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Li Na

The game of interest between operators and handset makers appears to be clear as the "challenge" for China to move, but for the latter it may only be a compromise.

"It's not just a low profile market, it's the same in a high profile market, and before we sell our No. 500000 cell phone, we have a four-core 5-inch custom phone that doesn't make money, and profits have been minimized." "Previously, Li, the managing vice president of cool cell phones, explained the relationship with operators: If you don't want to lag behind in the wave of smartphone outbreaks, it's better to follow the operator."

According to the Ministry of Industry announced earlier data estimates, 2013 China's overall mobile phone market shipments will reach more than 400 million, of which the smartphone shipments will reach 320 million, mobile TD mobile phone bundled shipments will be more than 100 million, telecom CDMA network bundle will reach 70 million, Unicom's bundle of more than 50 million, In January, the three operators announced more shipments than this figure. This also means that the 2013 operator contract machine will occupy over 60% of the market share, become the market's leading channel.

"While carrier channels have become the dominant smartphone age, with the number of terminals and the reduction in subsidies, handset makers face more than just profits and survival problems." "A domestic handset manufacturer, who is unwilling to give his name, told reporters.

The temptation of the "mainstream market"

"At present, the channel of operators in ZTE's overall channel still occupies about 80% of the share." Zeng Xuzhong, senior vice president of ZTE, told reporters yesterday that the terminal companies of the three major carriers would be the main sales channel for smartphones in the coming years.

And cool send the head of the handset Sozin also said to the reporter, operator Channel market for cool product sales play a big role, in the cool faction of the first generation thousand million to Wang mobile phone before the launch of the Thousand Yuan dual standby market capacity is about 300,000/month, but less than a year has reached the monthly 1 million or more. "Carrier channels have a natural advantage, shipping volume is very large." ”

Insiders frankly, because the number of operators in the procurement volume is staggering, the domestic smartphone industry has formed a serious dependence on operators to collect the disease.

"Many mobile phone manufacturers say the orders for operators are miserable, but one runs faster than the other when collecting." "The above-mentioned anonymity of the handset manufacturers in charge of the reporter said, not only mobile phone manufacturers to do according to operator layout, social channel and upstream components enterprises also need to establish their own operating system according to operators."

Li to reporters that, with the upstream hardware technology competition into the white-hot, mobile phone cost control for mobile phone manufacturers is an intangible pressure, the use of scale advantages to achieve profit margins for manufacturers sometimes is also a last resort choice. When the operator decided to push a certain size of the mobile phone, then the size of the mobile phone will be significantly reduced, which makes other not involved in the collection of mobile phone manufacturers caught off guard, lost price advantage.

"And at this time there will be the scale of profits, for example, a mobile phone, the first 500,000 possible manufacturers strategy is not to make money, 500,000 ~300 to make a little less, and sell more than 3 million is profit space." "Li said.

The game behind the "dependency syndrome"

"The Charm clan can in fact reflect the helpless of the hand machine manufacturer to a certain extent." "A close to the Phantom of the group said to reporters.

The person said that the current status of the customization machine, in the early stage of the bidding, the operator will be the parameters of the performance index products to carry out a series of provisions. In order to be able to enter the target, manufacturers will be based on these specific performance equipment research and development, and ignore the personalized innovation, resulting in product homogeneity of the phenomenon of serious.

In response, Sozin to reporters that the cooperation with operators depends on the ability of the players to play, in the customization of the need for some resources to exchange and cooperation, completely in accordance with the standards of operators to customize a mobile phone is unlikely.

"The electric business channel can satisfy the consumer's personalized demand very well." "Sozin said that this year the cool faction operators channels and social channels, the proportion of the electric business channel is 5:4:1, but because at present the operator also to the day sound, the domain such social channel does subsidize, therefore future will form" The Big carrier channel "and the Electric business channel concept, the operator will distribute the more custom machine to the cooperation channel customer.

Zeng Xuzhong also said that from the beginning of this May, ZTE has begun the first stage of input to the channel, hoping to first invest 30 million or 40 million, focus on TOP30 channel agents, the social channels to do.

"Although the three operators each year's terminal subsidy has been to a large scale, leaving operators to survive is not so easy, but the cultivation of their own channels can undoubtedly increase the weight of negotiations with operators." said the handset maker.

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