Mobile video showdown: The smoke is getting stronger the marketing battle is about to unfold

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A small start-up company from the iphone to the Android terminal, a sudden discovery of a big battlefield.

The start-up company, which was founded just over a year, is called "Spark TV", which is based on user discovery and interest to make long video navigation market in mobile terminals. Last June, Spark TV got the first financing of a foreign venture.

Spark TV has accumulated 5 million users at Apple's mobile terminals since last April, with Spark TV and spark movie, according to Lijiang, founder and CEO of Spark TV.

This February, Spark TV began on the Android terminal online "spark film and television." They obtained an internal data show: 2012 China's Android phone shipments reached 160 million, and this year the value will become 300 million units. This is a new market they have to win, but the unexpected is that the marketing war is coming.

"Apple iOS is a natural ecosystem, the app is downloaded more and the number of users will go up." Lijiang points out, "but because of Google's opening, the domestic Android phone has 360, 91 assistants and many other application stores exist, resulting in this is a direct money to buy a ranking environment." ”

Marketing war, that means the battle of capital strength. In the video field, even if it's not yet recognized by most people, at present, there are two factions: one is Baidu, it has video navigation applications Baidu video, Archie Art, Baidu Audio-visual and has not yet been confirmed by Baidu acquisition of PPS; the other is the current leader in the video industry, cool potatoes, which have excellent cool, Potato and Video Vertical search application search.

The fierce scramble for mobile internet users seems to be a bit more than most people think.

"Before and after February this year, Youku and Sohu have been in the mobile field of a comprehensive ban on video by Baidu video search navigation." People close to Baidu Video told reporters. Such a situation is similar to Taobao's defense of Baidu, although Baidu claims to be the best Chinese search, but Baidu can not search for Taobao Department of E-commerce Information.

Rob Mobile video Users

According to the data released by the Enfodesk think-tank last November: in the three quarter of 2012, Youku, Archie and Sohu video accounted for the top three of China's integrated online video market, and three of the total revenue accounted for 41.57% of the market share.

"There are many ways to rank the video industry, and the end user rankings don't make much sense because the user's behavior in the video field is not sticky," he said. Taking into account the video industry is more difficult to profit, so our ranking approach mainly from the industry trend is income. "Zhang Yi analyst, said in an interview with reporters, and according to the latest last year's four-quarter ranking, Archie art rally faster than Sohu, but the overall ranking unchanged."

There is a view that, in addition to Baidu map, the current Baidu in the mobile field of the lack of scale platform-level products, Baidu is now more attempts to send a single point of breakthrough, and mobile end of the video application may become Baidu entry-level application.

"The so-called ' entrance ' means that the user wants to use an application to arrive at the first station, that is, a loyal user of the application, but this does not exist for mobile video, the current major video companies mobile applications have been everywhere." Zhang Yi pointed out that the second user to choose the video time hypothesis is 5 minutes, watching video time may be an hour, if the video application as a portal, the user at the entry end of the time ratio is actually very low.

According to Analysys International data, the current video applications in China for all internet users ranked among the top five, the five applications are: Search, portal, social, electrical and video, but the video is currently in the mobile Internet market consumption of user time ratio is still low, This is also relevant to the video experience that is suitable for a more fragmented time in the WiFi environment and when the user is moving.

But this does not mean that major Internet companies in the field of video applications do not covet and compete for users. "Video apps, though not a good entry, will certainly preempt many mobile user times." "Zhang Yi points out.

According to the data provided by Zhang Yi: At the end of last year, China's video market was nearly saturated at the PC end, reaching a penetration rate of 80%, but video users still have a lot of room to grow in the mobile field, with two major traction: the further infiltration of the smart machine and the penetration rate of the video application

At the same time, there are almost no detailed data on the company's mobile video market share, the whole situation seems to be active in mobile video applications, to win the user phase, such as application promotion, direct use of two-dimensional code to do brand implantation.

"And from the income indicators, it is not clear that the overall market fundamentals do not have much income data." Zhang Yi points out that if Youku was just on the ipad ad at the end of last year, the iphone is not yet commercialized, and the second half of the year may be full online.

