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On April 16, "2010 China Mobile payment Industry Forum", participating parties are excited by the growing mobile payment market, trying to grasp the voice of mobile payment industry. With Beijing grip Odd Data System Co., Ltd. Sales Director Chandehei words, is "from 2005 to 2009, the mobile payment industry chain enterprises are still on the sidelines, and this year mobile payment industry overall issuance volume than the previous 4 years, the sum of the total number of cards, then wait and see I am afraid will miss the opportunity. "One card World" is difficult to realize the rapid development of the application of Subdivision industry mobile payment The original design dream is to achieve in the same terminal multiple, even all payment claims, but this implementation requires the mobile payment industry to coordinate the distribution of the interests of telecom operators, financial institutions, third party payments, terminals and other departments, Therefore, in the process of exploring the mode of cooperation, the enterprises in the industrial chain have a way of paying attention to the specific application environment and become the first successful attempt of the mobile payment industry. China Telecom's current mobile payment products "wing payment" as an example, its industry version is China Telecom for the campus, enterprises to provide integrated capacity to pay the comprehensive solution.  Its public version through the cooperation with municipal related institutions or enterprises, will be all over the original municipal cards (citizen card, bus card, one card) function integrated into the mobile phone Uim card, but also for public utilities, shopping, health care, social insurance and other functional applications. Chandehei told China Electronic News Reporter: "currently focused on the specific application environment of payment products can win the market, because the mobile payment business is relatively decentralized to find a firm product supporters, really find a profit point."  "The reporter thinks, this kind of product is the mobile payment industry development at a certain stage of product appearance, and along with the mobile payment industry ecological environment optimization, in order to fit the user to mobile payment convenience and security demand, at the same terminal can meet all mobile payment demands of the dream is not far away."  Program and platform enterprises to produce "loose coupling" or survival in the process of mobile payment industry, enterprises to explore the way of cooperation in cooperation and balance between the "loose coupling" skills in the current market to win the opportunity. "Mobile payments are not just about technical issues, business issues, but also ecological issues," he said. Mobile payment industry does not have to wait for a single big time to do, the key to see what wisdom to solve. Chen Yu, general manager of Intasect Technology marketing, told China Electronic News reporter, "the business model of mobile payment is too complex, which part of the industrial chain can not dominate, and no one can predict the business cooperation point." At this point, resource-rich solution providers, channel providers can play a loose coupling role, and we are trying to become such enterprises. "When it comes to loose coupling, the Third-party payment platform pursues the same principle." The existence of third party payment originates from the competition of interests between telecom operators and banking institutions, and the mobile scheme provided by the third party payment platform can reach the financial service organizationinto a flexible mode of cooperation. As Tencent Tenpay North China director Xumanli said: "Through the Third-party payment platform, the mobile payment industry can build a nearly all online consumption, payment scenarios of the ecosystem." "Mobile phone also has security risks" full security "on the agenda if the previous mobile payment also stay in a small scope of pilot, single domain application phase, in the ability and can not make a fuss, today's mobile payment market is already" excellent in the selection of the situation. " With the rapid popularization of applications, mobile payment security is becoming a new subject for solution providers, which includes both the security of the card and the security of the mobile phone.  Chip platform as the upstream of the industry chain, the recent introduction of a variety of solutions has apparently also catered to this trend. National technology introduced a complete Rfid-sim solution, Rfid-sim card internal integration of financial security chip and a completely independent RF channel, only through the mobile phone SIM card can be paid, recharge, transfer and shopping and other commercial transactions, and can effectively guarantee the security of transactions.  Liu Xiaoyu, deputy general Manager of National Technology, said in an interview with the China Electronic News reporter at present, the first generation of 2.4GHz full card has been volume production, supporting the second generation of JAVA/GP 2.4G full card has also started in the first quarter of this year to provide samples, support for mass storage of the third-generation 2.4G full card will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year. Processor architecture Vendor ARM presents different insights. But according to Robertbrown, marketing manager of the company's security Solutions department, in the past, most of the industry is concerned about the security of card trading, and the security of mobile phones has not caused enough attention, in fact, only to achieve the card, mobile phone, third-party payment scheme of the entire security, can really promote the healthy development of mobile payment industry. ARM launched the Trustzone platform, which is implemented in the microprocessor kernel to protect "erasable" chip memory. The security function of the system is set up in the kernel hardware, which removes the content of the technical solution unrelated to the portable technology outside the kernel. In this way, security features are maintained as an inherent feature in the core of all devices, thus minimizing the impact on the kernel and performance. The reporter learned that at present, ARM has cooperated with Qualcomm to develop a mobile phone chip containing Trusrzone platform, in the recent communication exhibition in Barcelona, embedded the chip Lenovo Skylight Phone has completed the first demonstration. "In general, hardware security is more important than software." In an open cell phone, if you have good technical support, you can bring more convenience and security to the remote transaction. Robertbrown to reporters.
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