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Shortly before the Silicon Valley Network news, the Spirit Clan Technology Chairman and founder Zang in the official website forum to bombard China Mobile custom machine pre-installed a pile of garbage application, and said not to the evil forces compromise, was once questioned for the charm family hype. Now, regardless of whether the charm family deliberately hype a few meaningless, Zang's move also triggered the mobile phone pre-installed software to promote the question.


Mobile phone pre-installed Once is the application software to obtain a large number of users one of the most effective means: pre-installed applications can help users more easily access to the smart phone, to the user to facilitate; The application of the differentiation can also help the Android handset manufacturers to enhance the differentiation of the terminal, and increase the selling point, enhance competitiveness can also help application developers to bulk get users. For mobile phone manufacturers, application developers and users, this is a three-win intention.


but right now, mobile phone pre-installed software faces "three lose" risk.


on the one hand, the user is unable to uninstall pre-installed software constantly spit slot. On the other hand, the effect of pre-installed means is malfunctioning, "mobile phone pre-installed software is passive access to the user's means, for large content providers (CP), pre-installed on their contribution rate even less than half." "A person in the industry who is engaged in application promotion is judged.


pre-installed Superstition


first, pre-installed single refers to mobile phone manufacturers to cooperate with pre-installed applications, in the subsequent application of the promotion of deformation.


industry insiders pointed out that the mobile phone pre-installed software can be divided into manufacturers pre-installed and brush machine pre-installed two categories.


among them, manufacturers pre-installed including handset manufacturers pre-installed (covered with chip-level pre-installed) and operator customization Machine pre-installed. Brush Machine pre-installed covers the mobile phone sales of each link, parallel imports of mobile phones will have a parallel brush machine pre-installed, licensed mobile phone including agents pre-installed (such as audio communication), chain stores pre-installed (such as Suning, Gome, di-letter), operators pre-installed and other retail outlets pre-installed. Each cell phone distribution will likely produce a new pre-installed, pre-installed at the same time will be the pre-pre-installed cover out.


An application developer who has talked to a number of mobile phone manufacturers of preinstalled applications believes that developers tend to be vulnerable in pre-installed processes. "In the process of pre-installed with the manufacturer, the manufacturer often chooses the high attitude to cooperate with which application, and who pays high becomes one of the standards of the manufacturer." In the subsequent pre-brush machine pre-installed, the developer's previous efforts may also face naught. "


even if the successful pre-installed to the user's phone, the application can win the user is also an unknown. Another developer said, the brush machine pre-installed process, often appear brush machine application eyebrows, application and end user's nature does not match. General applications such as micro-letter, micro-bo situation is fine, but some so-called "small and beautiful" application, pre-installed in the Low-cost mobile phones, users do not buy, pre-installed effect will be greatly reduced.




In addition to the above risks, the entire pre-installed process on the long and multiple nodes, installed volume fraud and activation volume fraud has become an open secret.


"Pre-application this piece of water is quite deep. "Many application promotion staff are so spit.


Why to fake it relies on the business model of pre-installed applications. There are two payment models for application developers, one is to pay by activation, and the other is to share with manufacturers. Manufacturers, by contrast, prefer to pay by activation.


industry insiders revealed that the application after the normal activation of the program is, manufacturers or other brush machine in the application of a code, users start the application, in a point of time such as 24 hours after the automatic activation, application will be activated information to the manufacturer. This is a real pre-installation and activation process.


but it is becoming a normal activity to brush activation by various means, spurred by the business model of activating fees.


"After a layer of brush machine, installed capacity has been repeated calculation, the installed capacity itself has been discounted, activation is not in this process to talk about, even if there is activation, nor is the real user's natural activation." "


Industry insiders to the Tencent technology explosion, in order to brush the application of the amount of activation, some even at once to buy thousands of Android phones, repetitive brush machine, artificial manufacturing capacity and activation volume.


fraud Installed capacity and activation volume is feasible, mainly the activation of statistical methods is not enough standard. The industry is generally the use of IMEI mobile phone serial number to track the amount of activation, which is effective for the brand of mobile phones, but for a group of mobile phones only a few serial number of shanzhai machines and other irregular access to the network license is not valid. The other is the widespread existence of dual SIM phones also have a duplication of calculation installed capacity and activation volume problem.


application developers also see the Recruit. First, from the level of data statistics, developers will have their own statistical data; second, mobile phone manufacturers to the application of the outsourcing layer of activation statistics, and developers of the data to compare.


