterprise strategic transformation and change leadership.

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