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1. Foursquare& ">NBSP; PK Facebook Places

According to the data from abroad, Foursquare has identified his leadership position in the lbs (location-based services) field. But with the recent Facebook launch of Facebook 16882.html ">places, foreign friends are hotly discussing the outcome of the future PK." To be blunt, Facebook has a competitive advantage over 500 million of its users. Facebook places has fully copied all Foursquare features, but Foursquare's press spokesman said they were well prepared, according to research data such as Yelp, which showed that netizens had no clear bias towards the two of future developments. The vote is basically equal. The author Tangchingtong that: Facebook's competitive advantage needs to tap SNS social circle and lbs combination, but has not yet developed a perfect, Foursquare's competitive advantage lies in its industry leadership, pioneer, more focused.

Domestic current lbs phenomenon: There are several lbs company PR, promotion do also can: open, play turn quartet, street side etc. A friend asked me: If everyone, happy to do lbs what? I think the Chinese SNS operators are only in the copy of Facebook Corpse (only shell) stage, platform business value development level is very bad, not to talk about influence. So that reporter interviewed me when said: "China SNS dead?" The author Tangxing to firmly believe that SNS did not die, but this group of people playing SNS platform slogan, misleading China SNS development. From this point of view China's lbs still have the opportunity, SNS platform's influence is the Facebook "son generation" level is not yet. But I believe social media will play a bigger role in social and business impact.

2. Behavioral Learning for LBS users

Recent Foreign Jiwire Research report shows: 1. Maps and Checkins are still the most popular operations in LBS. But the highlight is: discount information, coupons are ranked second demand, you can see the business value of lbs and user needs docking. 2. LBS crowd characteristics: Men are more interested in sharing (showing off) where they are, excluding covert operations (Valentine's appointments), 25-34 and 35-44 two-year-olds, or more than 44-year-olds who prefer to share lbs addresses;

LBS Location Business Ecosystem Impact data also:

More than 50% of users want to receive ad-hoc geographic ads (LBS)

36% more interested in shopping malls around lbs-specific areas
37% of users use lbs as a travel or trip tool

47% of men and 40% of women prefer to interact with the ads in the current location by mobile phones (engage)

Research: Why do you hide your Location?

Data:: Why do you like check-in so much?

3. LBS Business Value Mining:

1) to assist the promotion of regional businesses

If the previous mobile advertising is to help brand image services, then the positioning of mobile advertising is to help local enterprises and community businesses find the opportunity to promote. The biggest advantage of positioning advertising is that it can directly push users to consume. Just like the mobile ad network

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