Mobile Internet is a kind of ability the app venture must first look for directions and platforms

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Today, Baidu published the "Q4 Mobile internet Trends Report", the report was released in early 2013, the mobile Internet industry is instructive. Among them, there are several data worthy of concern.

HTML5 development potential remains to be developed

The report shows that only 5% of large and medium-sized pc Internet mobile Web sites use HTML5 technology development, 47.8% provide WAP pages, and 16.9% offer native apps.

2012 almost all media will focus on the HTML5, especially Adobe voluntarily give up mobile end flash technical support, turn to HTML5, as well as domestic Baidu, Tencent and other flocking with the organization of the Consortium, announced the participation in HTML5 standard customization, is to make HTML5 become hot.

However, from the report of Baidu, HTML5 technology has not been large-scale use, WAP and native app still dominate, especially WAP page is mainstream. Although this data is a large and medium-sized pc Internet statistics, but for many HTML5 game developers, HTML5 practitioners also have a certain guiding significance.

In addition, for mobile browser Enterprises, is more to increase HTML5 technical support, or to enhance the WAP2.0 page and the Web page transcoding technology Support, can therefore make a choice. From another point of view, the proportion of 5% using HTML5 development is proving to be a huge development potential. At the very least, HTML5 has begun to break ice, from noisy academic and theoretical research into practical development.

Native app Business direction and platform is the most important

The report shows that Native app user needs, tool services accounted for 31%, game accounted for 31%, shopping for goods accounted for 31%, the rest of the demand is very small. Since the April 2008 3G Licensing, mobile Internet is considered to be the paradise of entrepreneurship, a large number of VC access, a large number of app developers flocked.

I was in the 2013 mobile app development trend prediction: Cold and shuffle in the article that 2013 app developers will encounter difficulties, because similar to the PC Internet traffic liquidity model in the mobile Internet encounter dystocia, resulting in a large number of app built-in malicious ads, and even with the virus writers to rob money.

Now from the Baidu report, tools, games, commodity services occupy the big head, which means that most of the demand of the app is the world of giants, tools and merchandise shopping class is basically from the Internet to the mobile Internet extension, mobile Internet application developers face greater pressure. Although the game has a huge market, but to the fore, still need to rely on the giants of the game platform, and have excellent quality.

If you do not rely on a strong platform, do not find a reliable direction, when developers are crowded into the demand for the garbage app, the inevitable failure of entrepreneurship, and even bring the mobile app industry in the winter. But Baidu's data, undoubtedly let some developers see the dawn.

The report also shows that Baidu mobile search is 11 times times faster than 2010, becoming a gateway to mobile Internet traffic, which is similar to the PC Internet. Again, the mobile Internet is not an independent industry, but an ability of the Internet. At the same time, in the Big Data era, search engine companies will be better to tap and use a large number of users to search data, service industries, but also to serve themselves, Baidu should be more than anyone knows what mobile app they should develop.

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