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Independent blog, as the name implies is the construction of independent Domain name blog site. Most independent blogs online are mostly free open source programs with 3rd party, such as the Most mainstream ASP blog program zblog and PHP blog program WordPress. My own independent blog is the use of the ZBOLG program, because of their own technical comparison dishes, feel that the ASP program blog installation is convenient, so chose the Zblog, and Zblog on the search engine is also very friendly. Many well-known industry blog is also used zblog procedures, such as Moonlight Blog, Lou Blog and so on.

Before writing independent blog is relatively few people, but this two years to write independent blog friends More and more, I also often recommended in the article to do Internet work friends should have a separate blog. This not only can have a website to practice their ideas, and through the blog to show their own, but also convenient to find a satisfactory job.

The so-called wine is not afraid of deep alley, but I often found that some content is very good independent blog but few people, so the wine is actually afraid of the alley too deep. Independent blog is too independent, compared to some of the platform to send articles, more difficult to be concerned about. For example, in Sina, donews and other places to open a blog, may also be recommended to the home page, but their own independent blog is entirely on their own promotion. Some are not good at promoting friends, will be very distressed, their own article also write very well, but why not many people to pay attention to comment on the message?

So I have been thinking, there is no such a platform, can let some focus on writing original experience to share the independent blog, can be more people pay attention to. Let already have a certain popularity original blog, popular more prosperous. So I had this idea of a product.

One: Intelligent Independent Blog Content Exchange recommendation system

Suppose there is such an independent blog Alliance, there are thousands of independent bloggers to join the alliance, become a League member. And according to blog article focus on the direction of content classification. For example, there is focus on network promotion, there is focus on the design of the website, focus on the operation of the site, these independent blog to join the league when the classification. Then get a code from the Federation, put it on your blog, for example, put it in your own article list, so that the blog is more than the red box in the content.


1: The article recommended, accurate matching

In the red box above may randomly appear union member's newest original article, assumes may through the blog content classification or the title keyword, the article tags and so on matches with this blog most related content. Do recommend content and put this alliance code blog content User group very match, do accurate recommendation, thus improve the click rate of the article.

2: Intelligent flow monitoring, control article recommended frequency

Let's say that 100 independent blogs have the affiliate code on their blog, but the user of each blog is certainly different, place the position also has good difference, if all is the same recommendation mechanism, will inevitably to some blog popular, the position is good independent blog unfair. So there has to be an intelligent flow monitoring, the more users to go out through this blog, the greater the chance of being presented in other blogs. Conversely from your blog point out very few, appear in the red box in the picture of the probability is also reduced accordingly. To achieve each independent blog, the more you pay, the more you get.

3: Pay 10, there will be more than 30 return, 1+1 can be greater than 2

Why pay 10 can have more than 30 return, 1+1 can be greater than 2? In fact, the truth is very simple, such as the red box in the picture recommended 10 Bo Friends of the article, and these 10 articles with your blog user community is very close, often read your blog users will also be interested in these articles. So one of your users, will also give a few blog friends to visit. Let's say your users clicked on the top 5 articles to bring 1 valid users to 5 blogs, whereas 5 blogs will return you 1 users. So you return 5 users through 1 users. This is 1+1 greater than 2, paying 10, and may have over 30 returns.

Everyone think about it and understand this truth, this is the same as I used to be responsible for the company's website traffic interchange is the same truth. Through their own website of 1 users, at the same time to a few partners to take the IP, so that partners will also be a separate IP for me, but also back a few IP, will give more partners to visit. If this cycle goes on, give 1 IP, return 100,1000,10000 IP is possible.

4: The standard of the Federation should be high and the punishment of cheating.

In order to prevent some people with ulterior motives, maliciously send spam articles or brush traffic to cheat the league blog users. So joining the league also has to be a very high standard. First of all, must 80% of the article is their own original industry experience article, mainly collect or reprint other people's articles independent blog, are not to join. In addition to the personal life record of the main independent blog, although the content is original, but in order to ensure the professionalism of the alliance content, such independent blog should also refuse to join. For example, a blog to join the league, said is focused on the direction of network promotion. But the final blog content occasionally has a network to promote the experience of the article, the other is a personal life record, so not.

To join the blog Alliance, in order to get something for nothing, brush the IP of the alliance members, found more to be severely punished, such as the cancellation of the other party's membership and so on. In order to create a harmonious and win independent blog Alliance family.

5: The profit model of the blog Alliance

Suppose the independent blog Original alliance has tens of thousands of league members, even if each independent blog's average daily IP is only about 100. The Federation Code also has 100W of daily display. and are targeted at the more high-end industries and users. So there's a lot of business value in it.

For example, the Federation article recommendation will typically show 10 articles, which fixed an article by the Blog Alliance Platform creator is free to control. For example, make hard advertising, or recommend a certain PR company or Enterprise Soft wen, and so on, these can be charged. This is only my initial assumption, such as the size of the user bigger, there will be more profitable way.

Because I do not own technology, so people do not expect me to make a platform like this. Mention the profit model of the blog Alliance here, mainly hope that some skilled friends or have a user base platform to do this thing. such as fresh fruit, catch shrimp, Feedsky and other RSS service providers, in fact, the most suitable for such a blog Alliance platform, they already have a user base.

Two: Create a simple blog Alliance

The previous concept is more ambitious, the technical requirements are relatively high. So I'm here to propose a simple version of the blog Alliance. For example, I write Web promotion blog, mainly for Internet practitioners. I'm looking for 9 more people with my blog users close to the difference is not very large independent blog, the first independent establishment of a small content alliance.

Only need a friend who understands technology, do an article acquisition program, can automatically collect these 10 blog every day of the latest article, as long as can collect the article title and link address on line. Then through the JS code placed in their own blog related position. The popularity of the independent blog can be placed on the back of the point, the popularity of the general position in the blog to rely on the point, in short, to achieve 10 people are satisfied with the line, fewer people are good to discuss. So the latest blog posts of these 10 people can be found at the same time 10 independent blogs, we share each other's users.

For example, the 10 independent bloggers, each with a loyal readership of about 1000, may have only 5,000 users. But in fact the other 4000 users will be interested in the content of the independent blogs that have only 1000 loyal readers. Through the JS code to the experience of the article to recommend each other. These 4000 users will also be able to learn the best blog posts for the rest of the independent blogs for the first time. Thus, 10 independent bloggers have gained more target audiences, saying that from the original 1000 loyal users to 5000 may be too exaggerated, but through such alliances, from 1000 of loyal readers to 2000 of the faithful reader is still possible.

If you are a good technology, independent blog Popular, but to achieve this simple blog alliance, you can contact me. I can go to 8 more popular independent blogs to join this alliance, so that the making of this simple alliance of friends to gain.

In fact, a year ago I have this idea, but today suddenly on a whim to organize thoughts to write out. This article is not network promotion, nor network experience. In my blog is a more alternative, to talk about their product concept, in fact, my first job in Beijing is to do product assistant, at that time the company also wanted me to train as a product manager, has always felt that their bones still have to do product talent ha. After all, to do a good job of network promotion, we must understand the product, understand the user's psychology.

Finally, I hope to see such a blog Alliance platform, can let independent blog between the user circulation up, so that more good independent blog can be more people find, has been a good independent blog, can be more good, exert greater influence.

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