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BEIJING, December 25 electric & ">nbsp;, Mobile Internet application Program" Navigation Code "officially released.

According to the inventor of the navigation code, Mr. Reihong, navigation code is a set of based on the internet, mobile internet and GPS, maps, voice, SMS, mailboxes and other types of technology platform based on the mature application of a set of China has independent intellectual Property Code standards, it is arbitrary custom string code (phone, mobile phone, brand, etc.) composed of And with the above platform to implement API technology interface, and then to download navigation code client mobile phone customers, more convenient use of the above types of technical platforms, and then produce such as life navigation, government navigation and cloud business cards, dating navigation, I want to play, I want to carpool, help me to drive, while walking and remembering, emergency help and other personal efficient and convenient function.

Navigation code is different from other similar applications, navigation code not only corresponds to the precise geographical latitude and longitude, also corresponding to the user in the cloud to add their own routes, specific location, landmark building, merchant details, and other information, users can also be based on the needs of its various settings, so that people inquiries, to become more relaxed, Life becomes more interesting, navigation becomes more accurate and society becomes more efficient.

China has long been known as the "Factory of the World", although some enterprises become world-renowned brands, but in the standards, especially High-tech standards are still blank. The navigation code didn't create new technology, but relying on the existing mobile interconnection technology platform, launched a standard on the field of information interaction it through the Internet, 3G, GPS, voice, SMS and other existing, mature information technology platform, the user and its location information, business information and so on. Mr Reihong is confident about the prospects for future development. He said that navigation code rooted in the user's needs, relying on the more sophisticated technology platform to minimize the cost to maximize the efficiency of the whole society, coupled with the "common wealth" of the excellent business promotion model, it has no reason not to be accepted by the community. "For so many years, I have had a dream that China's standards be extended to the world, and I see Hope in the navigation code," he said. "Reihong said. (Beijing, the IT channel)

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