Motivational theory can never be a proof of right or wrong

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It has always been able to remind us that many of the moral cleanliness and justice behind the guard, there is more immoral, no justice, in order to achieve this goal, moral and justice can be evilly, unscrupulous.

When the "cookie tracking leaked privacy" by CCTV Financial 3 15 party as a shocking infringement "shocking disclosure", I believe that I am not only a person to feel ridiculous and ridiculous. As one of the most magical nations in the world, China has a lower legal standard in all walks of life than many countries in the world, and in this context, CCTV has indirectly proposed that China adopt a world's highest clean agreement, and that all breaches are bullying.

And many people who may not even know what cookies are and what they are worth, also follow the big call "the Internet is not a private thing to say." You often patronize a restaurant, the boss and you know that you love spicy food, sometimes in the street will greet said often come ah, the next time you come to recommend a restaurant to have a new Sichuan cuisine to try, but also give you a discount, you think times son has face; you visit the internet, In the browser's protocol to share cookies to the visited site, the latter learn to control the ads to you, you are a man, will not give you see the towel elastic personal information, so that the information more understand you, you are angry that this is indecent you. Apply the words on the title: "The cheap is sentimental, don't look at others, is to say you na."

A cookie is a protocol data for identification, and a Web site relies on cookies to define a user's identity, and indeed, strictly speaking, cookies are part of the privacy, so when it was created by Netscape 1993 years ago, The source files for cookies are only kept in the user's local area, and the site has only the right to identify, record and use them, without changing the channel. If there is no cookie, your identity as a "user" does not exist, because the result of your privacy is that no one can know you, you log on Weibo, every time you refresh, you will be prompted to land again, Because the microblogging site in the absence of tracking cookies to know whether the second visit you are not the first time you visit, so your Web page must be constantly landing, refreshing, landing, refreshing ... More importantly, cookies are a technology to improve the information age, it is the vast majority of Internet companies to improve services, remember the user choice of tools, cookies of course, the risk of abuse, but this risk is equivalent to any site in the world may be hacked into the Trojan, is a kind of pan-doubt, At the same time, we can also see some sites in the information classification or advertising rendering can place a "no longer show" button, this is through the recording function of cookies to achieve the experience optimization.

No one Will "love" advertising, but if production cannot be rewarded, the Internet's sharing spirit is an empty word. Advertising is now the most valuable business model, if it must exist, then its improved direction is to make its information more and more match the needs of users, rather than standing on the sensitive nerves on the negate not perfect product. The world's largest internet company, Google, Amazon, Facebook all benefit from the collection and analysis of user behavior in order to produce the best business experience, which is also the internet subversion of traditional media "advertisers know that half of the advertising costs have been wasted, but it does not know what the waste of the half" 's core competitiveness, a myopia glasses products on the television ads, it to the audience for all not myopic pay, but on the internet, for cookie feedback data directed delivery, it can avoid this waste as far as possible, and no need of users can avoid interference, and the process produced, Is what the Internet brings to be called "value".

The 3 15 party's biggest advertiser--Zhou's 360 companies, the timely promotion of its 360 browser "Prohibit tracking" function, continue to be politically correct "and users stand on one side", as if reading user data is a huge evil. I found here a passage from Zhou in 2012 UPA China's ninth annual user Experience Conference:

"There are a lot of people online with pirated Qvod, someone repackaged, pack some virus and Trojan player, to play love action movies, this 360 pop-up prompts, can not broadcast this thing, there is a virus, they listen to 360?" No, turn off the 360, if 360 again, 360 completely removed, After reading the 360 loaded, this demand is called strong demand. ”

Excuse me, how do you know that the user did not listen to the 360, the 360 turn off the process, when you look behind the user? Later, 360 security guards based on the user of these behavior patterns of observation and analysis, launched a very popular "Watch piece bodyguard" function, Users can watch a movie in a temporary virtual machine environment and isolate it from risk. I wrote an article, "Talking about user experience and user perception from 360," think that this is a very smart improvement, it is because of the user's understanding of the behavior, enterprises have the opportunity and direction of the product renovation and promotion, so that it is more in line with the interests of users, this is not "disrespect for the user's privacy."

