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Blue is the most popular color. That's why many companies use blue as a trademark color or as an icon for mobile apps. However, this does not mean that most companies should choose blue, because it is difficult to stand out from rivals. Color selection is especially important for mobile apps icons, as they appear on the user's phone or other device screens. The trademark image itself is important, but the choice of color is also a major decision to be considered.

Blue and red are the most common colors in the application icon. It is wisest to choose color according to the temperament of the product.

What is the target user of the product, what is the personality of the product, where the icon will appear on the user's device, and so on, these are the issues to consider when selecting the icon color.

Just as a company's personality can be determined by the color of its brand, many established companies have influenced the public's view of the colors. When you see the Whole Foods company (Whole Foods), BP (Airways Petroleum), and the American Girl Scout (Girl Scouts), you think of green, healthy, natural, fresh, etc.

Instead, red makes people think of excitement, youth, and intense-think of CNN, Virgin, Coca-Cola, and Red Bull. It is also important to consider the personality of other brands that use the color when determining which color is the trademark color.

So, what is the best color icon for a new mobile product? There is no standard answer. But the trademarks of successful companies such as Facebook, Apple and Yahoo, as well as the product icons of the emerging companies below, can help guide our decisions.


Tapstory is an ipad app that fosters creative thinking through open participation in games. Tapstory's development team chose red as the primary color, because red represents passion, energy and youth, and they are the three core elements associated with their product personality.

Many other companies also choose red as their app's icon color, including Nike, ESPN and Yelp. Red is a strong color, which is one of the most popular icon colors in the App Store, and is comparable to blue.


Orange is a friendly, cheerful color. More and more companies are choosing icon colors to avoid the usual red and blue colors, so orange is becoming a popular icon color.

Playground is an application that provides college students with activity discovery and management, and it chooses orange as its icon color. This is because Orange's happiness and vigor can be a good expression of passion and participation in the concept, which the company founder wants to convey to the user.


Like orange, yellow is slowly becoming the preferred color for product icons. Although the various yellow tones are not very attractive, their bright and cheerful qualities can convey some warmth and optimism to potential users.

DHL and Sprint have boldly adopted yellow as the icon color. Small startups like Velloe also use yellow. Yellow's happy nature can give potential users a comfort, and its bright hue makes it appear prominent in the blue and red icons of the sea.


Most personal banking applications are green, as we all know that green is the most often associated with money color. But there are other reasons for companies to choose green, including green peace and health traits. Green is more relevant to finance than red.

Long Weekend has chosen the green icon to represent its mobile application. The company aims to help personal wealth "grow as natural and organic as it is".


I've already mentioned that Blue is the most popular color in the world, which is one of the reasons why so many companies use blue as the company's trademark color and mobile app icon color.

Coinbolt is a bitcoin wallet application, so Blue is a wise choice for it. Chase, Anglo Express and IBM chose Blue because it represents trust, strength and reliability, which is what users expect from banks, or bitcoin wallets.


Purple is one of the most unusual icon colors, which may be due to its bias to femininity.

Jolimi is a stylish application, with a target audience of 17 to 25 of urban women, and it is the wisest choice to choose purple, because it requires a color and icon that represents fun, innovation, and humor. Purple not only conveys its substance well, it also makes it stand out in other colours.

Yahoo has chosen purple to represent its identity, and other companies like HotelTonight and Luna have just made the right use of purple.

Think about the information you need to deliver.

Choosing the color to apply the icon is one of the most important brand decisions for an emerging company, and the company can develop and launch new products when doing one. Each product is different, the icon needs to communicate the personality so that it will not be lost on the phone screen.

Selecting an application's icon color is one of the most important brand decisions that a company has in launching a new product. Each product is different, the icon needs personalization, the same color, so that it will not let it in the user's mobile screen by another icon submerged.

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