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Yesterday, the NPC representative, Tencent board chairman and CEO Ma was interviewed by reporters.

Commercial News reporter Zhang Luqiao

Commercial reporter Aoxiang Figuiven Nie Fei Beijing report

Wonderful ideas

"Micro-letter products between the competition is very fierce," the competition situation is calculated by the day, can be described as "death speed", success or failure on the make-or.

Tencent into the financial industry is not because of this sector to make money, if it is to make money, how not to engage in real estate? This is from the Internet user needs and their own industry perspective.

(Tencent bought the Tesco last year) and is now able to do its own thinking, unlike before, always circling rivals. ”

Yesterday afternoon, National People's Congress, Tencent board chairman and CEO MA in the Chongqing business newspaper reporter interview, on Tencent internationalization, into the financial industry, E-commerce strategy, micro-letter commercialization and other hot topics to answer.

Tencent internationalization is a great opportunity to "go out"

Chongqing Business Newspaper: In this session, you suggest that the Internet enterprises "go out" to promote the national strategy, at present, Tencent's internationalization progress?

MA: "Go Out" is the dream of many Chinese enterprises, there are already Huawei, ZTE, Haier, the United States and many other enterprises to go out, but in the information, service industries, there is no successful example.

Now that the mobile internet is sweeping the world, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for pure mobile internet products. The internet model of the past was basically copied from America, in this respect, others are more mature than you, "go back" is unlikely, and in the mobile internet era, many internet giants are not ready, many companies will be limited by the previous services on the PC, so this for Chinese companies, is a good chance.

Chongqing Business newspaper: In the face of specific products, Tencent is how to "go out"?

MA: Asia's mobile internet products are faster than the West in terms of popularity, speed, and innovation. For example, in the micro-letter products, at present, in addition to Tencent's micro-letter, and Japan, South Korea, two companies in the products are in the outside market, competition is very fierce, in many markets have confrontation, "competition situation" is calculated in days, can be described as "life speed", success or failure make-or.

At the end of last month, we announced the establishment of the US Office of Micro-trust, in order to expand the needs of European and American markets.

Chongqing Business Newspaper: In addition to the product out, "go out" should also include overseas investment. What is Tencent's most successful overseas investment in the past two years?

MA: The most successful investment is the U.S. Game Developers League of Heroes, which is currently the world's largest online game, while the number of online breakthrough 5 million, although the current level of commercialization is still relatively low, but the popularity is very high.

The main reason is to push the consumer demand in the financial industry

Chongqing business newspaper: Last month, by Alibaba's Ma Yun, China Ping ' an (601318, shares bar) of Ma and you jointly build the public security online property insurance company to sell insurance news eye-catching, how do you consider? Is it because of the high profits in the financial industry?

MA: Tencent entered the financial sector is not because of this industry to make money, if it is to make money, how not to engage in real estate? This is from the Internet user needs and their own industry perspective. For example, micro-credit microfinance, e-commerce business between the demand for microcredit, because the traditional financial support is not good enough to combine tightly enough, this allows internet companies to do.

I think that the Internet has brought the transformation of the traditional industry no less than the invention of electricity, you think of the past in all walks of life without electricity is how the situation, the advent of the Internet, but also contributed to such a big change, in addition to pure Internet, in fact, there are many business is with the Internet after the product, such as E-commerce is the internet and the combination of retail industry.

Chongqing Business Daily: What role does Tencent play in the online property insurance company of the public?

MA: Tencent is just a small shareholder and is involved as a resource party. For several partners, Ping ' an cable under the network resources, MA Yun has the electricity quotient resources, Tencent also has the electricity business resources, more is the fictitious product, the account system and so on. At present, it is too early to talk about its development trend, still need to try and explore.

Micro-letter commercialization is being developed will be platform-oriented

Chongqing Business newspaper: Tencent's micro-letter is the most popular mobile internet products for nearly one or two years, many people in the industry said Tencent got the "ticket" for the mobile internet. Micro-letter commercialization of over 300 million users is a concern, can you give us some information on the commercialization of micro-letters?

