Movie website traffic doubling method test absolutely effective

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Movie owners join the movie Search League

If your station currently has 5000IP Flow, join the alliance If more code, or direct point, so that each user can click, the union will be back to 15000IP traffic. Because most movie Alliance exchange ratio is 1:3, your station 5000ip+ Alliance 15000ip=2 million IP, your station on 15000IP per day, Exchange flow is so simple!

This is my test method, if you add a few movie search league, you think how you stand?

I recommend the movie station only add movie Search Alliance, because the IP is all for watching movies, you join the Exchange chain and Web site navigation is not much use, visitors very miscellaneous! Not up to your station to increase the effect of PV, if 211.html "> Think I said is nonsense, you can try."

Here recommend a few movie search Alliance Lele search look Pineapple Search

Don't be offended by the bad writing, I only tell you the method, as for you will not make it depends on you.

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