Mobile network applications will go into every aspect of people's lives

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Absrtact: With the rapid popularization of intelligent terminals, the explosion of data traffic has been the consensus of the communications industry, in the entire industrial chain to cheer at the same time, operators are suffering from the traffic growth brought about by the dilemma of the war, pain and happy to become

With the rapid popularization of intelligent terminals, the explosion of data traffic has been the consensus of the communications industry, in the entire industrial chain to cheer at the same time, operators are also suffering from the growth of traffic brought about by the dilemma of "the War", "Pain and happy" As a true portrayal of operators: while enjoying the rapid growth of business revenues from traffic growth, network maintenance and expansion brought about by the cost of increased pressure, but also let operators miserable is the increase in traffic at the same time, some traditional voice, SMS, MMS and other services are many virtual telecom operators to divert the business or even replace , such as micro-letters, Goole TALK, network telephony and other operators rely on the survival of the voice business gradually shunt, QQ, rice chat, NetEase Popo, such as SMS, MMS and other operators of the Taurus business of large diversion or even substitution, in the face of this situation, operators have put forward "traffic management", "do intelligent pipeline and other ideas and strategies to adapt to the era of intelligent terminal Market competition and communication development environment. In this respect, personally think that the "flow management" concept and thinking to the "operating flow" to change, actively take advantage of their own advantages and resources, in order to meet customer demand for traffic on the basis of customer flow direction, to achieve traffic growth and carrier business development synchronization, to achieve incremental increase in the health of sustainable purposes.

On the Consciousness

The flow of operating and operating flow is a difference, although the literal content is exactly the same, just the position of nouns and verbs, but just like "want Me to learn" and "I want to learn" like, this embodies a mentality and awareness, flow management is passive to adapt and meet the growth of customer traffic needs, while the operating flow is from the guide customer demand , to meet customer demand, while creating customer demand angle to do the flow market, through the operator's resource integration, the customer intelligent terminals on the flow of the direction of the expected, so as to achieve customer and operator-win.

Ii. in operation

Future mobile terminals, especially intelligent terminals will be the main traffic carrier, will be far more than the fixed terminal traffic, so, for operators, who seize the mobile terminal traffic will become the king of the entire flow market. For China Mobile, according to customer demand to guide the flow, operating flow can start from the following:

First, strengthen its own business guidance, highlighting the advantages of resources

1, Page browsing class

Such businesses such as mobile online business hall, 139 mailbox, 139 community, such business due to the use of small traffic, can be free of flow costs, or customers in the online business office to deal with the flow fee relief, different 139 types of mailbox packages enjoy different flow gift.

2. Business Software class

Currently mobile application business software is emerging, such as the number-book housekeeper, flying, moving mm, mobile phone reading, wireless music, and so on, the majority of the business for the mobile free business, some of the business because of large traffic, it is not appropriate to take a free strategy, but because of such business has a strong stickiness, should be effective with ordinary internet traffic. Can take the way of packaging sales, take low-cost (such as ordinary Internet traffic 5 yuan packet 30M, this kind of mobile application software class can be 5 Yuan package 100M) or traffic preferential translation (such as this type of software traffic 10M converted to ordinary internet traffic 1M), in addition to the business function fees can take the use of member services to win data flow and other ways, Enhance business promotion efforts.

To fly, as an example, flying letter as a mobile company's key data business, although at the beginning of the launch of a wide range of concerns, and Tencent QQ competition with high expectations, but for many years operation, business development and impact far from expectations, this and business positioning and development strategy has a direct relationship. The flying letter rooted the mobile communication network, has the sufficient superiority, further improve the business bearing capacity of the flying letter software, to achieve the letter (including the network version and mobile version) and ordinary communications customers voice communication, flying letters and mobile 3G customers video calls, at the same time, in the intelligent terminal, highlighting the "mobile phone on the fly, traffic big concessions" and other content, Guide customers to use flying letters, and thus enhance the communication software with QQ and other competitive capabilities.

Second, the integration of social resources, to achieve cooperation and mutual win

1. Existing cooperation category

At present, the mobile company has formed a strategic cooperation with Phoenix, PU FA Bank, radio and television mobile TV. Therefore, in the intelligent Terminal Business promotion, we should further strengthen cooperation with partners, in the flow meter fees, business services and other aspects of joint marketing, integration of resources, strengthen market development.

2. Potential cooperation category

Online shopping, group buying is booming, this kind of business has obvious scale effect and crowd effect, mobile companies should strengthen with Taobao, Day Cat Mall, the United States, litters network, such as the cooperation of web sites, to achieve directional traffic concessions, combined with mobile payment, mobile customers enjoy the group purchase discount business cooperation mode, to achieve customer, website, Mobile Win-win.

Third, reasonable design charges, effective guidance

Operating flow is based on the operational costs of the flow of detailed analysis of the 2G, 3G, WLAN and the future 4G of the principle of the flow meter should be differentiated, through different price strategies to guide customers in the use of traffic, the operator to use the lowest cost network. For example, 2G flow of 1 Yuan/m, then 3G can be 0.5 yuan/m,4g can be 0.1 yuan/m,wlan can be 0.01 yuan/m, but no matter what kind of network billing mode, should be as far as possible to avoid unlimited flow of the full free way, otherwise it may bring huge traffic and pressure on the network.

For the current WLAN in accordance with the principle of time billing, personally, if the WLAN is used in desktop computers, laptops, tablets and other terminals, such a long billing model is easy for customers to accept, but for mobile phone-oriented intelligent terminals, the WLAN in accordance with the principle and mode of time billing is not very adaptable, The WLAN in the mobile phone terminal billing mode to the flowmeter fee is easier to allow customers to recognize also more adapt to customer consumption habits.

In the long run, mobile network applications will penetrate into all aspects of people's lives, the modern life model has a wide range of impact, and mobile terminals as the best bearer tool, will be like "daily necessities" as an indispensable commodity, and as a communications operator, only fully utilize their own network resources and business advantages, Effectively guide customer demand, create customer needs, in order to maximize the satisfaction of people's various needs, in order to achieve social, customer, business and mutual benefit.

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