Mobile surveillance software online-selling lawyer alleged invasion of privacy

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Installed on the monitoring software, can be accurate on the site to see the mobile phone sent by the SMS Henan Business Newspaper reporter Zhao Cho/mobile phone monitoring software online selling, claiming to be able to monitor the other's cell phone; lawyers say this behavior is suspected of violating privacy, not between husband and wife Henan business newspaper trainee reporter Wang Yubin reporter Wang Shiyu in the other side of the phone quietly installed A software, you can completely master each other's situation. Recently, a mobile phone monitoring software selling on the Internet.  Henan Commercial newspaper reporter survey found that different from the previous "Cloning mobile phone card" Can not monitor just cheat, this software is really able to monitor each other's mobile phone. Some people ask, wife monitor husband, calculate not illegal?  Some lawyers said that the use of mobile phone monitoring software to monitor others, suspected infringement of other people's right to privacy and reputation. Rumor message content A software can monitor recently, a mobile phone monitoring software is selling on the network.  As long as the software installed in the mobile phone, the phone to send and receive SMS content, can be a designated site at a glance.  Sina Weibo, the software is very concerned about the high, a "use of mobile phone monitoring software to wife caught in bed" blog is competing for forwarding, in the major forums, the software has been sought after by netizens.  Although software publishers have stressed that the software is legal, there are still a lot of people who are concerned. Survey of the ordinary version of 998 Yuan, advanced version 2400 Yuan Henan newspaper reporter logged into a website to provide such software, the site said: "In the mobile phone to monitor the successful installation of software, you can automatically receive the phone to send and receive all the content of SMS, call records." The website said that the advanced version of the software also allows you to secretly hear the voice around the other's phone, secretly join each other's ongoing calls, and hear the actual call content.  A former staff member of the website said, the ordinary version is 998 Yuan, the Advanced edition is 2400 Yuan. Mr Tsang said the software only supported smartphones equipped with "Windows Mobile" operating systems. "There's nothing wrong with stealing trade secrets and political activities," he said.  Mr Tsang stressed that software was primarily used for emotional aspects. Trial of the software can really monitor the mobile phone SMS Henan Commercial newspaper reporter asked to try the software verification authenticity. Website customer service personnel sent a trial authorization code.  The reporter installed the software into a smartphone, trying to send a few messages to friends.  Log in to the customer service personnel designated website, Henan Business newspaper reporter saw, send and receive SMS mobile phone number and name, information specific content, send time are detailed and unmistakable display.  The reporter also tried to call a phone, online and true and unmistakable show the number of calls, the length of the call, call time.  Lawyer factory illegal, user infringement on this, Henan silver law firm Zhangchang with lawyers that no matter how clever the development of such software, production, manufacture of the software is illegal. Zhangchang that only the state security organs, public security organs, procuratorial organs to detect cases, canView a citizen's personal communications record.  It is illegal for anyone else to view it for any reason. "And the software buyer, the monitoring software installed to someone else's mobile phone, it is a violation of the general principles of civil law, the relevant provisions of tort, infringement of the right to privacy and reputation." "he said.
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