After the "Customer is God", Marshall, a former US department store giant entrepreneur, was widely misinterpreted as "the customer is always right". In the last century 90, the U.S. air travel industry exchange, asked if the passengers harassed how to respond, the unanimous choice of "patience" of the Chinese stewardess surprised to find that the United States stewardess's choice is "slap him, and then put him off the plane to let the police deal with", as if the Thunderbolt, This has led to widespread discussion in China's business schools and the media as a joke.

Users should be respected, but users will never be right. Over the years 3 15 party is a magnifying glass, it let us know how many shady transactions, there are many ignorant and sentimental users, a has almost no safe food, even milk powder to go abroad like locusts to rob the country, will be in 3 · 15 at the party. A McDonald's store was not complying with its corporate rules and selling dessert pies beyond the prescribed 90 minutes. When the air is full of poisons, the river is filled with dead pigs, it can also be a sensual and passionate grumble imports of food over the shelf life, When it bought Weibo celebrity large for its platform yell loss of integrity, even care about the user's privacy will be stolen ... Most sadly, such a file used to enrich the program, can influence the increase of year after years, it is the support of the audience, in the "anti-counterfeiting", "rights protection" under the banner of fluttering, save a year of chicken blood was concentrated release, the banner of many users even poor to have no brain to think, Why are you being manipulated like an animal, only to be allowed to start the day with CCTV's media goals, and for the rest of the 364 days, any of your claims are ignored?

Because you are all cheap, and the cheap is sentimental. Do you think it's hard to impress you with a few hands? Do you think the beast is a grass-roots, is his side of the opinion leader, now stupid? You think Yuanjie is public knowledge, youguoyoumin conscience is bursting, now silly force? When they hear the instructions, they can throw away the dignity of tens of millions of of fans, No principle to help "where to play", they do not care about overdraft their credibility, as long as the chips enough, immediately can gorgeous turn.

I know a tramp. He bought a mobile phone in Jingdong, unpacking card after the discovery is Unicom's custom machine does not support mobile cards, request returns, the east side of the Beijing Express embarrassed, he went to the people's Forum, get many other support, the last Jingdong accept returns. After a period of time, he bought a laptop computer in Jingdong, the boot found that the computer was used, and again to the Internet to make a fuss, scold Jingdong no good to sell other people used products to the user, but also won a piece of cheap people's applause. I asked him, then you ask the merchant to return the goods unconditionally, and require every consumer to buy is a brand new merchandise, then those who have been returned to the problem of the goods without trouble, Jingdong is not all should be destroyed on the spot? The Tramp was silent for a long while and replied, "You are a strange person, we are all consumers, you do not speak for consumers, Why do you speak for profiteers? This tramp is now a moderator of an IT forum, favored by users, he set an example for the user support, to encourage users in the forum posted online shopping dissatisfaction, privately he took the post was launched high heat to find businesses, 100 dollars to delete the post, deleted after he released a long post of tears, Say brother I can't live with you I said to the webmaster that as long as you delete the post I will quit the moderator they still put the post to delete, at the bottom of the post is also a group crying into a piece of cheap people together say x version you don't go you go and who is our head?

Some words, really boring. I know too much corporate and PR, a mixed bag, there is sureness to do products and services, there are really fucked the black-hearted enterprises, but 3 15 party--even 3 15 This form is much more than the content of the festival, for the help of the poor do not have any contribution, everyone think of is just one, that is not in 3 · 15 before being asked to come to the door, otherwise you will have to pull out a large budget to "crisis PR", in exchange for their own mirror, these enterprises are often really problematic. On the contrary, some have the integrity, feel that the problem is not willing to pay off the business, will be airing the face of wind and rain. This is why every time CCTV 3 15 party seems to hit the target, but always is the cause of the perfunctory.

As long as 3 15 is always a business, then the crackdown will always be hammer, beat the pretended sternly never condoned, was beaten the promise of apology rectification serious treatment, the slip of the finger to calculate how this year will pay the cost of protection to pass on the customer there, this process is staged every year, 100 years will not be different, And as a spectator of the cheap people, also live in a good sense of the world, you follow the tens of thousands of people together loudly shout out the emperor actually did not wear new ideas, thought can henceforth Spating, but in fact, the real emperor in the palace with you have not imagined the priceless luxury of clothing, That's what you're doing with your money to help him weave.

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