Mobile video fight and cooperation

It is noteworthy that the major Internet companies in the mobile video layout, has shown a complex competition relationship, and all competing relationships are around the content.

Baidu's video as a core strategy has been passed last November by the repo Providence Capital in Archie Art shares and rumors of the PPS takeover.

Baidu currently has video navigation applications Baidu video, player Baidu Audio-visual, Archie Art and has not been confirmed PPS. As a result of Archie Art independent subsidiary properties, although Baidu Video, Baidu Audio-visual and Archie Art of these three applications belong to Baidu Holdings, but in fact, divided into two companies operating. If from the product design and profit model look, have the content competitiveness of Love Qi Yi and pps will be more focused on brand advertisers.

and Baidu audio-visual and last year just online Baidu video is the use of different tools to achieve the same function of the application. Like fast seeding, Baidu AV is a player, video playback source on many sites; Baidu video is a search as a tool for the video navigation site, the user mainly through the search to reach the video, and then through the navigation point to the video content source to watch the video, which also decided that Baidu video will be with the vast number of video content sources to cooperate.

At present in mobile terminals, Baidu will Baidu audio-visual and Baidu video together, collectively referred to as a mobile application, named "Baidu Video", but users enter, you can simultaneously switch to Baidu audio and video applications.

"But these two major applications mainly do user traction flow, without their core content competitiveness, and Archie Art and PPS is a completely different profit model," Zhang Yi pointed out that Baidu through Baidu video and Baidu audio-visual main users to do, and then combined with Baidu's Baidu Alliance to open up small and medium advertisers to achieve business model.

On the other hand the mobile video faction is the Youku Potato Department, which has its own cool, potato and cool video vertical Search Application "search". The search is a vertical search application in the field of video content, currently in Alex's global ranking of 2.63 million, China's ranking is 530,000.

According to the people close to Baidu video, this year around February, Youku and Sohu have been in the mobile field to prohibit the video Baidu video search navigation, such competition and defense is similar to the relationship between Taobao and Baidu, users to Baidu can not search Taobao Department of E-commerce Information.

The rise of third party power

Spark TV represents another power in the mobile video field. They don't do video content, but they're video navigation companies, belong to a start-up company; second, they are in the mobile end of the user-led mode is different from Archie and Youku based on the traditional classification of the portal model, but also different from the Baidu video based on keyword search mode, but based on the interests of users in social networks and preferences to recommend and find video.

such as user-created Spark TV series classification includes: "Hundred Watch Dog Blood drama", "the memory of the generations", "Let me read the play several times", such as temperament or emotional classification of content. Spark TV users into the Spark TV app, you can see the various categories under the numerous TV dramas, and then click on other long video site to watch the video content.

Similar economic models have been reflected in many fields and companies. China's most typical Pinterest, such as the field of the Mushroom street, Beauty said, the United States has the music field of Spotify, Pandora and so on.

"This is caused by user behavior habits that differ in different end products. "Lijiang pointed out that the previous video site with integration and other ways to meet the needs of all users," but in the mobile phone era, it is difficult to use an app to solve all the users, which gives the spark TV and other similar video navigation companies to set aside space. ”

In the seizure of mobile video users, the latest occurrence of several events have been to spark TV and other entrepreneurial enterprises constitute a positive. At the end of April this year, everyone's film and television announced the closure of the largest pirated HD portal network was seized, indicating that the domestic video piracy market will intensify the rectification, the situation will benefit the video copyright market.

At the same time, such as Spark TV and other similar ventures and Baidu Video direct competition will become more and more intense. "One of our basic views is: Baidu Video user drainage way to determine it is to do the stock market, we are more like to do mobile video users in the field of incremental market." "Lijiang thinks.

"However, this year the major companies began to rob Mobile video user traffic has been very obvious, the most obvious is Baidu and Youku potatoes, Tencent action is relatively slow, in addition to instant messaging, the current strategy of Tencent mainly in the picture and music field, until Tencent began to do mobile video, this is an unknown. Lijiang points out that the movements of major companies on video products are expected to come to an climax next year.

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