More than half of coal companies in the first quarter to achieve growth experts on the industry's rebound views are divided

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By the end of April, all the listed coal companies have a quarterly bulletin has been announced.  In stark contrast to the general decline in performance in the three or four quarter of 2008, coal companies generally showed signs of rising in the first quarter of this year. More than half of coal enterprises achieve net profit growth according to wind information network statistics, 20 of the listed coal companies, 11 have achieved a year-on-year increase in net profits.  Among them, Panjiang shares, Datong Coal industry, state-invested Xinji, Pingzhuang Energy and Xishan coal power net profit growth rate reached more than 30%.  Led by Panjiang, net profit grew by as much as 454.8% per cent year-on-year, followed by Datong Coal, which grew by 194.1% per cent year-on-year. In addition to the sharp increase in net profits, the first quarter of coal companies operating income and sales are also significantly improved.  Panjiang shares a quarterly show, because coal sales and sales prices than last year, the main business income of 264.72 million yuan. The main reason for the rise in coal prices in the first quarter, said Iono, a coal industry analyst at Citic Securities, was that the real rise was in the second quarter of last year, although coal prices had fallen since the second half of last year, but at a slower pace than in the first quarter of 2008.  Therefore, the first quarter of the listed coal Enterprises net profit Year-on-year growth is expected. In addition, Iono analysis said that the coal industry has a cyclical, that is, other industries began to rise after the start of the rise, the fall also reflects the cyclical, that is, the slow down. "At the same time, it is a long-term scarce resource that is not falling very violently. Coupled with the safety issue is unique to the coal industry, from the beginning of last year, the State for small coal mines, not in line with the safety standards of the mining industry to implement the policy, which is the degree of decline in prices than the security problems of the main reasons for the slowdown.  "[Page] experts said:" The coal industry has not really started to rebound so, whether the first quarter of the results of the rally means the coal industry has begun to rebound? Northeast Securities Analysis report that the first quarter of this year, coal supply stability, downstream demand for a retaliatory rebound, but difficult as a signal of recovery of coal demand, the first real recovery needs to wait. "Contract coal prices will be an important observation point for investment in the coal sector in the second quarter." "Citic Securities coal industry analyst Wang Noshi said that the first quarter can not be a year." "Because coal prices were higher in the second to third quarter of last year, if not fully enforced, the net profit for the two or three quarter might not have risen as dramatically as in the quarter." "Relevant data show that, in addition to the above net profit growth of enterprises, the nine coal enterprises represented by the fire, the net profit of a certain degree of decline.  Among them, the net profit fell 104.9%, Yanzhou coal industry fell 48.5%, flat coal shares fell 30.4%. Huatai Securities analyst Wang Guangju said that the net profit decline is mainly related to the company's main products. As coke prices continue to fall, Coke is the main product of the company, its net profit will not rise sharply。  Coupled with the downstream demand for steel industry continues to slump, coke capacity is obviously inadequate. On the coal industry when the overall recovery of the issue, Citic Securities coal industry analyst Iono smiled, because of the cyclical, "to wait for macroeconomic overall better after it." Reporters in the interview to understand that the industry has a rapid recovery of the coal industry bullish.  [Page] Related data link: Datong Coal industry: the net profit attributable to the parent company accumulated 546.2942 million yuan in the first quarter, compared with the same period of 171.4671 million yuan a year earlier, the year-on-year increase of 374.8271 million yuan, the growth rate of 219%;  State-invested Xinji: Net profit attributable to listed companies totaled 330.2019 million yuan a quarter, an increase of 77.68% over a year earlier.  Pingzhuang ENERGY: The net profit attributable to the parent company accumulated 171.2325 million yuan in the first quarter, compared with 97.1131 million yuan a year earlier, the year-on-year increase was 76.32%; Xishan coal Power: The net profit attributable to the parent company accumulated 924.0753 million yuan in the first quarter, compared with 641.6111 million yuan a year earlier, the year-on-year increase of 44.02%
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