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We are in touch with the internet every day, from the PC side to the current mobile end of the popularity, more and more things are done through the phone. Especially with the popularity of smartphones, as a mobile internet terminal equipment, more and more become an indispensable tool for everyone's life, then mobile internet will and everyone think, in the current and future years to get greater development. But at the same time, for the present, mobile Internet development is still in an initial stage, its development also has the following questions to ask:

First, the speed of Internet: Mobile Internet media-wireless network speed is also the mobile Internet is a major problem. Mobile network from the original 2G, developed to 3G, to the 4G network that is being promoted in general, the medium of communication is improving step by step, so it seems that the speed of mobile network is also in the stage of development, but in the current, or in recent years, the speed of the mobile internet has a great limit. According to reports, Mobile Chairman Xi at the May shareholder meeting, said the current seat of 780 million users, but unfortunately most of these users are still using 2G mobile phones. As a result, for most smartphone users today, the speed of mobile internet access will greatly limit the popularity of mobile internet. The picture below is I in the city of cities and provinces in the mobile phone to open a screenshot of the Cat Mall, tried at least 10 times "check-in", can not be successful, only to switch to wireless WiFi above to succeed, the reason after the network is too slow to complete the operation of mobile phone app.

Second, terminal restrictions: Mobile phone or device screen, keyboard, battery and other limitations is also a major problem of mobile Internet development. At present, mobile phone screen has 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 4.8, 5.0, 5.5 inch, larger than the flat plate has 7 inches, but the screen size of smart devices directly affect the user's capacity to accept information, as well as in the intelligent Terminal user interaction with the system is also a convenient keyboard typing restrictions. In addition, the biggest problem is the battery capacity of mobile smart devices. Normal PC website, application software never consider the use of electricity consumption, but the mobile Internet mobile terminals, the biggest bottleneck is the battery. The reason is that the capacity of the battery is proportional to the volume, now a mobile phone's battery capacity of large to 1800-3000 Ma, but if the 6000 ma, the current is not safe, may be at this time the battery is a grenade, if any problems, will be a crisis in personal security.

At the same time, user habits: The mobile phone or smart device terminal to complete the operation of the custom also requires a process. Although now every day there are many in the use of mobile phone QQ, micro-letter, but how many people every day in the habit of mobile phone office? Use mobile phone to write Office documents, print documents? Use your cell phone to send and receive mail? There are, of course, such users, and will be increasing, but also need a process of adaptation, It is impossible for users to rely entirely on mobile internet to do many things that could have been done on the PC side.

In addition, the Trust system: The network security problem brought by mobile internet is also a threat to users. The security of mobile Internet is becoming more and more obvious, a lot of mobile phone operations related to the application may be a security risk, even if you go to a public place to use their WiFi may be the disclosure of personal information. On the day of the Tanabata festival in Saturday, a mobile phone virus to SMS fashion, the beginning of the message to the sender's mobile phone address Book store name as the beginning, and then let the other side point to open a web link, and the link can only use the Android smartphone point Open, many people are in the recruit. Therefore, without security there is no development, the security of mobile Internet must be highly valued.

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