Mobile: The "next" battlefield for traditional electric dealers?

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"Virtual supermarket", a shop in Shanghai Metro.

From the annual sales of billions of immediate purchase, buy and sell treasure, to the App Store "life" category now Taobao, Jingdong, van, shop, 1th, and other app software, after the application of tools and social games, mobile E-commerce has begun to become more and more people in the mind of the "next" big cake.

Compared to a very limited number of PCs (PCs), born with portable properties of the mobile phone gives the electric business more imagination: commuting to and from the subway on the way "casually" stroll, in the car by the way "next single"; After shopping, then immediately share the product and shopping information to the social network, Indirectly to help businesses do word-of-mouth marketing; even in the usual shopping malls, through the "Parity", "check whether there is goods online shop" and other ways to "intercept" the consumer, will they back to the line ——— this will undoubtedly aggravate the online e-commerce to the offline traditional retail impact.

But easier, for most traditional electric operators, how to enter the field of mobile electricity, how to play this new set of promotion, sales, user relationship management as one of the new channels, still need a continuous learning and reflection of the process.

Platform trader becomes pioneer of "test water"

On the eve of the December 21, 2010 Christmas Day, the practice of Taobao's year-end promotional campaign, "The National Crazy Rob", Taobao mobile phone to launch a P C, mobile phone echoes of the "new play", that is, the user in the Taobao "Crazy Rob" in the completion of more than 10 yuan in 1 transactions, you can use mobile phone login taobao, Get 60 seconds of free shopping in the corresponding product area.

In other words, a day can be divided into 1440 minutes, to participate in the "People crazy" users have a total of 1440 free snap through the mobile phone 100,000 million yuan of merchandise opportunities. "The event, in an instant, created a single volume of the world's highest number of mobile phone records." "Taobao Wireless Division marketing director Lu Zhongtao told the south are" Chuang Fu Zhi "reporter.

Taobao vice president, mobile phone Taobao general manager Chuchang in an interview with the South have said, do not want to simply Taobao on the PC's successful experience to move to the phone, but want to try some new mobile based shopping mode and shopping experience. For him, this does not mean that there is less to choose to do, but more.

From the beginning to the present, mobile Taobao in addition to constantly add new features, the main application of "Taobao" for the iteration, while the development and improvement based on the H T ML 5 Technology of the web version of the mobile phone Taobao, but also launched Taobao Travel, Taobao lottery, a Amoy concessions, buy and so on by functional breakdown of the classification application.

According to Taobao Wireless division operations director Yushangwen said, priority choice in these directions to test water mobile e-commerce, the main reason is to cultivate users to develop the use of mobile phone Taobao habit, so must let some around the shopping value-added services (such as two-dimensional code scanning, parity, etc.) first in the selling itself.

Second, when such habits are initially developed, but the mobile phone because of its own properties and can not do too much text input and IM (instant communication) communication, such as phone recharge, lottery tickets, ticket hotel reservations, etc. more suitable for the "silent" sales of standardized products will be the first mobile E-commerce market hot products.

But at the same time, he also said that Taobao merchants in the mobile phone Taobao performance look, still not reached a satisfactory level. Most businesses do not specifically for mobile phone characteristics of the Product Display page optimization, which has not yet appeared in the mobile E-commerce field of the emergence of Taobao sellers.

Undoubtedly, for the platform business, a "new battlefield" is bound to face the "is the first user, or the first business" dilemma. From the merchant's point of view, one side is the PC market with a turnover of more than 400 billion a year, while the growth mobile market, which last year traded only 1.8 billion, broke 6 billion in the first half of the year, is not enough to stimulate the seller on the platform to turn the other way and focus on the new market.

Therefore, whether active or passive, driven by strategic or external environment, E-commerce platform business will be the first to become mobile E-commerce "test water" pioneer.

(Responsible editor: Lu Guang)

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