Mr Gou plans to invest in new business in response to slowing sales

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NetEase Science and technology news June 25, according to foreign media reports, at the Wednesday shareholder meeting, Foxconn Technology Group chairman Terry Gou asked shareholders to give him more time to invest in new businesses, such as electric cars and cloud computing, hoping to solve the problem of slowing sales growth.

"Please be patient and don't be impatient," Mr. Gou said at Hon Hai's shareholder meeting. I'm also the biggest shareholder, so if Hon Hai is having bad news, it's bad news for me too. The

Foxconn is the largest subsidiary of Hon Hai, the former major iphone agent and the largest private employer in China, which plans to increase investment in robotics and add more tech jobs to the target of a 10% per cent increase in Mr Gou's profits. He has met with Tesla's Ellen Mouske (Elon Musk), SoftBank's son (Masayoshi), and Alibaba's Jack Ma, to discuss future cooperation.

Foxconn plans to hire at least 15,000 people in Taiwan to expand its research base, and Mr. Gou said on March 12 that the new jobs would not replace China's manufacturing operations. The new jobs will focus on research and development and next-generation technologies, he said.


SoftBank unveiled a robot pepper to read human emotions on June 5, which will be produced by Foxconn. Musk told Tesla's shareholders this month that his company would increase cooperation with Foxconn, who said today that Foxconn would produce a touchscreen for Tesla cars.

"There is a very promising potential collaboration between us and Foxconn," the

Musk said on June 3. We believe that by making alliances with companies like Foxconn, we can expand our production faster than others. The

Mr. Gou also said today that he expects Foxconn to introduce Facebook as a client. But he did not disclose more details.

Hon Hai's revenue grew 1.2% to NT $3.95 trillion (132 billion dollars) last year, less than Mr Gou's target. Net profit grew by 13% to a record 107 billion NT dollars, as a result of an increase in operating earnings such as exchange-rate earnings.

The company's shareholders passed a board resolution today that will issue cash dividends of 1.80 NT dollars per share and 12% of share dividends.

According to Bloomberg data, Apple Jin Honghai about 48% of precision revenue. (Chu Shen)

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