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Consumers in the newly opened Fuzhou Tesco home appliances to buy mobile phones, smart phone systems and software development, is becoming mobile Internet development "booster." Xinhua News agency Reporter Jiang

Editor's note: The latest statistics show that up to the end of June 2011, China's mobile phone users 318 million, compared to the end of 2010 increased by 14.94 million people, Internet users in the overall proportion of 65.5%, mobile internet has been sprouting from all things in the spring, towards the increasingly hot early summer. "Application is King" is the most important reason for the development of mobile Internet, more convenient to save power smartphone system, smoother and faster mobile browser, as well as various clients in the App Store ...

In the context of the growing popularity of mobile internet hardware terminals such as smartphones and tablets, the upgrading of software has enabled the Internet to be truly mobile. Other than Apple's iOS operating system, are other smart-phone systems good? Is there a more localized smartphone system, and what internet users are accustomed to being able to "seamlessly" migrate to mobile Internet applications? This issue of "Le in e times" will answer these questions for you.

For smartphones, the quality of the software directly determines two things: first, your mobile phone is not easy to use. Second, your mobile phone can be completed how much expansion function. The former depends on the merits of the system, and the latter depends on how many developers are willing to serve the system and contribute their wisdom.

From the smartphone system, the current popular system is mainly Apple's iOS system and Google developed Android system, as well as the traditional Symbian system and Windows system. The former two are currently the most mainstream smartphone system, compared to the two, Android almost overcame all of iOS's "bad temper", it supports multithreaded work, so you can brush Weibo, while listening to music, while chatting QQ; it supports the mini USB interface, Instead of using Apple's "exclusive" itunes, you can transfer files directly from your computer, just like using a mobile hard disk. But on the other hand, Android has also been hit by the power consumption, although this has improved significantly with the launch of the Android 2.3, where only a GPS power consumption of 2.3 systems consumes only one-tenth of the 2.2 system, but for the "Eat monster" big screen smartphone, The power consumption of the Android system in standby time is still difficult to evade.

New reform of domestic mobile phone system

Compared with Apple's iOS system, Android is a Linux platform based open source handset operating system, the logo is a green small robot, the system's biggest feature is to allow other developers to change according to different needs of localization, and this has become a breakthrough for domestic mobile phone systems.

Millet mobile phone in Beijing recently held a new mobile phone conference, and the newly introduced Millet mobile phone is equipped with the independent research and development of the MIUI system. This also makes the MIUI system as the domestic and China Mobile OPhone mobile phone operating system, innovative factory introduced snack system as more market impact of domestic mobile phone systems. Several major systems have characteristics, dim sum system emphasizes the quality effect and desktop compatibility, millet mobile phone system MIUI stressed weekly update, "Basically you have comments and suggestions today, we will be able to make amendments next week." "Millet Technology founder Lei said. In addition, the major systems are based on the use of the custom of the localization of the transformation, Lei said, MIUI carried out more than 100 innovative improvements, closer to the use of Chinese experience.

But from another point of view, the current domestic operating system is a major problem is the use of less mobile phones, the use of ophone system for mobile 3G custom machine, equipped with MIUI system is currently only millet mobile phones, innovative factory snack system, will be in sharp mobile phone for the first time. In this situation, domestic mobile phone system also needs to be combined with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to promote the development of domestic smart phones.

Giant exerting force to move the internet

If the system is the skeleton of smartphone apps, then a variety of apps are the muscles and nerves that the smartphone implements. In terms of the number of applications, the number of apps in the Apple App Store in China has reached 300,000, and Android app stores have 120,000 apps, unlike apps in Apple's App Store, where most apps are free, even the Angry Birds game. At the same time, Android's openness has also allowed operators and handset-makers to set up their own app stores, which has also made Android mobile apps more selective.

In addition, the establishment of the App Store model has enabled emerging entrepreneurs to find opportunities on the mobile Internet, and on the other, to make traditional companies and internet giants more pragmatic about the "test water" of mobile internet. AirAsia, a low-cost airline, has launched a self-service client, which allows easy and fast self-service check-in via the AirAsia applications of BlackBerry, Apple, Android and other mobile platforms. AirAsia carrier flights are scheduled to be successful up to 1 hours before the planned Take-off, can be through the website and mobile phone clients to carry out self-service boarding. And where to go the net has also announced that it will spend 100 million of dollars to layout wireless clients and mobile phone payment market, where to go now network has been in the Apple iOS and Android two mainstream intelligent system to fully realize the function of mobile phone payment, one-stop mobile phone payment tickets will change the existing E-commerce model, to bring new profit growth.

(Responsible editor: Lu Guang)

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