Mr Wang hopes to move quickly back to a shares without specific timetable

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(reporter Giolikun) China Mobile chairman Wang said yesterday that he hopes to advance China Mobile's return to a shares process.  It is reported that the regulatory authorities are actively formulating red chips back to the mainland listing of specific measures. Mr Wang said that whether a a-share directly listed, or through depository vouchers, or international version of the form, can be accepted and operated. But there is no specific timetable. He also said that China Mobile's cooperation with Apple had no updated news.  China Mobile has been pushing the company to launch the TD version of the iphone. As a member of the CPPCC, Mr Wang's proposal this year is about 4G, the international influence of expanding our independent innovation technology in the development of a new generation of mobile communications. He pointed out that LTE is China's leading new generation of mobile communications technology, has been selected as the 4G international standards. At present, China Mobile is in seven cities in China to carry out test network construction. Mr Wang suggested that the country "early determination to speed up the formulation of China's LTE development plan." In his view, the clear market signal is to guide domestic and foreign resources to flow to the LTE premise. Development planning, policy orientation and business planning should be identified as soon as possible, with priority given to frequency planning. At the same time, promote its internationalization process, accelerate the promotion. In addition, Wang also proposed to explore the cross-border operation of telecommunications enterprises, encourage and support our enterprises in the global market to carry out LTE operations, the provision of service outsourcing, and encourage financial institutions to increase credit support.
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