In addition, when the application developer and handset manufacturer cooperate, will set up the tracking program in own application, at a certain time interval user two times open, then as an activation to pay. In this way to prevent manufacturers or partners to brush data.


Alternative Way


Tencent Technology visit found that the mobile phone pre-installed application of this road is becoming more and more difficult.


on the one hand, if you want to negotiate with a large mobile phone factory pre-installed itself has a certain threshold, such as Samsung's pre-installed application decision is not in China, want to do pre-installed cooperation needs and South Korea headquarters to establish contact.


on the other hand, big handset makers have begun to consciously reduce the number of pre-installed applications and keep the purity of their phones in order to improve the user experience. Some domestic mobile phones, such as millet, the Charm clan, OPPO, step by step higher individual brand manufacturers also consciously reduce pre-installed applications.


, senior director of the charm, Linan believes that pre-installed applications will disturb the user, may give users a choice they do not need, or for him is not the best choice. "Non-public, the advantages of ambiguous applications, so that users choose their own download better." "


This has spawned a problem: how do you promote applications that are not public and not strong?

industry insiders pointed out that the removal of mobile phone pre-installed, online and offline there are a variety of conventional forms. For example, in the application of the market, with the application of the market needs to do activities, and other brands do a joint promotion. Offline promotion does not have a very fixed mode, the overall principle is to improve exposure, and to allow users the fastest understanding of application uses, supplemented by two-dimensional code and other means to facilitate the user to download, so that the user's installation needs impulse realization.


Bread is a small but beautiful application for travelers. They are basically not in the form of a mobile phone pre-installed. Bread Travel business Director Recreation believes that, without spending money, the best way is to promote through the application of the market.


in the recreation view, Pea pod, 91, Tencent and other application markets have been like and custom download applications to do aggregation. "This question is no longer the user will not apply, but the next application of the problem." What the application developers do is to draw the attention of the user. "


Application Market also has its own considerations. On the one hand, some of the recommended positions will be turned into ad spots for commercialization reasons. On the other hand, it can not be too commercialized to prevent users from causing resentment. The result of this game is that the application market usually takes up half the position to promote.


Leisure revealed that if the application in the first line of the application market to recommend, recommended the day to download up to 4000-5000 no problem. If the application itself is of good quality, it is possible to reach 20,000 a day.


in the real world there is also a more "dark" application of the promotion of the way: "Silent Channel", the application of the promotion channel has been illegal suspicion. The specific way for, and mobile phone manufacturers in depth cooperation, will leave behind the "back door" software built in the factory phone, through the "back door" remote control of these applications, secretly download the installation of other programs in the background. "It can be installed directly without user confirmation, and security software cannot be traced," he said. Insiders point out.


This kind of backstage promotion form, the cost is far below the regular channel. Through the third party market, Network Alliance promotion and other ways to develop a user cost between 1.5-2.5 yuan, go to the silent channel up to 1.5 yuan can activate a user, only the extension of the program installation package, two days to complete the push installation, up to one day can push to 100,000 users on the phone. This way the use of the CPA (pay-for-effect) billing model, because the silent channel has a large user base, passive installation, etc., has become a developer impact installed new channels, on average, each app can reach 20,000/day activation volume.


but not everyone believes that promotion decides everything.


Recreation thinks, the promotion is more important lies in the application developer's internal strength. "Application promotion to establish their own social relationships, such as the invitation to award, through the user's individual transmission to obtain users." ”


After abandoning the way of the China Mobile Custom machine,
has launched its own version of the TD-free MX2 mobile phone. "Through built-in, system integration and application centers to meet the diverse needs of different users." Not only satisfies the user, but also prevents the user not to want the hard plug to appear to him. "Linan hope that the charm of the family can do the application pre-installed and recommended balance."


Original title mobile Application Promotion Channel survey: Pre-installed Failure back door installation prevalence
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