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Once the mass business has brought a lot of popularity of the group is ebb tide, corporate marketing model is also undergoing transformation, represented by micro-channel mobile social marketing in the ascendant. Currently, there are more than 5,000 developers and service providers around WeChat, mostly small teams of several people. Take the example of Weichai Third-party Development Leader Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Dot-point Customer), "Since the beginning of March this year, the business related to WeChat has accounted for half of the company." Dot-CEO CEO Huang Dream said. Now weixing service providers quite a mixed bag, you need a precipitation process, some outstanding solution providers, will come to the fore, while those who are not good, will be eliminated.

Mobile social birth of the new model

Wang Lu, a Beijing-based Sichuan restaurant owner, said that before they had been cooperating with the group buying website, such as the public comments, the beautiful group network, the traffic was staggering, the service was pushed, the store was full, but also waiting in line. But several times, the restaurant did not make any money. Especially after the group buy activity, the hotel returned to normal.

Wang Lu concluded that the traditional group buy is not good applause, and did not bring the user sticky. On the contrary, there will be some negative effects. If, as a result of the group buying activity, restaurants are overcrowded, many guests will have to wait longer and some old customers feel the quality of service is declining. As a result, did not win new customers, old customers are losing.

Now, Wang Lu's Sichuan restaurant through the introduction of WeChat marketing model, saw a different development opportunities and buy. What he is using is the WeChat marketing service tool based on the WeChat public platform development interface. Wang Lu said that the little bit of micro-queuing capabilities can be achieved in advance booking line up, more convenient is to allow diners at any time through the micro channel to view queuing situation, no longer have to wait the same as the traditional line number in the shop waiting, calling number Wechat will prompt the diners to eat at the restaurant. Wang Lu found that by micro queuing can also increase the fans concerned about the purpose, and access to high quality fans, lower cost.

Different from group purchase, in the era of mobile Internet, WeChat marketing is flourishing, both public number and circle of friends, are good marketing channels, and some companies have achieved good results with WeChat marketing. November 28 last year, Xiaomi and WeChat strategic cooperation, 150,000 Xiaomi 3 snapped up through the WeChat platform, sold out within 10 minutes.

From simple push to interactive promotion

This year is the brand manufacturers in the micro-channel marketing year, the eruption of the year, WeChat sweep code, circle of friends praising ... In some typical WeChat marketing stimulus cases, large and small businesses marketing WeChat flock. So good at adding powder, drainage, to promote the so-called WeChat marketing agencies, mushroomed popped up, which also made a little bit like the same WeChat marketing service providers.

Little bit off was founded in 2007, is the first batch of five new three board listed companies in Shanghai. Last year, the company will shift its focus to WeChat public number, positioning as a mobile Internet service providers.

The author has learned that the number of developers and service providers around WeChat is currently over 5,000, most of them being small-scale teams of several people, of which only a small number have been listed as large-scale ones. "Little bit of customer service before the more traditional mobile information business," a little off CEO Huang Meng said last year only joined the WeChat, really contribute to the Spring Festival this year, starting from March this year, and WeChat-related business, has accounted for Half the company. The industry has a saying - companies do not do mobile social marketing Out. "

The migration from group buying to mobile social marketing reflects changes in consumer demand, and now mobile social tools have kept Internet users on them for longer and longer periods, creating new business models.

"We mainly do standardization, modular promotion, companies can fill in their own content." Huang Meng played an example, if the business pay a little customer service (there are 20 industry version, the annual fee by industry is divided into Different levels), the basic functions customers want to have a public account can be made on the fans cards, coupons, you can also buy in the above group, or allow users to grab red envelopes, engage in interactive games, thereby enhancing the degree of participation , Enhance user stickiness.

WeChat service providers reshuffling soon

Traditional enterprises to issue membership cards, involving software and hardware, the threshold is relatively high, the cost is high, many small and micro businesses can not be implemented. The micro channel subscription, the module contains the fan card function. In this way, put the threshold of the traditional corporate issue membership card to a minimum.

In addition, consumers can not always bring membership card with the body, with micro-channel fan card, consumers do not need to bring the card can go out. Moreover, consumer records, points record, can be clearly found, this is not the traditional membership card.

Now, businesses have "two points", one is selling point, one is the pain point. Little CEO CEO Huang Meng believes that the future, the business must be on the phone, the traditional businesses, to find ways to consumers into fans. In Huang Meng's opinion, if you have a small convenience store, or a small supermarket, wechat with consumers, this is O2O!

"Last year, a telecom operator in a province looked for us to develop WeChat." Huang Meng said that in the past, he needed to pay a bill to the business hall to bring in traffic. Although the phone bill itself does not generate profits, but as long as people go, there is a chance to sell mobile phones, sales of broadband ... Now no one went because the online payment is too convenient. However, they also face confusion for businesses. WeChat service provider access threshold is not high, small teams can enter this industry, the strength and strength of the poor, people can hardly distinguish authenticity.

Huang Meng pointed out that more than 5,000 micro-channel public number of development companies, most of which are small team start-ups, starting from the product, not perfect. How to engage in the subscription number, service number? How to do more effective? Worthy of further discussion. In his opinion, there is not enough light products, channel operations experience, maintaining the team are very important, little bit only R & D team there are nearly 100 people.

Only provide WeChat service tools is not enough, the most critical is to do data analysis. For example, what kind of people are users of the enterprise WeChat public account number, what they are concerned about, which can be analyzed by data and then reflected in the product. At present, WeChat service providers are quite mixed, but I believe some outstanding solution providers will stand out from the crowd after the reshuffle. Those who are not strong will be eliminated.

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