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In the year, the moon, the day of the Zhangxiaolong, MA asked the plan.

Ma Yue: "Mobile internet, heroes and up, Interstate even the county of countless." Even though the public is not afraid, the only one Ma Yun, the person who prudent, know the art of War chicken Soup strategy, last year's Battle of red envelopes, hit him unprepared, this will be full combat, Ellen, you say how to do? 」

Little Dragon said: Confucius Yue "Panic chicken Hair", the celestial social platform a total of stone, micro-letter QQ Monopoly Nine fights, the world people share a fight. Intercourse has died, micro bo half waste, I have fat, with 400 million of the user's self-respect, it must map, if dare to invade will blow, Shi cover Dafa, quantity he is difficult to stir up trouble.

Ma Yue: "You are young and ambitious, open the plan has been set, you are so undignified, fear of ridicule by the world." 」

Little Dragons bowed their heads and brushed their circle of friends.

Ma Teng material he wanted to quietly, staff private life inconvenient intervention, there is no words.

Instant, little Dragon Slam thigh Yue: "A last view of a mile Queen writer article, words and the sheep of the goat red envelope strikes Back, confidence is full, is very neat and strong law, not easily attack." Thinking, I wonder if I can. Ma for me? 」

Ma is also a good fight person, Yue: "Allen brother and Hugh Speech." They're written in their hands and they look different.

Dragon Exultation, call Zhang June, teach take treasures, first from the dark wrote, but send and splashed, and splashed the dark wrote. Two moved nearer to the couch, and he asked, "Are you in the palm of your hand?" "Little Dragon One Leng, way:" I ... I always remember where ... "vexed said:" Nasty, all the time, and the mood is joking.

Two people slapstick, each out of the palm of the word, watching each other, are laughing. The original Dragon Palm in the word, is a "rape" word, splashed in the palm, also a "rape" word.

"The two of us are alike, no doubt," said Epstein. Do not cut off the screen, let qinglong old thief such as from the media stolen. "Little Dragon Yue:" All right, who dares to send an account of WHO.

The two of them drank the cocktail of Rachel, and all will not know.

Chrysanthemum opened two, each exploded one.

But said Ma Yun, anti-attack ambition not let the medium stone, but near New Year's Eve account but no one available, heart stuffy. Chief talent officer Penre into the meter yue: "The night before there is a penguin jag to drop, this person called then into, micro-letter Red Envelopes General designer, due to dissatisfaction year-end dividend too little, want to vote, Minister concubine think can help the Lord Br reach"

The Ma Yun twist must ponder "the longitudinal have lui Bu's, if has the reverse bone, also cannot use"

Penre smiled: "The Lord might as well have him for a while, he is now under the account."

Ma Yun announced his audience, Yue: "I only ask, you Feng Dahui This person how to see?" 」

Then into the corners of the mouth 45 degrees rage: "A mile through the ages of the thief, the aspirant, the conspirators von someone who has to punish the"

Ma Yun overjoyed, confessed Penre, "This person reuse, grant P13 title"

At this point, it will become the "a mile of the goat's anti-attack micro-letter office Frontline commander"

It is not someone else, it is the former text confessed to the dragon and the "rape" plan core characters, code-named "Vegetable Carving", on weekdays for the sake of safety so that "drifting bottle" to Shenzhen transmission of information.

Then into a skilled, Penre-day play table Ma Yun: "Into, older than Rong, loyalty, love, popularity, its Park gallant, Ding Ting's only, early in the shengming hole in the mirror."

The 3rd to build a good "payment package" red envelope system, and suggestions Ma Yun "This war can only outsmart, not storm, and the penguin recklessly financial resources is not the best policy." Micro-letter Red Envelopes I practiced, fierce is fierce, a grab, the public Rush Street, eating ugly, no connotation. Chairman Mao has a cloud: the most profound root of the war is in the people. Cheng said, we have to play the people's subjective initiative, mobilize the wisdom of the people, and then ambush a number of knife-bashing, to the weak state of the spread of Tencent closed theory, will be able to let the micro-letter into the Sea of peoples war can not extricate themselves.

Then into the Wei, Ma Yun all listen to Penre, today personally a probe, Fang Jue, the vast, to Mao theory razzing, but to no avail, if there is a learned person, not me and then into Seoul.

Then the stereotype horse Yun gradually dew, not to accosted, then uphold speak down.

"Alone Lele is not as good as the public Lele, my secretary red envelopes to pass flowers, let a spark prairie fire, can apprentice to Amway, perfect, my red envelopes to let people's IQ superiority arises spontaneously, can set password, quiz and other checkpoints, entertaining; I should be a red envelope with the full picture, to be inclusive to ah, cricket gold, Taobao and other business, Blossom, Hundred Regiment war, my secretary Red envelope, should falsehoods, can mix vouchers, pull consumption. 」

Ma Yun listen to nod such as mashed garlic, unexpectedly speechless, a long time to suppress a sentence: "Sir only tall Wolong, if I met early, health forest, all the cannon fodder also!" 」

Then into the bedchamber, send a drift bottle to Shenzhen Nanshan Former headquarters, Little Dragon Open a look, only one word: Out!

Soon, pay bag a lot of by the meter slowly, the knife hand first propaganda world, Tencent closed theory, the unknown truth who has followed slander. The world's most Biaoju heroes are developed detailed strategy widely spread, billion-class red envelopes, vibration, game.

Sino Year e-day, a mile red envelope poison pill plan first show, two bombs a day, a long time, all the executives, put Wine West Brook, only to Huanglong carousing. Then became to resign, all puzzled, its Yue: "Frontline war tight, I when personally supervision." The public will secretly admiration, Ma Yun teach 酾 hot Erguotou a cup, and then into a drink into the car. Then became Yue: "Wine and pour, some go." 」

A moxa incense, to explore the Malay newspaper: "Not good!" A bomb issued, a penny of the people have, tearing up vouchers have, "not finished, another study of Malay newspaper:" Newspaper! Reported! It's a bad thing! Payment Package Officer Micro was hundreds of thousands of petition crowd containment, they spontaneously pulled up a liar and other words banner, the situation several times out of control "a mile will still not pull the nerves, another probe Malay newspaper:" Newspaper! Reported! According to public opinion analysis, some opinion leaders have already reversed the water, calling the Hu Jun Monkey on social platforms, and they may take action against the people according to the information of Tencent.

Ma Yun Though accustomed to storms, but at this time also so face, sword gu, "then Shing in?" 」

Under the account of Sentinel some search to report: "Then become P13 General has disappeared, the account left a letter"

Ma Yun Unequal to its hand, stride forward, opened a look: "Dream still have, as long as you pretend to sleep"

Tai Yue: Sigh! Micro-letter sent into the horse camp, offering to pay packets of red envelopes, so that the enemy from tired, and then figure. Cover a tired enemy, a plan to attack the enemy, two deduction for use, to destroy strength also. To resentment, Little Dragon Shi cover, then all the peoples to return, the world is attached, no more "not open." The soldier is a paradox!

PS: All of these are fictitious, who believe who is stupid.

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