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This reporter Yetao/photo of this year's mobile internet investment boom and last year, E-commerce investment upsurge has a similar place.  The promising industry always makes the capital more profit-driven, but still need to keep a cool head, should not blindly scramble for the project and cause the enterprise valuation is high, and the premature development of the enterprise and the rapid growth of the industry. Our correspondent Zuo Yonggang reported that "last year, there was the climax of investment institutions investing in e-commerce, this year, especially in July or August this year, the most contacts of VC agencies from the field of mobile Internet, the current mobile Internet has entered the field of innovative entrepreneurship and investment boom."  "In the first China Mobile Internet investment and financing summit, Gavin, president of the Qing Branch group, said that over the next two or three years, the group's investment will be 80% to the mobile internet. Industry experts say, not only domestic mobile internet investment scale, for mobile internet attention is global.  The recent acquisition of Motorola Mobile Google's real significance is to open up the mobile internet industry chain, which will be Google to enter the "terminal + Software + Services" model lay the foundation, but also become the future of mobile Internet enterprises to develop the main direction. Usher in the investment boom after the 2010 E-commerce investment boom, the mobile internet has gradually entered the vision of the venture, the mobile phone, the future with unlimited potential of the new industry is gradually infiltrated into people's lives, work in various fields, mobile phone messages, micro-blog, mobile music, mobile games,  Mobile video and other colorful mobile internet applications have developed rapidly.  The latest statistics show that the first half of this year, the domestic disclosure of mobile Internet investment case is 31, which disclosed the amount of investment cases of 24, the total investment of 318 million U.S. dollars, from the overall situation of the investment enterprises, the first time to invest in the start-up of the majority of enterprises. Zhangyanan, senior analyst at the Research Center of the Qing branch, said that by the spring of the "Big Internet" era, mobile internet was in the golden period of development in 2011. In the first half of this year, investment in the mobile internet market, both in terms of investment cases and investment scale, has exceeded the year since 2001.  The investment boom is expected to continue in the second half of the year.  IDG Capital partner Zhang said that the mobile internet has been a very important investment area in IDG Capital in the past two years, and more than 50% of the investment of IDG Capital in the field of digital New Media (TMT) last year is a wireless internet project. In this regard, the industry generally believe that four major factors contribute to the increasing attention of mobile Internet: One is the deep layout of WiFi, the widespread popularity of smartphones effectively improved the industrial development environment; second, "open source" concept into the operating system, operating platform services and other fields, for small and medium-sized application developers to provide participation in the industry conditions,  Stimulate the production of innovative applications; Third, high-end users are emerging, pay capacity enhancement, four is the power of capital can not be ignored. Deep excavation subdivision field in the past two years, with the popularization of intelligent terminals and the constant creation of application modeNew, mobile Internet access to the outbreak of growth, by entrepreneurs and the investment community's extensive attention, known as the next "gold mine."  From the first half of this year's mobile internet segmentation investment distribution, the disclosure of investment cases has broken the original mobile internet investment focused on wireless value-added services, mobile gaming and other areas of the situation, mobile phone applications and services, application stores and related, wireless marketing, mobile search and other fields have investment cases. Zhangyanan said that to a certain extent, the development of mobile Internet is gradually balanced, all kinds of applications are emerging, and have investment value. such as the popular Android operating system software localization of Le Frog Technology, location-based Services mobile advertising network platform service provider Shanghai targeted Advertising Co., Ltd., based on photo-sharing social networking site map, and so on, more mobile Internet veteran enterprise excellent technology and the weight of rookie millet technology,  Enterprises of different subdivision areas have gained extensive attention of capital, which can be described as full bloom. At present, the investment agencies of mobile Internet-related enterprises mainly focus on the three major directions: one is a "three-force" application software developers. At present, China's mobile internet applications into the "fast fashion" era, only with the rapid response to the market, imitation and creativity of enterprises in the fight with the internet giants survive, especially the choice of mobile Internet Entertainment application developers, investors pay more attention to the "three Power" enterprise. The second is the application store service provider and the application data Analysis service provider. For such enterprises, investors can better grasp the mobile Internet application development trend, guide future investment direction, this is a circuitous investment strategy. Third, wireless marketing enterprises, such as software implanted advertising service providers.  