Motorola moves into BlackBerry backyard recruiting talent

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Sina Science and technology news Beijing time September 27 morning, just as the BlackBerry in Waterloo, Canada, the downsizing of the company's Motorola Mobile and other technology companies have lost no time to recruit talent in the local. Motorola Mobile announced in Thursday that it plans to set up a new office in Waterloo, about 1 hours ' drive west of Toronto. "We now have a small office, but want to expand dramatically. "said Derek Phillips, director of the Motorola Mobility Canada Project," Derrick Phillips. He declined to disclose the number of recruits, but said the main recruitment targets were computer science and engineering talent. Google acquired a huge patent portfolio last year when it bought Motorola Mobility at $12.5 billion trillion. Since then, Google has started to adjust the loss of the mobile phone company. Google's Canadian research and Development headquarters are also located in Waterloo. But it is only one of the city's hundreds of technology companies, mainly because of its high prestige in computer science, engineering and technology projects. The vast majority of local tech companies are small startups that want to make a career out of the BlackBerry-a company once called Rim that pioneered the pocket email market in the 1990 's. But the BlackBerry is already dying. The company announced 4500 layoffs in Friday, accounting for about One-third of its global workforce and a quarterly loss of nearly 1 billion dollars. The layoffs could hit Waterloo's economy, spreading to local retailers, the real estate market and local service providers. Until now, BlackBerry's market share has been eroded by Apple and Google's Android system. In Monday, BlackBerry also agreed to sell 4.7 billion dollars to a consortium led by Fairfax Financial Holdings, a major shareholder. But it is unclear whether the deal will spark further layoffs. Phillips has not linked the expansion of Motorola Mobility to the plight of the BlackBerry, but says the local talent pool is the main reason for attracting them. "Our goal is to attract people who are interested to join as much as possible. If we can find someone who is really good at it, we will recruit them. "he said. Motorola Mobile hiring may be hard to make up for the loss of jobs caused by BlackBerry layoffs, but local insiders say other companies are also expanding to Waterloo. Lindsay Wiese, spokesman for the U.S. mobile payments company, Linsay Wess said the company plans to set up a permanent office in the region in 2014. Avi Pites (Avvey Peters), a non-profit organization Communitech external relations Director, estimates that there are currently about 1000 job openings in the industry, with a total of about 30,000 employees expected to be employed in the sector. "Everyone is obviously watching. People are concerned about people who have been cut or are about to be cut. "It is the local ecological environment that makes the BlackBerry, not the BlackBerry, that makes the local ecological environment," she adds. (PEI)
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