More than 6 million yuan is missing, net Jinbao is how to do?

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[summary] The missing funds of the net has already involved at least 130 investors in the country.

The first background Peer-to-peer Web site "Run" event protagonist, online only 4 months of time on the net Jinbao quietly pulled down the curtain, and in the subsequent, investors found that the net Jinbao website reserved Contact Phone After the site is closed also in the state.

As of the press, the net Jinbao investment amount of more than 6 million yuan is still unaccounted for, and involves at least 130 investors across the country.

By more than 100 investors composed of activist team out of the reason for unable to find the entity behind the company, led to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau of the Investigation Department to file.

But the company that is behind the net is also beginning to surface. Financial Weekly reporter exclusive from the Ministry of Information, the network of the record of the News of Jinbao show its organizers are Beijing Grand Everbright Investment Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Majestic Everbright).

And according to the reporter understand, be net Jinbao volume cheat 200,000 yuan of investor Zhang Lady previously had checked to its capital flow merchant also is majestic Everbright.

It is noteworthy that on the second day of the site's closure, the merchant settled the last payment of the account on June 5.

"Lowest 13% yield" bait

Some investors to the financial weekly reporter said, net Jinbao, in addition to claiming to cooperate with the central bank, the guarantee company to the investment project guarantee, but also used a series of means to attract investors to maximize the amount of investment.

Initially, the site invested 100,000 Yuan Mr. Wu told the Financial Weekly reporter, they are from Baidu, Sogou and other search engines to find the site, and worth mentioning is that the net Jinbao also got the Sogou certification.

Prior to this site claimed with Hubei Zhongzhou Guarantee Investment Co., Ltd. 's guarantee contract and the anti-guarantee contract to provide investors with "full principal and interest guarantee." At present the guarantee company completely denies with net Jinbao has had the cooperation.

Another bait is more straightforward. According to the Financial weekly reporter learned that the net Jinbao does provide an attractive loan interest rate, the lowest annual interest rate of not less than 13%. Reporter from the net Jinbao website to see the screenshot, a project annual yield shows 15%+3%, and this 3% is the site announced the promotion period return point.

Mr Ning, who invested 70,000 yuan in the net, said: "The net Jinbao as a new site, the need to use high lending rate to attract investors, so there is no suspicion of such a high rate of loans." ”

Unlike "Peer-to-peer", the site claims to have used p2c2g (personal-enterprise-guarantee) investment platform in its initial promotional period. It is worth mentioning, however, that the loans on the site are only for companies not targeted at individuals, and each enterprise issued a single Standard minimum financing of 1 million yuan. The number of "manufacturing" virtual labels in the website is greatly reduced because of the large amount of funds required for each standard.

Said is the virtual standard, the financial weekly Reporter in the network of Jinbao Web site screenshot found that the name of its borrowing enterprises are very vague, for "a brewery business loans" "A large car leasing company operating purposes loans." So that reporters want to check whether the investment target of the borrowing enterprises have received the Peer-to-peer platform financing are unable to do. Mr Ning, one of the investors, also made it clear that "no borrower has a firm name marked".

The investors also told the Financial weekly reporter, after investing in the site every day to show the cumulative income, promised income of 100 yuan after the present, the principal can only be repaid after maturity. But so far no investors have received the principal.

The site marked the duration of the time is also set very cleverly, February site is still in the promotion period, there is no investment target set. March began to issue "standard", the shortest investment target is also expired after 3 months, May began to appear investment period of 1 months investment target. In other words, as of June 4, the website was closed and no investment mark expired.

So, where are the more than 6 million-dollar investment funds going?

It is understood that the net Jinbao and the Beijing-east of the Third-party payment Platform Network Silver Online cooperation, the platform to the network Jinbao investors to pay two functions. Investors will first transfer money into the net online, a single transaction deduction of 0.3% of the rate, net silver online and then into the Peer-to-peer platform account, and this platform account is generally a company account.

Be cheated to take 80,000 yuan the activist promoter Shaw told the Financial Weekly (micro-credit public number Money-week) reporter, their investment project income, not through net silver online, but directly by the website transfer over.

Affected by the "net Jinbao run" incident, net silver online staff told the financial weekly reporters they do not connect with Peer-to-peer platform cooperation. But even if peer-to-peer companies are working with third-party payment platforms, it does not seem to protect investors ' financial security.

NET Loan Home CEO Xu Hongwei told the financial Weekly Reporter: "third party payment platform to do is only a channel business, the funds through Third-party payment platform Shi." Third-party hosting, by comparison, is more secure by placing the funds in the investor's account into the virtual accounts of the investor, while the Third-party payment platform is placed in the Peer-to-peer platform account. ”

Difficulties in filing, field investigation behind the scenes company

Virtual companies evaporate, behind the company began to get out of the water.

The investor told the weekly financial report that they had checked all their investment funds into a personal account called Wang Xhaoqing. Coincidentally, the financial weekly reporter in 58 with the city's recruitment ads, saw a majestic recruitment ads, and contact person's name is Wang Xhaoqing. But the company denies that the company has Wang Xhaoqing this person.

