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Last month 18th, Motorola launched its first smartphone to install Google Android in South Korea. CFP for the figure 1985, Schwarzenegger starring in the film "Alone Into the Longtan" (Commando) in the United States, tells the role of Arnold Johnmatrix daughter was kidnapped, their own bitter experience, armed with the enemy battalion alone, rescued the story of the daughter.  Through this classic film, the so-called American Hollywood-style heroism into the eyes of the people. Motorola, known as the "ancestor" of global mobile phones, experienced a similar scene in 2009. The market share was taken away, and after years of silence Motorola got its own armed ——— Android operating system from another US company, and started developing new models to get a good market response. "We are the inventor of the cell phone. "Motorola Global vice President, Mobile Terminal Division International Business Department general manager Johng Herghetta proudly said.  Can Android phones drive Motorola to a new American-style rise? New weapon "Back flip" mobile phone to bring rebirth last week, Motorola's "Moto-chi Tour" mobile phone m E600 listed in China, Motorola's first in the Chinese market to support the self-developed Motoblur function of smartphones.  According to the introduction, Motoblur function is a based on Google Andorid System development interface, its biggest benefit is to be able to achieve real-time synchronization of contacts, messages, messages, photos and other content, and can be updated and directly pushed to the mobile phone user's home screen.  In order to cater to the use of Chinese users, Motorola also with Renren, happy net and other mainstream social networking sites, and further enhance the practicality of motoblur.  In the view of Motorola Global Vice-President Johng Herghetta, the flip-back ME600 new product launch will not only lead Motorola to capture the high-end mobile phone user community advocating personalization and human experience, but will also seize business opportunities in the Chinese market, which occupies an important share of the global mobile communications market. Flip ME600 new mobile phones in the early January this year at the United States International Consumer Electronics exhibition, and has been the market and consumer groups favored and sought after.  Johng Herghetta Frankly, at that time did not expect this product will have such a strong market response. "On the face of it, Motorola has made innovations in its product structure, but with this structural innovation, it means Motorola will take the next step in a differentiated and even reverse thinking capacity."  "Yang Qun, a policy analyst at the mobile phone advisory body, said.  For Johngherghetta, it was his third visit to China in just 8 weeks, and ME600, the third smartphone to use a Ndorid system, released by Motorola within 8 weeks. In the future strategic plan, tasted the sweetness of Motorola began to pay more attention to a ndroid, this set"Armed" so that the original by the impact of personal heroism of the United States century enterprises began to spare no effort to sniper the market, trying to regenerate. Heroic confidence: Android's new model will push 20-30 models not long ago, Google released its brand's first Android model Nexus One. Mobile phone industry, Google this take-all hard, software vertical strategy, often will cause dissatisfaction of partners. But at present a ndroid handset's biggest winner Motorola, but appears does not care.  Instead, because they found the "weapon" of the hand, Motorola showed considerable confidence in the design and manufacture of the terminal ——— at Nexus One, Motorola's co-CEO Sanjay (Sanjay) delivered a speech.  Sanjay's attitude toward Google is not merely a semblance of courtesy, but it is in fact Motorola's heart to retake the market with its own technical and industrial design advantages through the Android system. January 21, Piros Niclac Paul Spirosn Ikolakopoulos, vice president and general manager of the Motorola Mobile Devices Division, Asia-Pacific and international distribution channel, said the company would release 20 to 30 smartphones worldwide this year,  And all of these products will use the Android operating system. Nick Lacpauros also disclosed the situation of Motorola a Ndroid technical team. He says there are now One-third engineers in the US, China and South Korea. The work of these technicians involves all aspects of a ndroid, including the integration of software and equipment.  But he did not disclose the specific size of a ndroid technical team. Implanted Motorola's own technology and design genes.  It is understood that at present the company has three major a ndroid product line: One is running Motoblur products, one is running a custom version a Ndroid products, there is another one is to use the Android products without any changes. Our correspondent Fangnan XT800: The imaginary enemy is pointing at the iphone XT800 to carry the Android operating system, the overall feeling is the mellow shape, with the mirror design, the operation feel is also very prominent.  The back of the mobile phone with a fish-style design, with good non-slip effect. This is customized by China Telecom Touch cell phone, but also support G-NET mobile phones, can achieve dual-network. To counter the iphone's hardware, the machine uses a 3.7-inch touch screen, which is also the top FWVGA (480x854 pixel) in the smartphone, and supports Multi-Touch.  5 million megapixel autofocus camera, 600MHz, with 512MBROM and 256MBRAM of memory. Milestone: Star Model Driod's W CDM a edition late last year, Motorola launched the D roid (CDMA2000 standard) Mobile phone has been unexpectedly hot-selling effect. The droid's WCDMA version ——— Motorola Mi-lestone has also been listed. Milestone in the form of touch-screen plus sideslip keyboard design, the fuselage size of 60x115.8x13.7m m, heavy 169g.  Like x T800, the machine is equipped with a 3.7-inch capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 480x854 pixels.  Milestone's selling point is the shape design, sideslip full keyboard plus touch screen technology applications, to meet the needs of different users. Me600:moto Industrial Design as a ndroid system model, the machine at the same time implanted a straight, big screen touch, full keyboard three models. ME600 Rotary shaft using semi-automatic open way, only the user in the rotation shaft to 160° when the E600 screen automatically opened in place, and half the state of the ME600 suitable for watching the film, then ME600 keyboard part of the equivalent of the stent, compared to the entire keyboard, which is also called "Flip" The origin of A. (Fangnan)
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