Mobile phone payment has become a common behavior of mobile internet users

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According to Enfodesk's latest report, "China Mobile Internet Market Users Research Report 2010," the study found that mobile internet users at present, phone payment has become a common practice, only 12% of users have never used a mobile phone to pay, Most users often use the mobile phone to pay for their business with a direct deduction. A total of 51%, followed by mobile phone third-party payments and mobile bank transfers, respectively, 13% and 9%, the future mobile phone payment market development potential of a huge mobile phone close payment business, in the current use of the proportion is still relatively low level, only about 6%.

Analysys International (Analysys Analysys) analysis that, with the telecom operators and UnionPay to promote the mobile payment business, the relevant industry standards and cooperation will also have some improvement, 2010 close payment will be in some hot market segments quickly promoted, This has resulted in a rapid increase in user size, which is expected to increase by 109.8% in 2011 for close-payment subscribers, The overall size will reach 103 million households, third-party payers and banks will also be in the mobile payment business to enter more exploration and layout, the user experience has been further improved, so that its use of the threshold gradually reduced, direct mobile phone, mobile banking and mobile phone third-party payment Three ways will be in the mobile payment market gradually rise, And the proportion of direct deduction of the charge will gradually decline, gradually become a part of the specific market segments of the main payment methods.

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