Mobile Internet users access to mobile media time up to 42%

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The commercialization of mobile internet, from slow brewing to rapid growth to steady evolution, has always been a problem to be solved, and now mature signs have emerged. Baidu wants to be reaper, Ali, Tencent and other giants will come to harvest this mature market, mobile advertising platform market is ushering in a major reshuffle.

With the popularization of smartphones and the improvement of mobile infrastructure, Internet users have begun to migrate to mobile terminals. Data show that in 2012 the scale of mobile Internet users reached 570 million, more than the size of PC Internet users. By 2013, the number of mobile Internet users reached 652 million, which means there are 652 million advertising screens that follow the users.

According to statistics, mobile Internet users access to mobile media time up to 42%. The trend of mobility is irresistible. The user's mobile Internet life also detonated the enthusiasm of advertisers, mobile advertising suddenly hot.

The commercial value of mobile advertising broke out

The latest data show that in 2013 the mobile Internet market reached 336.83 billion yuan, an increase of 66.4%. Mobile marketing reached 13.33 billion yuan, an increase of 101.7%. It is estimated that in 2014, the mobile Internet market will reach 548.7 billion yuan, an increase of 62.9% over the same period of last year. The mobile marketing market will start to break out at 32.120 billion yuan, an increase of 139.2% over the same period of last year.

In addition, in this year's Q1 earnings report, Baidu Chairman and CEO Li Yan-pet revealed that Baidu Mobile has grown rapidly this year, mobile search traffic will be more than PC, how to release more and more mobile traffic value, becoming the current focus of Baidu .

In this regard, the industry analysis, the mobile advertising market is not yet fully developed blue ocean market, although the "contention of a hundred schools," have been born WiseMedia (Digital Network) and other DSP advertising platform, but its commercial value is very high, but also a new profit growth point.

Mobile DSP to seize the initiative BAT giant ready

Recently, Baidu, Ali and other Internet giants force mobile news overwhelming, causing many speculation. In fact, the news is not groundless, on the one hand mobile advertising has a very large potential for development, on the other hand, including WiseMedia (new network), including DSP platform not only in the field of PC expansion, but also to seize the initiative, Mobile power side, developed in full swing, the situation is excellent, which also let a lot of Internet giants "jealous."

Take WiseMedia (the new network) as an example. As early as 2013, it launched the first mobile RTB advertisement in China. After more than a year's development, WiseMedia (the new network) has about 40,000 Mobile resources, and with a strong data analysis capabilities for many brand advertisers to create value, won the praise of the industry.

In fact, WiseMedia (the new network) is just one of the many DSP platforms to enter the field of mobile advertising. Many platforms have seized the opportunity and are targeting the "fat" mobile field. This is also the case for Baidu and Ali Coveted a major incentive.

Professionals said that if the giants have joined, the future of mobile Internet advertising landscape is bound to change dramatically.

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