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Absrtact: In the view of traditional watch manufacturers and users, the vast majority of smart watches are not good enough now except for the Withings Activit. For smart watches this current premium on the high side of the category, it is impossible to expect by the mobile phone can be achieved

The vast majority of smart watches are not good enough, in terms of traditional watch makers and users, except for Withings activité. For smart watches, a premium-high category at this stage, it is not possible to put a simple function of a mobile phone into a plastic shell that has not been designed, counting on those who have the habit of wearing a wrist watch and have the ability to pay.

Then Montblanc appeared, become the traditional luxury table field first into the smart night equipment. But instead of changing the structure and size of the traditional façade, they used a flexible bracelet.

Montblanc's band, named E-strap, is theoretically available for all traditional watches. The strap itself is made of Florentine leather, and the smart device part is finished with carbon material described by Montblanc as "similar to Diamond". The Smart Device section is four cm long, built-in pedometer, accelerator, with screen and the ability to connect to smartphone applications (no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi in the original), but no health information sensor similar to an intelligent watch like Apple Watch.

In addition, the price of this accessories is quite montblanc style, in addition to with a specific series of watches with sales, it's a separate price of 250 pounds, about 2411 yuan, equivalent to a Moto 360 of the price. Of course, its material and appearance is much more respectable. Perhaps the gadget will provide a way for some technology companies to offer the right smart gadgets without destroying their existing watch culture and system.

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