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Put up "mobile" banner of the Internet arena, large swirling, fierce material constantly, mergers and acquisitions together, a war of saliva. The big boss roar and not calm behind, is the mobile internet future confidence and details of the loss. Who will be the high handsome in the mobile internet age? How will the river-Lake pattern change dramatically? How will mobile Internet subvert our lives? When the answer is not announced. But according to Iris data, China Mobile internet market size has reached 24.19 billion yuan in the second quarter of 2013. Trade and saliva QI business opportunities on the fingertips let the big boys fight more intense and frequent. To Baidu (154.9,1.74,1.14%), Alibaba, Tencent (419,9.20,2.25%, real-time quotes) led by the Internet three Giants (BAT) movements, trade-intensive. Cost 1.9 billion dollars will be 91 wireless into the bosom, and then the acquisition of glutinous rice Baidu, obviously want to move the next a large game of chess, from the entrance to the content, to live under the line, indispensable. Electric power business Overlord Alibaba of course also can not only do on the PC, mobile phone shopping is not new, it is important to let the trading behind the small partners to form a circle, Ali is a part of the electric quotient of the ecological circle. Buying a stake in Sina (86.58,1.59,1.87%) Weibo and launching "contacts" is certainly a good way to "circle people". Tencent, with more than 400 million users of the star product "micro-letter", not only let the operator's attitude from the vigilance into cooperation, but also let the competitor loudly congratulate the first to get the mobile Internet ticket. However, the mobile internet sketched a good life has not arrived, saliva and war has been in advance. "Catfish" 360 again became the protagonist of all kinds of mouth fights. Last year, the uproar of the 3B War (Baidu v. 360 plagiarism) just in September this year to make a first-instance sentence, Behold, "3 Dog War" (360 and Sogou) and in September 20 ignited the smoke. However, let everyone relish the obvious is not a lawsuit who loses who wins, but behind the gossip news, a few months ago also to Sogou flirt 360 buy Sogou not "because love born hate", this is how "dog blood" business film plot. Hardware makers are also figuring out the dream of a fortune in the mobile internet age. Millet began to conceive how to control the fingertips in the mobile internet age, the combination of Internet boxes and traditional appliances, so that the contents of the living room moved up. In the second quarter of this year, Chinese Internet users reached 580 million and mobile internet users reached 460 million, according to statistics from the Ministry of the four commanding heights. In the face of such a large mobile interconnection market, the big guys are naturally unable to calm down. Obviously, to compete for tickets to the mobile internet market, mobile communications, mobile search, mobile security and maps, are the commanding heights that bosses need to seize. A dark horse posture of micro-letter to disrupt the mobile communications circle of a pool of spring, Alibaba clearly can not sit on the competition, the new CEO Lu personally to play a leading wireless business, the introduction of "contacts" to try to share the mobile communication of a cup of soup. In the mobile search market, the Tencent WarA little bit of the Sogou, will search and Sogou through, "Tencent and flow of the business related to all peel off to the new Sogou above", let us see the mobile search market in the future of unlimited possibilities. In the Mobile security field, in addition to the 360 on the mobile end of the two products launched 360 mobile phone assistants and 360 security guards have already had users, MA also in the launch of the Sogou, said publicly, Tencent will invest a lot of cost and energy to take root in safety. And the local life market to pry the billions of consumer demand makes the map of the inevitable. Baidu Map, Ali Department of the gold map, as well as Sogou Street map competition, and map technology-related to all kinds of beer and Skittles life Service market has become the object of the big guys. Direction to determine the details at a loss holding the ticket of the big guys with small partners in 2013 years trying to squeeze on the ship. The bright future gives them a fight, and the confusion of details makes them shudder. After 2010 years of budding, 2011 of flowering, and rational development in 2012, China Mobile Internet, this year ushered in a cross-border integration with the traditional industry. Electric companies in the construction of logistics, video sites in film, the upstream and downstream extension. To the financial and life services sector, the virtual traffic into real money, which is the mobile Internet to see the profit model. The bat trio will obviously accelerate the partition of the mobile Internet, and acquisitions will become the norm. Companies that have hundreds of millions of users and have a relatively mature business model of the Internet's second camp are the hottest sellers. This may be the Gospel of the founders, who do not have to take the IPO as the ultimate goal, and the wealthy are a good choice. But must the Giants sleep soundly? "No matter how strong you are in front of the mobile internet big wave, a little negligence, one months may be overturned." Do not see a lot of companies seem to be very big, very strong, in fact, may be vulnerable, so to embrace the evolution of the industry in awe of the heart, trembling to do everything well, the service well. "Ma's words may have been the voice of the Giants in this uncertain mobile internet era. Can you sit at the end? Would it be possible to squeeze the boat over? Who's going to be the captain? Perhaps the beauty of mobile Internet is its unknown and limitless possibilities. Morning News reporter won Jia
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