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You know, the biggest and most popular web site in the world. You can say it's Google or something. Yes, Facebook or. YouTube should definitely be within your range of choices. These three are all right, but what's next? There are news sites lined up to top 20. or in the top 20 rankings, almost all of them are shopping and social networks? What about computers: Microsoft or Apple? or what topics can make people visit these popular websites frequently?

First, take a look at the list: users to search the world for information, including web pages, pictures, and videos. Provides unique features and search techniques.

2.facebook--a social networking site that can connect people, interconnect friends, upload photos, share links and videos. is a way to share video with people you value. Upload, label and share your videos all over the world.

4. Yahoo!—— a first-class network portal and service provider. Provide search results, custom content, chat rooms, free mailboxes, clubs and page programs and other services.

5.blogger--free, automatic Blog publishing tool, you can send updates via FTP to the website. (Google All)

6. Baidu, the top Chinese search engine, offers a "simple and reliable" search experience dedicated to Chinese and multimedia content, including MP3 and movies, China's first website to provide WAP and PDA mobile search.

7. Wikipedia-a free multilingual encyclopedia collaboration program based on wiki technology. (Create CC share authorization in the same way)

8.Windows live--Microsoft's search engine.

9.twitter--is a Web site for social networking and microblogging services, using instant Messaging, SMS, and the front-end Web services.

10.qq--China's largest and most widely used Web services portal, owned by Tencent. The company was founded in 1998. QQ currently has more than 640 million QQ user accounts, making it one of the largest online communities in the world.

11.msn--a large portal offering shopping, news, financial, email, search and chat services.

12. Yahoo! Japan-Japan version of the popular Yahoo portal site.

13.linkedin--A network tool that recommends job seekers, industry experts, and business partners by looking for links. Registered users can have an address book that records information about the people they know and the people they work with.

14.Google India-India version of the Google search engine. Search for Web sites or web page information from within India. The interface supports English, Hindi, Bengali, Traguven, Marathi and Tamil.

15. Sina-the largest Chinese web portal with educational and entertainment functions. Owned by Sina, founded in 1999 in mainland China. Sina's global financial headquarters has moved to Shanghai since October 2001.

16. Amazon-seeking to become the most customer-centric company in the world. On the company's website, customers can find anything they want to buy online. And the company is committed to providing customers with the bottom of the purchase price.

17. Taobao, a Chinese online shopping website, is the same as Amazon, a mega-shopping mall created by China's largest search engine company, Baidu, and the largest E-commerce platform operator in Japan, and is operated by Alibaba Group, founded in China.

18.wordpress--is a free blog platform developed by WordPress software company. Including custom design templates, comprehensive statistics, automatic protection of spam and other functions.

19.Google Hong KONG-Hong Kong version of the Google search engine.

20.Google Germany-The German version of the Google search engine.

In 21 and below the ups and downs of the ebay network.

So what do they have in common? Information, people need information.

Google is the world's largest user site. In fact, the Google search engine occupies the top 20 rankings in 4 locations.

Search for information, shopping and socializing, this is what we usually do online. More than half of the top 20 rankings are devoted to information services. 4 of sites (Facebook, Twitter, QQ and LinkedIn) are used for social networking, while others are shopping sites.

Where are the other big companies and their websites? Microsoft ranked 28, and Apple ranked 34. Microsoft's new search engine, Bing, has been surprisingly 24 since it was released in 2009 only 2 years later. The popular professional blogging platform only 70. This is a far cry from the 18 names of The first newspaper to record the list is the New York Times, ranked 89. The Los Angeles Times are far from 329, and the Washington Post is in the 349 position. The first adult website, livejasmin, is just 49 places (it seems very popular abroad, Khan). The site's biggest competitor, Pornhub, appeared in 65 places.

MySpace has been the biggest social networking site ever before Facebook was born. It is still in the top 100, ranking 91. Bank of America was the first bank to enter the rankings, ranked 149. CNN Interactive World's most popular news website, ranked 53. Simple and very useful currency conversion XE rank 326. The top 348 is Elance, the world's leading online job-search platform. SlideShare, the world's largest slide storage and display site ranked 252. The world's two major affiliate marketing websites Clickbank and Commission junction 209-bit and 265-bit.

Oh, where's my favorite band? The Rolling Stones are still ranked 171th, 297. Well ... Maybe I'll have to change some new songs.

This article is compiled by Tech2ipo author Bevanli from TheNextWeb.

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