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(Reporter Yang Zhije wang) China Mobile 2.4G full card technology program and its entire mobile E-commerce technology system from the industry standards, and even the national standards of the distance has been unlimited close. Any change requires a pioneer, as a new industry, mobile E-commerce also needs a pioneer. The pilot project of National Mobile e-commerce was carried out by the original state office and China Mobile for core planning, in 2007, the joint Working Group was set up, and the "National mobile e-commerce pilot Project Master Plan" (V9.0) was established, which determined the three major goals of transforming the mode of economic development, facilitating the  In the first quarter of 2008, the three provinces of Hunan, Chongqing and Guangzhou were approved by the Joint Working Group, and the National Mobile e-commerce research and Development Center was established. "In terms of current progress, the three major goals that were initially established are being phased out," he said. "The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said.  As the main unit of the National Mobile E-commerce Research and Development Center, China Mobile Communication Research Institute has now proposed a complete, scalable, standardized mobile payment system architecture. More importantly, through the different pilot areas, different payment technology market feedback, research and analysis, in a variety of payment technology, the center of the RFID technology and terminals to integrate the technical program. This program is also known as the 2.4G Full card technology program, the user only need to replace the new Rfid-sim card can realize mobile phone payment of non-contact consumption, air recharge, query and other functions.  In other words, users do not have to replace the dedicated mobile phone terminals can realize mobile E-commerce, mobile payment business threshold greatly reduced. In fact, in the standard formulation, research and development center in a short period of two years, through theoretical research, prototype system verification, pilot exploration and other processes, has broken through the mobile E-commerce Platform, cards, POS machines and other key technologies, the cumulative compilation of norms and programs more than 200, a total of more than 4 million words.  Then, the next step will be followed by the industry standards and even the establishment of national standards. Chinese Unicom and China Telecom are not willing to be people. From the second half of this year, China Unicom and the Chinese telecom mobile E-commerce business also entered the pilot commercial stage. In April this year, China Unicom released its mobile payment business based on NFC (contactless communication) technology in Shanghai. Compared to China Mobile's full card payment, NFC technology has a relatively high threshold for use, if users want to use this business, either need to replace the built-in NFC chip custom card phone, or need to put the NFC card outside the ordinary mobile phone.  And China Telecom's mobile E-commerce business, from June onwards in Shanghai and other place also began to test commercial, it is learned to achieve this business, users need to buy mobile phone payment SD card. Compared with telecom and Unicom, China Mobile full card payment technology is more convenient and is based on the TD network with independent intellectual property rights. "The future competition in the communications industry is the competition of China Mobile, China Telecom and the three major industrial chain groups, and the three operators should compete andCooperation。 "The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said.  The reporter learned that the final establishment of the standard needs to be further coordinated with two other operators. Hunan Pay platform mature business in February 2008, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially approved Hunan for the national mobile E-commerce pilot demonstration province, Hunan province and China Mobile signed the "on the promotion of Hunan Mobile E-commerce pilot Demonstration Project construction cooperation Memorandum", after more than a year of development,  Hunan Province Mobile Electronic commerce work obtains the preliminary effect. 1 million, 2 billion at present, China Mobile in Hunan set up the country's only China Mobile E-commerce product innovation base. March 27 This year, China Mobile, the only full network of mobile phone payment platform in Hunan completed and officially online trial run.  Since then, the Hunan Mobile phone Industry Alliance was formally established, the relevant business and technical norms, standards gradually established. So far, in the field of mobile E-commerce related application technology, Hunan Mobile Pilot has formed a 2.4G band based on Rfid-sim Card, POS terminal technology, such as nearly 40 business technology standards.  May, Hunan Province Governor Zhou convened the provincial government executive meeting, issued "Hunan Provincial people's government on speeding up the development of mobile E-commerce" and "Hunan Mobile E-commerce Development plan", so that Hunan mobile E-commerce work into an institutionalized, regulatory track.  This paper reviews the development of Hunan Mobile e-commerce pilot work in the past year, mainly focusing on the four business of mobile transaction, mobile utility payment, mobile public transportation and mobile agriculture e-commerce. For example, Chenzhou became the first city in the country to use a mobile bus card, and rural mobile electronic commerce in Shaoyang xinning pilot successfully, has entered the pilot stage of the expansion of Xiangtan, has formed 27 county-level enterprises, 2,777 Farm stores to join the scale, and created a farmer project microfinance as the basis,  Fund collection mode of closed operation of capital system. "1236" engineering reporter learned that the future of Hunan Province will focus on the "1236" project to speed up the construction of the National mobile E-commerce Service platform, Mobile E-commerce Industrial Park and mobile E-commerce product innovation base.  