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December 11 News, a domestic mobile search field veterans, one is a large integrated mobile portal of the rookie, when easy to search and mobile phone Phoenix Strategic cooperation message published recently, triggered the domestic mobile Internet production industry concern.

How does the two sides cooperate specifically? Mobile phone Phoenix exclusive application easy to search, easy to search for mobile phone Phoenix to provide promotional services, both sides together for mobile users to provide high-quality integrated mobile search and information services.

At present, the mobile phone Phoenix has been the exclusive application of easy to check the Web search, users can access the mobile phone Phoenix search box to experience anytime, anywhere mobile search.

In the industry's view, the move is easy to check and seize the channel entrance and users of another move.

Access to the world, mobile Internet in the big wave, through and content information side of the cut, nature is a good channel to promote the choice. After all, the quickest and easiest way to reach users will be the next tipping point in the mobile internet world. Search and content apps are the main portals of the mobile Internet after operating systems, browsers, and app stores.

In reality, the domestic mobile phone search client application of the weekly download volume showed a steady upward trend, mobile search by the industry is widely considered to be the best mobile Internet portal, this portal once the expansion, and even the mobile phone browser traffic has a huge impact.

In fact, this year, easy search has been continuously through the channel expansion to preempt users. At present, UC, QQ, 360, Millet, Huawei Daily, Dolphin and other browsers, China News Network, NET, PPLive and other well-known sites are easily searchable into the search service objects. The joint mobile phone Phoenix can be easily checked in the preemption of the entrance to the end of a city.

Right now, easy to search the smartphone active user in the last month has broken through 10 million. Easy Search CTO, co-founder Tung has said that the smart machine market for mobile search is a huge opportunity. "Because a significant feature of mobile search that distinguishes PC search is location positioning, the greatest value of location-based local services is to connect businesses and users and help businesses build online marketing platforms." Through vertical life search to integrate industrial upstream and downstream, there will be great potential for development. ”

Alexa2012 September data show that Phoenix ranked 9th in China, Phoenix's Browse volume (PV) in the Global Television and paper media site ranked first, leading the BBC, CNN, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal (blog, Weibo), CCTV and so on. With the help of mobile phone Phoenix Search built-in, will undoubtedly for the easy to search circle to a group of new users.

Of course, the essence of cooperation between enterprises and enterprises is their own interests, the basis of cooperation is the two sides. Similarly, in this cooperation, the handset Phoenix also is the benefit winner.

As the easy search CEO Hu Ling said: "The mobile internet age, the information spread more quickly, users more convenient, mobile phone a touch, rich information readily available." But the fragmentation of reading time and the tide of mass information, but contradictions gradually, mobile search easy to find a solution to this contradiction. ”

At present, the entire wireless search pattern is on the eve of the dispute reorganization. Although the future is uncertain, it can be foreseen that, as easy access to the development of channel and user expansion, as a part of the mobile Internet potential unit, its prospects are very expected.

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