This part of the enterprise easy short-term investment benefits.  At present, many domestic venture capital institutions began to dig deep into mobile phone games, location services, payment, video, reading, mobile advertising and other mobile internet segmentation areas of investment projects.  The potential of mobile e-commerce in recent years, with the 3G network, mobile internet equipment, smart phones and other hardware has become more and more popular, mobile internet has been rapid development, mobile E-commerce is about to go the way, and tactile e-commerce enterprises have been aware of the huge prospects of mobile internet market. China Internet Network Information Center released the "28th China Internet Development Status Statistics report" shows that as of this June, China's mobile phone users reached 318 million, accounting for 65.6% of the total number of users.  Most business applications continue to rise, such as the internet shopping usage rate increased to 35.6%, six months new user 12.15 million, user growth rate of 7.6% per cent a year. Zhao, senior vice president of the search, said that users use mobile internet stickiness far more than the Internet, so the value of this will certainly go beyond the Internet.  It can be foreseen that the future of e-commerce in Mobile, while the future of mobile internet in E-commerce. According to statistics, from 2006 to the first half of 2011, has disclosed the mobile phone shopping market investment case is 10, of which 8 investment cases focused on mobile payment enterprises, 2 cases of investment and mobile E-commerce-related, the most representative is Chongqing Junction Mobile Business Co., Ltd.  In such a market has not been a pioneer in the case, most of the relevant enterprises are in a small low-key development stage, and such financial strong-related market investment, peripheral capital is waiting, on the one hand, waiting for the industry to enter the stage of development, on the other hand, waiting for further clarity of national policy.  Liu Xi, general manager of Shenzhen Innovation Investment group North China Region, said that the mobile Internet business model, charging mode is constantly clear, whether it is for investors or entrepreneurs this is a huge opportunity, which E-commerce mobile applications contain huge market space. Mobile phone online breeding investment opportunities not long ago, the Qing Branch Research Center and 3G Portal jointly conducted a 1-month mobile internet User survey, the survey recovered questionnaires more than 10,000 copies, effective questionnaires accounted for more than 75%. The results show that mobile gaming, the typical representative of mobile Internet applications, is changing in the mobile internet world. Of the mobile Internet users who took part in the survey, the number of users who used mobile games was nearly 60%, and only less than 5% said they had not used mobile games. Users are still the main choice for single game, accounting for up to 74.46%.  In the mobile game users access to mobile gaming, their own search, the application of market recommendations, online promotion in the top three, accounting for 58.14%, 40.79%, 31.35% respectively.  Zhangyanan said that because of the popularity of smartphones, users ' time to use mobile games at home has increased significantly, which also provides a physical environment for the development of mobile phone games. According to statistics, the first half of this year, the domestic has disclosed the mobile game market investment case Total 5, the total investment amount is 131 million US dollars, the investment amount increases the scale to be bigger.  From the recent two years of mobile gaming market investment wind, platform-oriented companies more likely to attract capital attention, such as social gaming platform Papaya Mobile, mobile gaming App Store when the music network, mobile gaming middleware Platform company, such as Snow carp.  Zhangyanan said that through the survey found that mobile internet users of mobile gaming products to deepen the awareness, coupled with the popularity of smartphone terminals and touch screens, as well as users of the mobile phone built-in advertising acceptance of the promotion, these are promoting the rapid development of mobile phone games positive factors, but also capital should not be missed opportunities. A number of venture capital agencies in charge said that this year's mobile internet investment boom and last year, E-commerce investment upsurge has similarities. The promising industry always makes the capital more profit-driven, but still need to keep a cool head, should not blindly scramble for the project and cause the enterprise valuation is high, and the premature development of the enterprise and the rapid growth of the industry.
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