Hunan Mobile related Personage said, in the future, Hunan Mobile will speed up the development of mobile bus card, mobile public utility fee, mobile rural e-commerce and other technical standards, to help build mobile E-commerce public technology support platform, the formation of mobile E-commerce key technologies, key products of the industrial agglomeration, forming a complete industrial chain. It is understood that Hunan province also plans to create a county-level retail and wholesale enterprises as the main body, to intensive procurement and scientific logistics and distribution as a means to standardize the farmers shop as a carrier to the rural mobile E-commerce platform for support to mobile phones and "agricultural ICT" machines for the terminal to "industrial products into the village", "agricultural by-products into town", "  Store Capital Collection "for the application of information flow, capital flow, logistics three-flow integration as the goal of the new business model." Policy guarantee in order to accelerate the development of mobile E-business, Hunan Province has introduced a series of safeguard measures, includingTo relax the entry of mobile E-commerce industry, encourage and guide more enterprises to participate in mobile e-commerce industry, simplify the examination and approval procedures for mobile e-commerce project construction land, prioritize land use planning for mobile e-commerce projects, and encourage eligible mobile e-business enterprises to enter domestic and foreign capital market financing.  It is understood that the recent development of mobile E-commerce in Hunan Province has been included in the development of information industry focus to support the scope, and arrange information industry special funds for the support and guidance of mobile E-commerce key areas of application, key common technology and application software research and development and industrialization, the development of relevant standards of mobile E-commerce, information services ☆ March 27, 2009, the country's only full network of mobile phone payment platform in Hunan built online, while driving a group of mobile e-business based on the development of the platform formation. Zhuo Wang Science and Technology of the National CA Certification Center, the extension of information on the National Film ticket platform, Hunan century Express mobile phone car ticket platform, Hunan TV's happy shopping platform, such as TV to build and operate in Hunan successively.  Platform on the line to attract including Sina, Sohu, TOM, Tencent, happy to buy 100 provinces inside and outside the Internet enterprises to join.  Guangzhou business breakthrough driven platform since March 2008, Guangzhou has been approved by the national mobile E-commerce pilot demonstration City, mobile E-commerce has been large-scale rapid development.  Mobile phone business as a breakthrough in the pilot demonstration city, Guangzhou, the first to the general public, launched a number of mobile phone convenience business. December 2008, the Guangzhou municipal Government mobile Portal opened the operation of the public at any time and place can be obtained through mobile phone open information, online processing government services, inquiries processing matters.  At the same time, the Guangzhou Municipal Labor Security Bureau also provides the insured with the social security, the health care SMS inquiry and so on handset business. Guangzhou Mobile Mall website in May 2008 on the line, August 2009 revision, for the canton of Small and medium-sized Enterprises comprehensive investment, providing entities and virtual goods, such as nine major categories of more than 10,000 kinds of merchandise sales; and Canton Fair Mobile internet site is also officially online, based on the location of the short message marketing business has been launched  , the Liwan District of the West shoe city, the Fangcun tea market, the Huangpu District of the Fish bead Timber market and other professional market platform construction has also started.  At present, Guangzhou Mobile Mall to support web/wap/SMS and 12580, such as the implementation of remote payment applications, the launch of the mobile phone movie ticket business covers the city's 7 major cinemas, scenic tickets cover nearly 18 attractions in Guangzhou province. This April, the Guangzhou certification Service Platform trial operation, formed a mobile phone number based multi-level certification service system, supporting a variety of certification and payment business development. July Guangzhou completed a local clearing and settlement platform, the platform to support the rapid clearing of multiple accounts, mixed settlement functions. China Mobile, which was built by Guangzhou, was also listed in August, the first online software store launched by operators in the world, where individual developers first came into the category of direct providers of applied goods, the first batch of 20 terminals, 1925 applications to achieve application and industry interaction.  At the same time, positioning for the collection of product research and development, industrial agglomeration development, network operation support, international exchange and cooperation integrated Multi-functional E-commerce Center of the Guangzhou Mobile E-commerce Industry Park is currently under construction. Joint construction, application for the first September 2008, Guangzhou issued the "Guangzhou to create a national mobile E-commerce pilot demonstration City Action plan", defined the "four one" development goals and "1011" of the task of building, in the specific promotion of the work of the government and government to build, urban construction, industry to build a way,  form the situation of joint construction.  