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Silicon Valley August 20, "China Mobile mobile phone surfing business users billion conference and surfing Alliance initiation ceremony" held in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. At the press conference, China Mobile announced that mobile surfing only 5 months after the official commercial use, the user has successfully broken through the 100 million mark, the daily Page browsing volume reached 100 million times, has become the vast number of users mobile phone access to the important entrance. The introduction of mobile surfing products, to bring users an extraordinary mobile Internet convenience experience and no less than the vast number of traditional Internet information. Press conference, China Mobile Communications Group Vice President Shaho home speech, Jiangsu Mobile Wang Wang to the 100 millionth user issued a certificate, Xinhua vice President Wei Zi Chuan, Sina Vice President Wang Gaofei, UC excellent as CEO Yu, such as Surfing alliance representatives attended and witnessed the launch of the Surf Alliance.


mobile phone surfing is launched by China Mobile A short MMS, WAP (go.10086.cn), clients and many other forms of aggregation distribution of mass Internet content products, brought together more than 200 web site more than 2000 content columns, mobile users as long as the use of ordinary Internet mobile phone can be used, with rich content , terminal restrictions small, fast access, the use of convenient features, at the same time users can also according to their preferences for Internet content personalized subscription, opened the universal user mobile phone access to a new era.


China Internet Network Information Center released the report, as of the end of June this year, China's mobile phone users reached 388 million, mobile phone for the first time beyond desktop computers become the first big Internet terminals. To provide a better mobile internet experience, China Mobile from the user's core needs, since April 2008 to start the mobile phone surfing project, mobile phone surfing adhering to the concept of open cooperation, with partners to develop, in the national mobile phone users to provide rich Internet Information services, but also for partners to contribute a huge flow value , to build a three-party win value chain.


In the future, China Mobile will build mobile phone surfing "information cloud" service, according to different types of mobile phone terminals, to achieve the precise content of the internet on the phone to distribute accurate, improve the efficiency of users online. Increase product innovation, to provide public opinion tracking, industry information, business mission, online interaction, such as integrated Internet Information Services, explore the industry-oriented Internet service business model, to create a business-oriented traffic management blue ocean. China Mobile will take mobile phone surfing products as the force point, set up an open cooperative development mechanism, with the Surf Alliance partners to establish a fair, authentic, authoritative, open flow cooperation system, to promote the flow of partners and the value of the unit flow of the promotion. The new surfing alliance will shoulder the historic mission of developing a healthy and orderly development space for more mobile internet enterprises, creating the green ecological circle of mobile Internet and promoting the overall and rapid development of China Mobile Internet industry.


background material: Mobile Surfing development History


April 2008 Mobile Surfing project launched


May 2009 Mobile surfing WAP Portal Online


October 2009 "Surfing assistant"


November 2011 "Surf Helper" user breakthrough 50 million


February 2012 Mobile Surfing full network commercial


June 2012 Release "Custom Browser"


August 2012 Mobile Surfing user breakthrough 100 million, "Surf Alliance" launch


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