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Appropriate search "Sadie network message" August 12 News, Mobile search Enterprise "appropriate search" officially launched with the global digital media and digital fusion technology leading manufacturers of Samsung electronic custom cooperation. The two sides will be on the intelligent mobile terminals based on "appropriate search" Chinese wireless search service to launch a series of cooperation. "Search +" with the Samsung tablet computer to start custom cooperation for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 series of tablets tailored to the customized "search +" client has been landed in the Samsung Apps sanxing application store, and get recommended bit. This is the beginning of mobile search providers to search for technology and Samsung important cooperation. The future of such cooperation between the two sides will also be more suitable for Samsung's new products. Samsung has already released its Galaxy Tab 3 worldwide and has launched a marketing campaign for the series in China in July. In order to achieve a good experience on the Galaxy Tab 3, it is advisable to search in the original "Search +" app based on the screen size adaptation, and increased the Samsung Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, and Samsung electronic official micro-blog box. At the same time, users can also see the mobile version of the online experience products in Samsung apps, for example, users can feel in the use of a split-screen window of the multitasking synchronization function. Up to now, mobile version of the "appropriate search +" has been settled in the Samsung apps hot recommended selected places. The partnership is seen as an appropriate search for comprehensive cooperation with Samsung's water test, later this year, the two sides will have more important cooperation-by then, Samsung's latest model will reflect "search +" more new custom features. "Should search +" by what impress Samsung? As the world's largest mobile phone pioneer, Samsung has a keen insight and strong technical strength, sitting on the most comprehensive product line, can be called the leader of the intelligent machine. So, "should search +" by what impress Samsung? Let the world's best smartphone makers be willing to work with it? It can be seen that China's smart terminals big screen trend is obvious, mobile phone screen size has hit new highs, tablet computers are increasingly popular. And as an aggregation of books, news information, the United States, video, picture shopping and many other content of the client, "Search +" fully meet the user in the use of large screen mobile phone reading, browsing pictures and video needs. On this client, users can personalize it according to their preferences, one-stop reading E-books, magazine newspapers, news information, exquisite Atlas and video, and use interactive sharing functions. In terms of its own functions, "appropriate search +" can be said to be a large-screen mobile phone and tablet computer developed by the client, looking at the United States map, clear and incomparable, watching video, you can experience a shock-like effect. From the "appropriate search +" the development of the original intention, its purpose is to meet users in the big screen era of the growing demand for entertainment. Appropriate search COO Zhao in an interview, said, should search and Samsung cooperation will bring new benefits to both sides, with the deepening of cooperation, this kind of positive will be further revealed. "In terms of current performance, cooperation is a success," he said. And when ' Search + 'With Samsung's future listing of the new mobile phone close cooperation, bring both sides of the satisfaction will be more intense. ”
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