Mobile phone inadvertently lost memory child growth as the owner of the money to redeem

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Recently, the woman accidentally lost her cell phone, cell phone memory of the child's precious growth photos, and the woman called and sent text messages, said the phone can not, can spend money to buy back the children's photos, but always unanswered. "Mobile phone can not, but the phone has baby photos, I hope you can give me back." Four consecutive calls are not answered after the woman to edit such a message sent to their lost mobile phone, hoping to pick up the person can return the child's photos. Sad to say: "The mobile phone can be bought, can be recorded baby growth photos lost will never find back, even if the other party asked money to redeem the photos in the phone, I can accept." With the popularity of smartphones, users are increasingly accustomed to using mobile phones to record the dots in their lives, the value of the information stored in the phone is far more than the phone itself. Like a woman so like to use mobile phone to take pictures of users everywhere, many people almost every day with a mobile phone to shoot like people and scenery, it is impossible to timely all the photos are poured into the computer. Mobile phone bearer of important information more and more, but people's awareness of theft is still very weak, the vast majority of users of the loss of mobile phones is like a woman such a situation, repent but do nothing. In fact, the current domestic has a lot of good results of mobile phone security software, such as 360 mobile phone guards, with "accurate positioning", "Delete Information", "Lock mobile phone", "Photo forensics", "Bell Alarm" and other anti-theft functions. After the loss of the phone, the main machine can be lost by friends or relatives account or login 360 account will be the loss of mobile phone lock, and then open the "precise positioning", "photo forensics" and other instructions, you can get the mobile phone is now the precise location, but also to see mobile phone mobile route, and 360 Mobile phone Guards will take photos of thieves and send them to the host's family and friends number. It is reported that the recent 360 mobile phone guards and 360 cloud disk to achieve the data exchange, after taking photos with a mobile phone, you can upload a key to 360 cloud disk, even if the phone is lost, there is no need to worry about the valuable information there. In addition to photos, the phone's address book, SMS can also be uploaded to the 360 cloud disk backup, the replacement of mobile phones, the use of "restore data" function, the original mobile phone information can be all in the new phone, presumably 360 of the new increase in mobile phone defender This feature will make many users "point of praise", At the very least, there's no need to enter a contact.
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