Mobile Vice President Details 09 TD Conference station built 100,000 base station this year

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February 5 News, on February 4, "TD Innovation Festival", Li, vice president of China Mobile Group, said that this year, China Mobile will build 100,000 base stations to meet all the city's TD coverage, which gives TD industry with great confidence encouraged.  Detailed 09 "TD Big Battle" this "TD Innovation Festival" can be described as a year to the domestic standard TD-SCDMA Network Comprehensive Summary, the Ministry of the vice minister Lou Thrifty, the National Development and Reform Commission deputy Director Zhang, etc. in person.  At the meeting, Li, vice president of China Mobile Group, reviewed the progress of TD construction in the past 2009 years, describing China Mobile's efforts to TD in 2009: "Last year, the Chinese mobile company organized 100,000 employees inside the enterprise and launched a big battle of TD quality promotion."  He said that through this battle, by the end of last year, China Mobile TD Network Index has fully reached the international equivalent 3G network indicators.  He revealed that China Mobile TD network quality is now dropped in the rate of 0.53%, TD and 2G switch success rate, has reached 98.3%, of course, this success rate and the global success rate is slightly lower a little bit, but I believe it will not be long to catch up.  "We are accustomed to say that the TD network indicators to reach 2G level, you may think that 3G is better than 2G, but China's 2G is the best network in the world," he said.  Build TD into the world's largest 3G network he said that China Mobile has invested more than 80 billion, built 238 cities, more than 80,000 TD networks, and by the end of last year, TD users exceeded 5 million.  In the face of 2010, Li revealed that China Mobile on the one hand to continue to increase TD's business promotion and promotion efforts, on the one hand to further strengthen TD's network investment and coverage. "China Mobile will complete the TD plan for three years ahead of schedule," he said. 2010, we will build 100,000 base stations to meet all the city's TD coverage, making China's TD network become the world's largest 3G network. (Cang)
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