Mr. Jobs's player,-yoga, has endorsed one of Lenovo's products.

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Absrtact: Steve Jobs's actor, yoga, will endorse a new product that is known as a film actress for his role in jobs. What's more, the product that Mr Jobs has to endorse comes from Lenovo, an Apple competitor. Need

Jobs actor Yoga will endorse the tablet

The famous film actor who starred in jobs will endorse a new product. What's more, the product that Mr Jobs has to endorse comes from Lenovo, an Apple competitor. What needs to be pointed out is that the company is not endorsement Lenovo Group, but only endorsement of Lenovo's product-yoga tablet.

Early last month, Lenovo Group senior vice president, Chen Xudong, president of Lenovo China, said: "In one months (that is, October) we will release a new multi-mode tablet computer Yoga tablet, and will invite a large café endorsement, he is the entertainment circle of the most products, he is the product circle the most business-man, He's the hottest guy in business.

According to Sohu it understands, this big café is Steve Jobs's role as a pool Beecher. Analysts believe that Mr Beecher's rise as a result of his role in jobs, whose identification is largely related to jobs, has allowed such a celebrity of Mr Jobs to endorse Lenovo's products, much better than simply inviting a literary star.

Celebrity endorsement has always been one of Lenovo's brand strategies. From the early years of Ronaldo, to today's Kobe Bryant. The endorsement of big-name stars has played a positive role in Lenovo's promotion of popularity, and its cost is also quite expensive. For example, Kobe Bryant and tens, the cost of endorsement is the other, but also the U.S. dollar.

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