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Site title now on a site's role is still very important, whether it is in the search engine natural ranking to customers the first feeling, or in the role of SEO, the site title write good to play a very large effect! In search engine rankings, how to let others click on your site is a very big learning, 8630.html "> sometimes ranked first site is not necessarily more than the number of the second site clicks, is because of this truth!" and in the role of SEO, I think webmaster friends should have feelings!

We all know that modify the site title will have the right to reduce the risk, we are going to modify it, it is not for no reason! Because a website title is difficult to write at once, and never have to change, unless your site is done, throw aside, not to manage. And if you care about him, want to let him have the flow has the conversion rate! Modify title is also a very common thing, especially when the site to do a certain weight, the title of some of the key words have been unable to meet the desires of most people or to choose the number of daily clicks larger keywords, so that their website traffic has a level of promotion ! The following is to say that the site title modification of several forms as well as the change of the right to reduce the degree of danger!

The first is: increase the relevance of the keyword Risk factor: ★

Keywords that add relevance. For the site should not have the right to reduce the risk, as long as not to increase too much, such as their own site has only two keywords, want to add a go up, such as the danger should be very small! And some webmaster is difficult to meet, a website title since wrote thousands of keywords! This method of adding is directly test the patience of the search engine! It is reasonable to want to let your site down right! Even the hair of your site to pull out, leaving only a home page is not impossible! It's too much for you!

The second is: increase the irrelevant keyword risk factor: ★★★

Add unrelated keywords to the first increase is related to the keyword is the right to drop the coefficient must be big! should be added to your keywords and the content of the site does not meet! This is not impossible, because many webmaster friends teachers like which search engine to joke. See which of the more popular keywords, want to add to their own site, so that their flow more, in fact, this approach is completely not in line with the optimization of SEO principle!

The third is: reducing the risk factor of keywords: ★

Reduce keywords in the enterprise website is still more common! For example, some products first want to push, put it in title, and after the operation found that the product is not good to do, so the keyword from the title of the deletion! Keyword deletion like this should not be too much for search engine friendliness, So the risk coefficient is very small!

The fourth is: Replacement keyword risk factor: ★★★★★

Site Replacement keyword in these several changes in title should be the most serious, so the risk coefficient is the highest! In general, you will be modified tomorrow immediately, the key words may be the next day to you in line to 100 after! Search engines are sometimes so sensitive that not only will keyword rankings be dropped, And the snapshot is not to update you, at least half a month one months to update you, to see the article in your station updates as well as the distribution of the outside chain! So for the site title keyword replacement, should consider good! Do not be impulsive, the original good traffic has been done! It is particularly noteworthy that Replaced and feel the choice of words seems not good, but also to modify it, this is a lot of webmaster friends often experience! For the site is undoubtedly worse!

Finally, domestic air ( to give you a summary of the site title modification: all title (title) keyword changes should follow a law, it is gradual, not anxious, otherwise it will backfire, and also pay attention to a "degree", not too far, this is a very important SEO details! In addition to modify the site title, the new station and the old station is still a little different! The new station at will change, may let your website snapshot update speed becomes very slow, but the old station modification influence may be smaller, It might also make your site ranking better, which is the legendary "fine-tuning"!

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