Guangzhou Mobile and Guangzhou Metro Company launched a joint "mobile phone subway ticket" and Guangzhou Mobile and Guangzhou cable television station jointly launched the first domestic digital TV channels on-demand payment services, all embodies the Mobile Information innovation business in various fields of integration. To business breakthrough drive platform construction reporter learned that in view of the existing problems in the platform construction such as the slow development of the field payment business and the imperfect technical standards, the future Guangzhou government will focus on the development of "one City One Treasure" (Mobile Mall + mobile phone card) as the core business, improve the construction of mobile e-commerce platform system, Focus on key business breakthroughs, vigorously promote the 10 application demonstration project; Among them, the key breakthrough mobile phone Tong Bao (Rfsim mobile wallet) in the subway application, realize the large-scale application of mobile phone subway ticket, and Guangzhou Mobile Company as a leader, enterprise-enterprise linkage, accelerate the construction of mobile e-commerce industry chain; taking China Mobile South base as the core  , speeding up the construction of mobile e-commerce industrial park and building the global leading mobile e-business innovation base. ☆ Bright spots Guangzhou plan to carry out the mobile phone card is with Guangzhou City Information Office cooperation, the citizen card and mobile phone card fusion, become a copy of the Citizen card. The use of mobile phone through the treasure card can achieve five of a gold inquiry, Guangzhou of the public can operate mobile phone menu, using SMS for old-age, medical, injury, maternity, unemployment insurance and Provident Fund information inquiries. Mobile phone card will be the future of Guangzhou's medical card, the public holding the card to the designated hospital to see a doctor, can be completed by card registration, diagnosis, medicine and other steps required to register and payment operations, the use of mobile phone cards will become a new identity card, through the brush mobile phone, you can access a variety of free parks, libraries and exhibition centers,  Enjoy the concessions provided to the public by all types of government.  Chongqing Construction of forming consumer Environment September 2007, the original Ministry of Information industry, the former State Council information work office and the Chongqing Municipal People's government signed the "on the construction and integration of urban and rural informatization test zone and the development of Information industry Cooperation Agreement", the agreement will clearly build Chongqing into a "national mobile E-commerce demonstration area. Leading the industry through big planning December 19, 2007, the Chongqing Municipal People's government and China Mobile jointly signed the "on the development of mobile communications advantages to promote the construction of urban and rural informatization of the Cooperative memorandum", Zhongqing Committee on Economic and Information technology and ChongqingMobile set up a joint working group, and set up an independent E-commerce operations center, full-time demonstration area construction work. April 22, 2008, Zhongqing government issued the "Zhongqing Mobile E-commerce Development Plan", the plan is the first domestic mobile e-commerce development of the special planning for the "National mobile E-commerce Demonstration Zone" to establish the basic ideas, basic principles and industrial development Goals,  Clearly put forward to build mobile e-commerce to mobile communications operators as the leading, various industries, enterprises to participate in the business promotion model, and finally set up a value chain multi-party cooperation and mutual benefit of the mobile e-commerce industry to develop a new model. Stable and clear development planning, the achievement of Intelligent CPU card, Special high-frequency RFID Card (RFSIM) and other key technology innovation breakthroughs, and reached the world's leading level. At present, Chongqing Pilot development of a new generation of mobile phone wallet SIM card, in public transport, small payments, community management, the enterprise within the realization of a mobile phone card.  In addition, Chongqing Mobile has built "China Mobile mobile phone payment National Key Management Center" and is building "China Mobile SIM card Multi-application Service center" to provide operational support services nationwide. At present, Chongqing Mobile e-commerce industry cluster situation first show, Tsinghua Tongfang, National technology, digital China, such as the representative of the security chip, SIM card, pay mobile phone and intelligent terminals, smart card reader equipment, such as mobile e-commerce core areas of research and development, manufacturing, testing enterprises have settled in Chongqing, the formation of mobile E-commerce key Technologies,  Industrial agglomeration of key products. "532" project to promote industry improvement in the "Zhongqing Mobile e-business Development Plan", Zhongqing proposed to explore innovative third-party payment services, cross-industry benefits sharing, industry vertical integration, industry access, business security and other five mechanisms, and strive to build mobile E-commerce security certification, credit information Services,  Logistics information services, such as three major platforms, to promote the construction of the National mobile E-commerce technology research and development base and industrial base two bases. According to this plan, Chongqing City chooses public transportation, public utilities, shopping malls, community and other business areas, carry out "industry pilot demonstration Project", build "mobile e-Commerce interactive Experience Center", and plan to take the lead in constructing the basic and perfect mobile e-commerce market environment in 2010,  Then realize the mobile e-commerce in the light rail and other industries fully popularized application.  It is understood that by the end of 2010, Chongqing residents will be in a number of areas of basic implementation of small mobile phone payments. ☆ Bright Spot August 2007, Chongqing Rail Transportation Company and Chongqing Mobile close cooperation, in the domestic first to the community launched "mobile phone by light rail" business.  and vigorously expand mobile phone micro-payment consumption environment, in the main city to build the country's most mature on-site mobile phone small payment business environment, up to now has more than 5,500 POS terminals, the number of cooperative merchants reached 4,000. In addition, Zhongqing has built the country's most sophisticated on-site collection of small payment business environments in the main urban area. Luneng Star City, Yuzhou Xindu and other high-quality community use mobile phone payment applications, to achieveParking, access control, property fees, community consumption, "mobile phone card", to build an information community. Gree Electrical Appliances, Changan automobile and other large enterprises use mobile phone payment comprehensive application solutions, to achieve access control, attendance, canteen, external traffic and consumption, "mobile phone card" to promote enterprise informatization.
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