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It seems like 2 years ago, I wrote an article about how to promote my blog. At that time still use of Baidu space, now look back, then did not too serious to promote. Because it is based on Baidu space, do not want to free Baidu to do traffic, so has not let go of the hand to push. Now do a separate domain name blog, only to start a bit serious.

My new blog, mainly using 4 promotional means, but also I now 4 major sources of traffic. Now share with you, I mainly use which 4 promotion means.

First, prepare for the early stage

As early as 1 years ago, but also in Baidu Space to write a blog, I have a hunch that sooner or later will be a separate blog of their own. At that time I was accustomed to the end of the article, leaving the starting address of the blog. When I first wrote the article, I left the address of the Baidu space. Later thought, in case I am not in Baidu space to write a blog, then these links from the beginning not to bring me value. At that time I was still doing a cartoon forum, with the domain name is I set up a 2-level domain name jump to their own Baidu space. Later, regardless of the link, or the article left the starting address, have been replaced by this 2-level domain name. Then the animation forum because of the issue of the record, was forced to close, I directly enabled the jump to their own Baidu space. So from then on the end of the article, are left the two addresses. No matter where I write a blog, you can directly to the flow jump over. In the beginning of my independent blog has some traffic, is from these two links jump over.

Second: Soft text promotion

1: Personal Blog This product is mainly inscribed soft WEN

After the official launch of the independent blog, in order to quickly gain some popularity. Around me this new blog for the theme of a succession of several series of soft writing. For example, the first day of the opening of the blog wrote a "Why I want to build their own independent blog" to the outside published, the same day brought hundreds of of IP. The 2nd day wrote "soft text promotion effect case-sharing" analysis of the first day of soft text issued to the effect. Then continued to write "The new blog set up 4 days to obtain the record data sharing" "new blog set up 1 months of SEO data Summary" "personal blog set up 2 months of some Web site data" I have these articles as experience sharing, sent to the various industry-related sites. People who have seen my blog before have known that I now have an independent blog.

2: New articles Riga old article link

This is my most commonly used promotional means, but also the most easily from the release of soft text to bring traffic. For example, I wrote a "website Common promotion Method (mcq0544)" in which I have used all the promotional means. When it comes to the promotion of the Forum, it leaves a link to the previous Writing forum experience article. Refers to the flow of exchange promotion, leaving their previous write traffic promotion articles link. Because in the article enumerated more than 10 kinds of promotion means, the space reason can only carry on the simple introduction, everybody wants to understand the promotion more detailed operation means, must point I provides the link. In order to avoid some Web article system can not support the occurrence of keyword hyperlinks, thus affecting the effect of soft text, so I have directly left the URL. In this way, if an article on a certain site has 1000 people browsing, at least 500 people will point to my independent blog. Soft text promotion is my blog before the main source of traffic, but now basically do not rely on this means to traffic.

Figure 1: The first day of the blog traffic source (also mainly rely on soft web site to traffic)


Third: SEO (friendship link)

I used to write in Baidu space when the blog, do not pay attention to SEO. Mainly at that time I did not understand what SEO is dongdong. Because this year in the company responsible for 3 months of SEO projects, let me have a preliminary understanding of SEO. So when I do independent blog, I began to consider the original SEO.

The first is to choose the keywords to prepare SEO, analysis which keywords are my blog content the most direct target users, and traffic is relatively easy to handle. Later, the keyword locked in the "network Promotion", "website Promotion" "Network Marketing" "Website optimization" 4 main tweets and these words related to extend the word. At first I was too ambitious, although I started with the word "Internet promotion". But at the same time on the page to optimize the "website promotion" "Network Marketing" "Website optimization" and other words. Only began to effect very well, "network promotion" This word in Baidu included in the first day of Baidu's natural ranking of the top 4, in Google included the 3rd day, entered the first page of Google. But perhaps because I am on the page to optimize the keyword too much, the following three words have not seen the obvious effect, but the first major optimization of the "network promotion" related to the word rankings also began to decline, Baidu included number is also falling. In order to regain the search engine's attention, reluctantly decided to give up "network Marketing" "Network optimization" two relatively low relative content of the word, the focus on the "network Promotion" "website promotion" These two main words and related extension words. Then I saw it. Effect "Network Promotion" "website promotion" The two main words and related extension of the "Network Promotion Program" "Website Promotion program" and other words are now stable entered the first page of Baidu and Google. Get a lot of traffic every day.

Maybe a friend will wonder how I did it, but it's very simple. 1 is the title on the home page has hit I want to optimize the word. 2 is to find high-quality sites, exchange links. My independent blog only when PR0, through their own relationship in the industry, and a lot of PR3,PR4,PR5 and even PR6 of high-quality sites to exchange the homepage link. 2 months later, my independent blog PR value reached 5, I found a number of PR6 site for a friendship link. Further consolidate my optimized words in search engine locations.

Figure 2: October keyword source


Four: RSS Subscription Promotion

There are a lot of it on the Internet, in the catch shrimp and fresh fruits and other sites have a number of W subscriptions. They every day in their own blog just send an original article, do not have to do any promotion, you can get a lot of traffic from RSS. RSS Subscription is I have not paid attention to, I previously Baidu space, there is no obvious RSS subscription address, resulting in Baidu space for 2 years of blogging, but not many people subscribe to my blog. So from the start of my independent blog, I decided to make a breakthrough in this area.

I use the Z-blog blog program, then used a landscaping template directly recommend some common RSS Subscriptions website. But the RSS address, is the site's own original address, not convenient for me to count the total number of RSS subscriptions site. Later I found that a lot of blogs are useful to provide the subscription page, with this advantage is that regardless of the other is the use of RSS subscription site, can count a total number. This makes it easy for me to analyze the RSS feed. So I also went to this site to apply for a subscription to their own address, because their technology is too stupid, do not know how to replace the old RSS address on their blog, I finally consulted the original author of this template, just know how to modify.

First of all, I put my own independent blog, are unified use of the Feedsky provided by the subscription page. I think this is not enough, the popularity of their own independent blog can not let too many people to subscribe. I later put this subscription address and put it on all my blog addresses and columns outside to recommend it. such as Baidu Space, Sina Blog, donews column, Eric's column and so on. When people look at my article in these places, I also find that I this subscription address. And in these places subscribe to RSS, the final article source is my independent blog address. This further increases the chance of my independent blog being subscribed to.

Figure 3: Traffic sources for the most recent day (traffic sources are now mainly SEO and RSS)


V: Final Summary

It says so much, in fact, there is still one of the most critical basic points did not mention. is to put the flow of blog to promote up, we must adhere to the original. Original content, search engines will also give a better weight. Of course, the original article also has a certain readability, or how to let so many sites are willing to reprint with your website link soft text, so that many users subscribe to your blog, so that some high-quality sites willing to exchange links with you.

To today's independent blog set up just 3 months, now Alexa comprehensive ranking of 9W, PR value 5, day PV2000 around. Although the target distance from my 1W independent IP is still very far, but I will continue to work hard, insist to write more useful articles for everyone.

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