MA: Outside the voice than we are also anxious, we promote the speed is not so fast, because, this is a very complex project, involving the line of many industries under the integration, is to select a lot of industry together, or the industry vertical integration after the launch, is currently exploring.

In value-added services, overseas micro-letter products have been more than half a year earlier than Tencent micro-letter, especially in social gaming has a relatively clear business model, Tencent is currently in intensive research and development, to the user experience to achieve a better state, we will launch. Then on this basis, build an open platform, and other game developers to cooperate to provide more content to users.

Chongqing Business Daily: How can other applications outside the game be commercialized?

MA: In addition to the game products, other aspects of the commercialization of the overall idea is also to make a platform, we will not put some of the applications too deep, we would like to construct a link to the business model channels and platforms, as the complex business model to the partners or individuals to do. Because of the birth of many good business projects, for example, through the micro-letter selling books, based on micro-letter to do the electricity business website, with the help of micro-mail network literature.

Tencent has gone through a detour.

Chongqing Business Daily: Last year, Tencent, which started out as a chat tool, invested 1 billion of billions of dollars in Tencent's electricity business to build electricity. Now, nearly a year, the development of how?

MA: In the selection of electric business before, in fact, a lot of detours, because the network effect of Taobao is very strong, consumer-to-consumer (individual to individual) is really difficult to do, such as or with Tencent used to "Pat" the idea is difficult to win opponents. Last year, Tencent acquired the easy to buy business (for individuals), to do business-to-business, and then with Tencent platform integration, it found a point of focus. Now, can follow their own thinking to do the electric business, unlike before, always around the competitor circle.

Chongqing Business newspaper: Tencent and Ali Department, Jingdong Mall, Suning and other competitors compared to do the advantages of the electricity quotient?

MA: And Ali do platform, Jing Dong 3C products, suning from the line to the line of choice, Tencent Xun thinking is rooted in a first-tier city, one to do through deep; and all the distribution is their own, in a city can do "three send a day."

Now, Tencent's growth is very strong, because upfront is a huge investment, so, but also to bear a considerable amount of time investment, loss.

Chongqing Business Newspaper: What are your expectations for Tencent's electrical business?

MA: Several electric dealers have a similar goal: to make money by selling more goods, attracting loyalty from users, turning into entrances, and stacking high margin non-standard classes like clothes. The standard commodity basically does not make money, mainly is uses to spread the flow. Tencent electric Business After some detours, finally found the direction of development, will continue to do in the future, because through the internet to solve the problem of retail, there is really a great market demand.

Network infrastructure countries and enterprises co-financing construction

Chongqing Business Daily: Because of the success of the micro-letter, there are operators to issue a "threat" to this, how do you think?

MA: This situation, in the world are hot, micro-letters and other products so that operators love and hate, but this is the trend of the future, the two sides will certainly move towards cooperation. It may be that in the short term the operator sees an alternative relationship, but the experience provided by the micro-credit products is the past SMS, voice can not provide, for example, voice messages in the micro-letter, a group of people to discuss and so on, have gone beyond the traditional concept of communication, is already a social network, not to mention the overlay of open platform, a variety of user applications, are not the functional category of traditional operators. Therefore, it is inaccurate to simply compare two different things and even hope to "replace" them.

At the same time, because of the emergence of micro-letter products, greatly increasing the data flow, which will promote the operator service from the main voice to the data-oriented transformation, in the future, we will realize that this is a winning thing.

Of course, since the operator's previous base station and other network infrastructure is based on voice and text messaging and other major business design and procurement, now because of the emergence of micro-letter products, resulting in rapid increase in data traffic, the emergence of resources are occupied, and even phone calls, which makes operators difficult to accept. But this is the development trend, at present, many operators are also expanding the data business.

Chongqing Business Daily: What specific suggestions do you have for the construction of the network infrastructure?

MA: I think this can be like a road repair, a large part of the country should be invested in building. If the cost of repairing a road is borne by a company, it means that a fee will be charged as soon as it goes out. Therefore, I think that the network infrastructure construction can choose the state to bear part of the costs, enterprises bear part of the cost, this is more reasonable.

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