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January 26 News, recently, gathered a large number of Internet cafes in the Geek Park Innovation conference in Beijing fashion Design square opening. Baidu, Jingdong, hammer mobile phones and other brand star CEO all the scene, and the development of mobile internet future made a forward-looking discussion. Among them, Baidu chief architect Hou Zhenyu proposed the concept of "subtraction for mobile Life", which is a bright one.

Industry insiders believe that the fundamental reason for the development of mobile Internet is to provide users with a more convenient and efficient service, do "subtraction" is also the goal of all Internet products continue to pursue. When a product to help users more easily access to Internet services, it is undoubtedly successful.

At present, in addition to micro-letter, Baidu Direct number, such as the super entrance, but also the emergence of some new innovative products. For example, "mobile" top-level domain, in order to facilitate mobile users to obtain services at the same time, more for the enterprise mobile marketing to promote the creation of a platform, can be described as the user and the company's mobile end has done a perfect "subtraction."

First of all, ". Mobile" compared to traditional Internet domain name to do the subtraction on the input. Because the netizen is not accustomed to the traditional English input, plus the memory difficulty is high, causes whether in the PC end or the mobile end, the user through the input domain name finds the webpage to be very troublesome. But the mobile domain name uses the Chinese input, the user simply passes "So-and-so, the handset" the input form, then may direct the merchant website, the input is convenient and easy to form the memory.

Moreover, for enterprises, mobile phone domain name for its mobile marketing has also made a gorgeous "subtraction." With the bursting of the mobile internet, enterprises are now facing more and more promotional forms. Perhaps two years ago the enterprise only need a plus v certification of the official microblogging can, but now, must open the official micro, subscription number, service number, Baidu direct number even a variety of micro-platform, micro-community, micro-shop and so on. In order to build brand reputation on the mobile side, enterprises must spend a lot of marketing to promote the various mobile applications.

And the mobile domain name defaults to provide micro-access services, to enable enterprises to put all mobile application launch portal under a page, users in the mobile phone input "so-and-So," can be viewed and entered all applications, regardless of attention to micro-blog, micro-letter, or looking for mobile services, can be "at a glance, a key to direct", It is widely referred to as a unified portal for mobile applications. Moreover, in the marketing promotion, the enterprise only vigorously promotes a mobile phone domain name, then can achieve "four two dials the heavy" the mobile promotion effect.

At present, the ". Mobile" registration is over two-thirds, every day a large number of corporate brand names and popular words are registered. Experts believe that the majority of users of the registration of the mobile phone domain name is the application of the unified import advantage, that it can be a cumbersome mobile marketing steps to do "subtraction", but also a small number of people for professional domain name investors. If the company's own needs of the mobile domain name has not yet registered, should be taken as soon as possible to avoid being competitors or investors to preempt.

In the future, regardless of mobile user experience or corporate mobile marketing promotion, will appear more for mobile internet to do "subtraction" of innovative products, so that mobile life more and more convenient, gradually become the main theme of people's lives.

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