June 10 morning, the site closed nearly a week, financial weekly reporter with 4 investors came to Beijing Chaoyang District Public Security Bureau after the investigation, the reception police told investors, because Peer-to-peer cases in which investors and Web sites did not sign a written or electronic contract can not be filed. At the same time, the net Jinbao loan interest rate has not reached the illegal fund-raising quota (the illegal fund raising must reach the bank loan interest rate 4 times times), also cannot take the illegal fund-raising crime to file.

But it is not impossible to file a case. South Korean police officer on duty on the day said to investors that if the organizers are sure that the Grand Everbright will be able to file a case.

On the afternoon of June 10, financial weekly reporter in the Ministry of Information to understand that the network Jinbao record of the records of its organizers are indeed the majestic everbright. and its subordinate "Beijing Communications Administration" is to inform reporters, the record process is not simple, "the record needs to provide unit documents, the main qualification documents, website owner documents." And to the on-site verification of photos, signed a nuclear inspection, signature, upload to the management system, to the site for the record. ”

This shows that it is not easy to record in the Ministry website. But the Grand Everbright has been to the outside world has denied any connection with the net Jinbao, even through the media issued a statement clarifying.

June 11 afternoon financial weekly reporter to the majestic office location to understand the situation, and the Office of the day the twenty or thirty desk is unusually deserted, and even the light is not too good office only opened a small number of lights, and appear in the office some dim.

Wuhan Ban, the financial director interviewed, explained to the financial weekly reporter that their company is doing mineral-related business and is doing industry. Salesman in steel mills, not always in the office. Generally, only 3 to 5 people come to work every day.

For the net Jinbao run incident, Wuhan Ban told reporters they are also around 30th just know. However, with the media previously reported that an investor on May 22 with the majestic Everbright Director Xiong Telephone communication, said the contrary.

Wu Yi to reporters: "If there is our staff behind us holding the company's materials to the network Jinbao prepared the case, after the Public security department to take the evidence of the responsibility we are not afraid." But now the truth is not the case, it should be said that we have confidence in our staff and our management. ”

But in the end it stressed: "It should be said that ..."

Peer-to-peer industry is still not standard, urgent need to strengthen supervision

No written or electronic contract with investors is a common practice in peer-to-peer industry, at the same time, because of Peer-to-peer platform letter blurred, investors are difficult to grasp the direction of their investment funds. It can be foreseen that if a Peer-to-peer site is still running, investors will still encounter difficulties in filing a case. Changing the common practice in this sector requires regulatory oversight.

At present, there are many common and not slight problems in Peer-to-peer platform. For the company to provide loans and a single bid to raise more than 1 million yuan is not only the net Jinbao, recently, gradually some peer-to-peer platform to dabble in such businesses. Pat Loan related head Lin LI-E to the financial weekly reporter said: "To the company financing, a standard financing more than 1 million of the platform itself, the wind control ability is very important, if the prophase did not do a good survey, research, there is a great risk." This kind of business request platform is more mature, the wind control experience is richer, and under the line very understanding subject matter big item. ”

Financial Weekly reporter open more than the development of this kind of business Peer-to-peer website, found that the general information provided by the company is very vague. Even if the recent more favored by investors in the building block box, the borrower is also "XXX Science and technology Development Limited liability Company" "XXX Trading Co., Ltd." show, but also did not label the business address, telephone.

"The industry does not label companies with too much detail. Xu Hongwei told reporters. But this established by the net Jinbao such a very soon after the establishment of fraud companies to provide a lot of convenience, investors can not find out whether their investment funds to the enterprise, even do not know whether the enterprise has received the Peer-to-peer platform for loans.

In this case, even if the platform itself is not virtual, some virtual beacons may be set up to be merged.

But such sites will at least each of the information listed, Financial weekly reporter saw a website is simply like a bank listing different rates of return named "Fixed Treasure" "Monthly tong" financial products. There are also sites that have been criticized for the previous period of "debt transfer" products.

In addition, even a lot of peer-to-peer platform with the guarantee company to cooperate, also does not guarantee investor's fund security. "Even with a guarantee company, some guarantee company guarantees more than its own credit, and there are a lot of corporate guarantee companies do not do well." "Xu Hongwei said.

To stay in the platform account, it is difficult to ensure that the moral hazard is not broken, and Peer-to-peer Web site also formed a similar to other financial institutions, "pool", will raise funds short loan long loan, the previous investment after the expiration of the new investment target will be the capital docking.

"The direction of future regulation is to achieve a direct docking of lenders and borrowers ' accounts, and as far as I know, only a peer-to-peer platform in Shanghai has achieved a direct docking between borrowers and lenders." "Xu Hongwei said.

And the threshold of investment in a peer-to-peer platform is not high, only 500,000 will be able to register a peer-to-peer platform operation.

"Before the running of the Peer-to-peer platform more than now the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta area, now, under the supervision of the eyelid appeared on the Peer-to-peer site, the next step is bound to strengthen the supervision of peer-to-peer supervision." Lin Li-e told reporters.

Some insiders said that to strengthen the peer-to-peer supervision to improve access threshold, first of all to improve the registered capital, to ensure the basic operating capacity of the platform, the second to check the qualifications of employees, to have the corresponding wind control personnel, the third legal procedures sound. At the same time the process of monitoring also to keep up, investment table information to be reported to a department, or public to achieve the transparency of borrowing information, to prevent the company to make false mark.

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